Phil Calloway

Phil bags a couple from peg 3

August 9th, 2010 Comments off

Fresh from last weekends adventures in swim 8, Phil settled for the garden swim this weekend. Somewhat suprisingly perhaps, Phil despite being a long time member had never fished this swim. He was pleasantly suprised at how quiet it was being so close to the car  park, with people arriving and leaving. He also liked the fact that there were obviously fish in the swim a fact he took full advantage of, managing to catch two over the weekend, as well as losing one. The two landed weighed in at  26’12 oz’s and and a very pretty scaley fish 11’12 oz’s of respectively.

Well done mate I am sure you will be back there very soon 🙂

Phil 26'12

Phil 11'12 oz's

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Phil your boots Birthday boy

May 29th, 2010 Comments off

Regular visitor to the lake Phil Calloway decided to chance his arm in swim 38 this week. with this area being the one most heavily visited during the last week and throughout the period of spawning, it seemed a good enough place to start.

The first night of his stay he lost a fishwhich only whetted his appetite even more. The following day which happened to be his Birthday he finally managed to hook and net a fish which was quickly followed by another. Both fish turned out to be doubles weighing in at 14lb’s and 16lb’s respectively.

Well done Phil and Many Happy Returns 🙂

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Phil has one and loses one

November 15th, 2009 No comments

Phil 24lbA mixed result for Phil Calloway this weekend. Battling his way through the storm that finally arrived Friday night he made his home for the weekend in peg 28. A wise choice as the wind battered into the opposite bank. He had two takes over the course of the session, losing one and landing the other at a weight of 24lb. Well done Phil

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Phil has a little’un

October 31st, 2009 No comments

Fishing from the increasingly popular swim 6, Phil Calloway stole a march on the weekend anglers by arriving on the Thursday afternoon. He set up and introduced a little bait. He was fortunate to catch on his first night at the lake, with a carp of just 8’12oz. Despite topping up the swim and working hard at his angling for the next 36 hrs there was to be no more for Phil. On a weekend when relatively few fish were caught at least Phil managed to avoid the blank.

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Father and Son team

October 4th, 2009 No comments

Father and son Phil and Sam Calloway fished from the cabin for the last few days and had a great weekend so I hear.  Both had fish to their rods and fortunately there was even a 30 lb plus fish to both anglers, including a new Personal best 30’12oz mirror for Sam, and a 33’8oz fish for dad.

Total fish for the weekend were… four fish caught between them. weights were 17’6 oz, 22’14 oz, 30’12 oz, and 33’8 oz. Awesome angling chaps 🙂

30'12oz Personal Best

30'12oz Personal Best



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Weekend Round up

September 6th, 2009 No comments

A very slow weekend by Grenville standards. A combination of Full moon, high pressure, quite a few anglers on the lake, and of course the inevitable hatches which seem so abundant at this time of the year all gave the attendant anglers plenty of excuses for their poor showing.  A total of 18 anglers graced the banks on Friday night, with only a few managing to wet their nets unfortunately.

Amongst those to catch were,

Mick Brooks, Fair play Mick after being repeatedly wiped out by weedbeds the size of your average family car and when all seemed against him he managed a small common of 11lb’s. Not quite what he had in mind but gratefully recieved in the circumstances.

Gary Kimbell, Gary set his stall out in swim 5 hoping to bag one of the big girls which had frequented this area for the previous few days. He was troubled less than Mick by the weed, but still had to be aware as the weed came away from the plateu in the strong South Westerly. Gary landed a mirror of 24’8 oz’s and lost another good fish at the net. Better luck next time Gary.

Andy Sewell, Andy had the pleasure of catching the most fish of the weekend……Two !!    Unfortunately they were not of any great size, both being doubles, a 16’8 oz mirror and a 12’12 oz common. but again were much better than a blank. I am sure the next two will be bigger Andy.

Tim Fromant, Tim was a late arrival and decided to give swim 3 another go after doing relatively well there the previous weekend. He found the going tough like most and was pleased to catch a mirror of 21’8 oz’s. Despite watching the water like a hawk no more fish visited the vicinity and Tim had to make do with just the one fish to show for his efforts.

Phil Calloway, Phil fished swim 33 on the back of what wind the was. he fished dilligently as always working hard to make the swim produce. He managed on the second night of his stay to hook and land a mirror of 20’4 oz’s. He hung on a little on the Sunday in the hope that another would take the bait, but despite a bait in both shallow and deeper water no more fish were to fall to his rods.

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