Ron Key

The first weekend of the new season

August 7th, 2011 Comments off

Firstly i would like to say how great it was to see some many members down this weekend.

Secondly a big welcome back to Chris! Not only did the members welcome Chris back so did the fish!




14.8 left14.8 right










14lb 8oz





26.12 right26.12 left










26lb 12oz




28.12 left28.12 right










28lb 12oz




Brian and Julie set up in swim two for the weekend




31.00other side of 31.00














Vince King














24lb 14oz




Ron Key













22lb 3oz




Colin had these two 30+




32lb32lb v3














35lb35lb v3














lee Skellam caught this beauty on the 3rd Aug




photophoto (2)










35lb 4oz




Jason Moore




Grenville 5-8-11-7-8-11 20lb 003Grenville 5-8-11-7-8-11 20lb 004















Ron seems to have the hang of this lark now

September 5th, 2010 Comments off

Ron Key returned on Friday for his regular weekends dangling. He started off in swim 8 after spotting fish in numbers at the side of the island.  After a fishless night he moved to swim 6 on Saturday.  After another good nights sleep he still thought the swim was still good for a fish and rebaited on Sunday morning.  Then late Sunday afternoon with all the gear packed away and the rods laying on the deck, the left hand rod pulled round to the left as the fish kited and resulted in this beauty. Unusually dark for Grenville, looking quite old and leathery.  Very welcome though especially at a weight of 32’2 oz’s

Very good angling Ron

32lb 2oz

32lb 2oz

View from swim 8

View from swim 8

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The Key to Success

August 29th, 2010 Comments off

Ron Key arrived back at the lake this week still buzzing from his new pb caught the previous week. He decided to once again fish into the teeth of the wind and so positioned himself in swim 6. With the wind blowing very hard and gusting even harder it was no mean feat actually getting any bait or even a baited hook exactly where he wanted it, but he persevered and was rewarded over the two days with four fish to his credit. The largest being a nice mirror of 28’8 oz’s, followed by another of 26’6 oz’s, a stunning scaly fish weighing 20’4 oz’s and also a small mirror of 14lb’s.

28'8 oz

28'8 oz

26'6 oz's

26'6 oz's

20'4 oz stunner

20'4 oz stunner

20'4 oz

20'4 oz

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Ron bags a new UK pb

August 22nd, 2010 Comments off

Regular member Ron Key, had a great weeknds angling. Arriving early on the Thursday with his mate Phil, they decided to take the opportunity to fish 12 and 14 together as a social weekend. Judging by the cheese and biccies, and bottles of wine I witnessed being devoured late onFriday night they were certainly enjoying themselves 🙂

The first fish to fall to their rods fell to one of Rons on the Friday, a mirror of 27’14 oz’s.

27'14 oz's

27'14 oz's

Phil left on the Saturday without wetting his net unfortunately, despite the wind blowing hard South Westerly by the time he departed. Ron stuck it out, and with the waves crashing around him he started to see a little more activity far out in front of him on the Saturday afternoon. Ron’s next fish turning out to be not only the best of the session for him, but also a new UK pb, coming in at a weight of 38’12 oz’s. A stunning fish, and one very happy angler.

Ron also managed a couple more fish over the following night and morning. a 23’10 oz fish, and a cracking 28’12 oz specimen.

23'10 oz

23'10 oz

28'12 oz's

28'12 oz's

38'12 oz's and a new pb

38'12 oz's and a new pb

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Opening weekend Round-up

August 3rd, 2010 Comments off

Alan Viney….. First fish out of the lake this year was caught by Alan in swim 5. It certainly isnt the largest ever 1st fish of the season at a weight of 18’8 oz’s although it was I believe a scaley fish, so I am sure it was nice to get a bend in the rod again, albeit it only a slight one.

Stuart….. A good start to the season for Stuart who fished in peg 9 this weekend who after a quiet first night, managed to capitalise on the short appearance of the fish in this area on the Saturday afternoon.

He caught 1 fish a mirror of 29’12 oz’s and lost another. Good start to the season Stuart.

Gary Bird….. Gary chose to fish in peg 23 this weekend giving himself the best part of 40 acres to himself, with his neighbouring anglers in plotted up in 33 and 14. He took full advantage of this fact and after seeing a couple of fish show during the Friday afternoon, was full of confidence for the weekend ahead. The first night, after the barbeque he lost what he was sure was a good fish at the net cord. Not beaten he renewed his efforts over the Saturday and was rewarded with two fish during the night. Weighing in at 28’2 oz’s and 27’1 oz’s  respectively they were very well deserved and I sure appreciated.

Ron  Key….. Ron positioned himself in peg 6 for the opening weekend . After a fishless first night he worked the swim like an expert the following day and despite less than ideal conditions managed to tease out a nice mirror of 22’8 oz’s.

Vince King…. Congratulations to new member Vince King, fishing swim 14 with his wife Marlene he failed to get off the mark the first night. The second night however proved slightly more succesful, with not only his first but also his second Grenville carp netted. Unfortunately it appears the smaller carp were patrolling that particular area and they weighed in at 10lb’s and 16’8 oz’s. Thats a strange brace to get from the lake and all I can say is take confidence from it Vince, you are obviously doing the right thing, or else you wouldnt have got the two bites. What picks up our bait is very much down to lady luck and as such out of our control to a great degree.

I am sure the next one will be much bigger 😉

Dean Gill….. Another new member to pop his Grenville cherry this weekend was Dean. The second of the double act that were the Yorkshire lads, he is always cheerful and proved on opening night that he is a bloody good laugh to boot. He managed one carp a small mirror in double figures. Keep at it mate, there are more of the bigger fish than there are smaller ones. This lake aint like they are oop North 🙂

Ron almost has a paddle

May 23rd, 2010 Comments off

Ron found himself spending more time watching and indeed photographing than he actually fished. With numbers of fish arriving constantly the bay was awash with carp, unfortunately by the time they reached Ron they were starting to think of more exciting things than food. For the record he had one fish weighing in at 26lb’s. Ron also had plenty of opportunity and time, especially on the Sunday to take some stunning photo’s. I have posted these in the Gallery in the spawning 2010 album, and also one or two in the scenic album. Thankyou very much for these Ron.

Ron Key 26lb mirror May 2010

Most of these were taken from the edge of the platform in swim 3, in fact there were quite a few people taking photo’s and watching the fish from the swim 3 platform. With Ron on the end of the platform was Shaun Harrison and Bigdog, Oh! and a couple of Car batteries from the boat. (They become important later.)  Dave and I walking the length of the bank watching fish where we could were fascinated, and happening upon the ensemble decided to have a peek at what they could actually see. All was well at this point and large fish were moving in and out of swim 3 quite oblivious to the open mouthed and awestruck gaggle of voyeurs peering down at them. Also on his rounds was Paul, he came curiously  into the swim and ultimately onto the platform. Now I am not saying that Paul was the straw that broke the camels back, but the evidence speaks for itself, Dave and I moved back to let Paul peer over the edge, when there was an almightly CCCccraaaaccckkk . The platform lode bearing supports sunk further into the ground, and the platform tipped up at an alarming rate. Dave and I backpedalled away from the edge, toward the rapidly rising  back end. Paul also somehow managed to avoid the drink, but Shaun, Ron and Bigdog all managed to get a soaking. There then followed a scene reminicent of the Italian job, as Paul, Ron and Dave stood on one end to bring it down, while Shaun crept along to retrieve the batteries, which of course Paul blamed the whole incident on.

We know the truth though Paul 😉


Paul bringing the "one of the culprits" off the platform

We will stand here and keep this end down

We promise not to jump off Shaun

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Ron catches a very pretty one

September 12th, 2009 No comments

Ron arrived on Thursday this week which offered him a good choice of swim. With the North Easterly continuing to push into the bay he decided on 34. The high pressure steadily increasing as the weekend began meant the conditions were less than ideal for anyone on the lake. Ron used all his experience to winkle out a couple of nice fish. A commmon weighing in at around 12lb and this gorgeous linear weighing 22’6 oz’s.

A lovely looking fish, and a taste of things to come.


With so many of these stunning Andy Parker fish approaching the 25lb mark they are quickly becoming very sought after indeed.

Ron also took a few stunning Stunning sunrise shots from swim 34. I have placed these in the Gallery.

Thanks Ron

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