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weekend of catches

August 15th, 2011 Comments off

Wow! The members have been busy, this Saturday i wrote about 17 carp being caught over 30+ so far this season!

Thanx to a few members that number has now rocketed over this weekend!

The lucky anglers who caught this weekend are as follows



Shaun Harrison














14lb 15oz





























22lb 4oz














33lb 9oz




Steve Blackhurst 




Grenville 28.02




28lb 2oz




Lee skellam














23lb 13oz














36lb 4oz














Paul Miller




30lb 7oz 00130lb 7oz 002










30lb 7oz




Karl Pitcher had a fantastic weekend with 13 fish!














36lb 12oz

















 32lb 9oz

















31lb 9oz
































24lb 9oz








23lb 8oz



































week ending 1st May!

May 3rd, 2011 Comments off

Still gorgeous weather with a few days of a brutal wind down the lake… but it seemed to help some of the members catch!


 IMG_6798 - Copy

IMG_6796 - Copy








26lb 15oz



Viney caught the only 40+ of the week












Nick caught another 30+



16.9 29.4.11 00316.9 29.4.11 007










16lb 9oz



31.10 29.4.11 00331.10 29.4.11 004










31lb 10oz



Dave had a mirror



Grenvilles April 30th 2011 010Grenvilles April 30th 2011 012









29lb 4oz

Twenty plus scaly for Shaun

November 7th, 2010 Comments off

Shaun Harrison followed into 12 as Lee Skellam left it Saturday morning. He worked hard as always and was managing to get his baits out an immense distance despite the wind blowing hard into his face. At least he had the gorgeous Brook to keep his feet warm at night. He stuck to his task and was rewarded during the Saturday night with a 22lb 12oz scaly fish. He was the last to leave on Sunday as he was confident of another take due to fish showing in the afternoon close to where he was fishing. Well done mate, Good angling 🙂

IMG_6354 - Copy

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Sunday Brace for Shaun

October 10th, 2010 Comments off

After a minor disaster when a wayward cast flew out onto the island on Friday evening which meant he fished the first twelve hours of his session with only two rods, Shaun Harrison made up for it once Paul had retrieved his rig and lead from the protective mesh fence surrounding the island. He fished hard Saturday and worked hard against a side wind to get both his bait and rigs exactly where he wanted them, which is no mean feat in itself. He obviously managed to find the right spot though as on Sunday morning the first of his two twenties graced the net. The second was not far behind it and so once again Shaun managed to save the blank on the last day of his session. Two twenties weighing in at 21lb 8oz which was a common and 25lb 15oz mirror falling foul of the the Quest bait.


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A blank saving double for Shaun

October 3rd, 2010 Comments off

IMG_6276_1Shaun Harrison and the ever gorgeous Brook returned to the lake this weekend and set up camp in swim 10 following their arrival. on Saturday. After a quiet 24 hrs things were looking bleak. with only a few hours left Shaun was staring down the barrel of a blank. Suddenly out of the blue an alarm sounded and Shaun finally had his chance. He landed what turned out to be a 19lb mirror, which albeit not quite what he was hoping for was it was a carp and therefore saved the day and the blank.

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Shaun wets his net

September 5th, 2010 Comments off

Shaun Harrison fished in swim 29 this weekend in search of the monsters which often come from this swim. Despite his best efforts and not inconsiderable skill, it seems that this weekend they were not there to be caught. He finished up with one fish to his credit a lovely dark mirror of 29’6 oz’s.

29'6 oz's

29'6 oz's

Going Back

Going Back

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Shaun lands a pretty one

August 23rd, 2010 Comments off

Wierd Light

Shaun Harrison decided to try his luck in what is rapidly becoming known as a big fish swim, no 29. With the wind pushing down onto the barbeque bank Shaun was very much on the back of a stiff wind. All was quiet for the first night of his stay, and it was the early hours of Sunday morning before he was rudely awakened by an angry alarm. The fish was unfortunately not the monster that Shaun was hoping for although he couldnt have been disappointed by this lovely scaly one of 19’12 oz’s.

19'12 ozs

19'12 ozs

The following morning he decided a move was in order and so spent the remaining day of his session socialising with Ron Key in swims 12 and 14. Unfortunately Rons luck failed to rub off and this was the only fish of the trip.

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Shaun starts his season with a cracker

August 15th, 2010 Comments off

Shaun Harrison fished in swim 12 this weekend. Baiting up and fishing at long range with the help of the wind at his back he managed a cracking mirror of 33’14 oz’s early on the Saturday morning. Despite his best efforts the fish refused to play anymore and this remained his only fish of the session.You certainly wouldn’t grumble though with a fish like this.

Well done Shaun

Shaun 33.14

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Brook makes the difference once more

May 9th, 2010 Comments off

The gorgeous Brook and her not quite so Gorgeous owner Shaun Harrison were back at Grenville this weekend. Arriving before the crowd at Friday lunchtime shaun set up very bravely in the teeth of a very chilly Northerly in swim 3. Despite his best efforts the swim was apparently devoid of fish, despite looking spot on. Possibly the fact that it was a few days old couting against him on this occasion. A combination of the very cold wind and lack of fish forced Shaun to have a look around the lake and he decided to spend his last night in swim 14, where it wan comparitively tropical. Despite seeing a few fish at range it proved to be hard going . Shaun managing to hook and land one fish. A mirror weighing in at 18’4 oz’s.

Nice to see both of you again, and proof if it were needed, that she is your lucky charm. 🙂

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Mixed Bag at Weekend

September 14th, 2009 No comments

The weekend threw up some very mixed results from the visiting anglers. There were a few fish caught and these seem to have been from most areas of the lake. We also had a good deal of members who unfortunately did not manage to catch this weekend, hard luck all your time will come.

Amongst those that caught were…

Gary Kimbell Gary chose to fish at the top end of the lake this week for a change of scenery and pulled his usual rabbit out of the bag, or should that read carp out of the lake. He caught two fish weighing in at 23’8 oz and 28’14. Well done once again Gary.

Keith Regular weekender Keith fished the usually unfancied peg 4 this weekend after seeing fish at range. He managed to catch one weighing 21’7 oz’s, so maybe this swim wont be unfancied for much longer. Good work Keith.

Andy Sewell New Member Andy continues his run of fish, having visited most weekends he has managed to winkle one or two out most weekends. This weekend he was in the ever popular swim 33. His catch included 2 fish of 16lb and a mirror of 24’9 oz’s.
Good consistent angling mate.

Shaun Harrison Shaun fished from peg 37 this week and had three fish for his efforts, He also lost a good fish on the last day. The fish he caught were an 8’15 oz’s common, a 19’14 oz and 23’4 oz mirrors. Well done Shaun, Brook continues to work her magic I see.

Chris Oakley Chris could only manage the one night this weekend arriving on the Sunday. He followed Andy into 33 and managed to fool two doubles both weighing 19lb into taking the bait.

Shaun’s good Luck charm ?

August 31st, 2009 No comments

Congratulations are also due to Shaun Harrison this weekend. Fishing a 48 hr session in swim 5 Shaun was soon off the mark landing a lovely 32lb carp before he had set his bivvy up. An instantly recognisable fish this one and proving to be no stranger to the bank.

He followed this the next afternoon with another stunner at a weight of 31’14 oz’s.

Shaun 32Shaun... 31'14

Then a short while later in the afternoon had another screaming run which resulted in yet another thirty at a very healthy 35’4 oz’s.

Shaun playing 35'4shaun... 35'4

Shaun... 18

Shaun then Finished his session off with a very pretty scaley 18lber. I am sure the gorgeous Brook is really just his good luck charm and has nothing at all to do with keeping his feet warm.


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At last a little wind

August 22nd, 2009 No comments

Finally at the end of the week there came a little more breeze than we had seen the previous few days.

The South west corner looked good and a few managed to take full advantage of the stuation.

Shaun Harrison managed three fish to 27’12oz from swim 9,

Kevin Benham also managed three fish to 19’14oz  from swim 10,

Barry Minall took three fish to 21’6oz from swim 12, and

Tim Fromant caught two fish to 19lb

Congratulations Gents

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