End of another Grenville Season

June 1st, 2010 Comments off


Once again the year on Grenville has come and gone so quickly. It seems only a short while ago that the fireworks were blasting into the air to herald the start of another Grenville Season. I can only hope that everyone’s hopes and dreams (angling related of course) have been realised, and if not, then dont worry we will be starting all over again in a few weeks time.

Our thanks as always must go out to Paul, who has been incredibly busy once again this year. During the winter months trees and bushes were chopped and cleared from around the lake. He has also continued the planting regime with many small shrubs  being added to the lakeside. New platforms have been built for each and every swim to help with casting and to give everyone just that little more room. These are in the process of being painted green to help them blend in.  The road has also been virtually re-laid, especially around pegs 38 to 33 where it takes quite a bit of stick. The fence has also been repaired in this area, but thats another story 🙂


Fishwise……We have had yet another record year at Grenville with the fish continuing to pack on the pounds.

This year we had a total of  four forties caught during the season, 3 of which are new forties. We also had a grand total of 206 thirties caught.  Ironically the 37lb fish caught on the final night of the season was the  37th capture of a fish over 35lbs.

The fully scaled fish are coming on a treat too with twenty pound plus fish a almost commonplace now. The largest caught to date being a 27’4 oz’s  fish landed by Thomo during May. Some of these beauties really are gorgeous looking fish, and the way they are growing it wont be much longer before the thirty pound barrier is broken.

We have also had 3 commons of over twenty pounds from the lake this year. These will no doubt be from the original stocking of seven commons made by Paul when he first took the lake over.

With plans for a stock pond to be dug in the next few weeks the growth and development work is sure to continue around the lake, maintaining Grenville as one of the top Carp Fisheries in the country.

It therefore only remains for me to wish all those that are leaving Goodbye and Good luck, it is always sad to see good friends leave, and I wish you all well wherever you dangle a line. I am sure that Angling being the small world that it is our paths will cross again one day.

To those anglers that will be back in August, enjoy your summer, and I look forward to seeing you all again soon.

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Extra 48hr session for members

June 1st, 2010 Comments off

Paul  has decided to open the lake between the 4th June and 20th June so that any members continuing  their membership next year can fish one 48hr session between those dates.

All sessions must be prebooked with Paul, so please call him and arrange your session.

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Lake Re-opens

May 26th, 2010 Comments off

It would appear that the fish have finally finished their spawning. The constant activity evident the past three days ceased during the evening last night. The fish seem to be mooching around fairly happy with themselves.

Paul has therefore decided to re-open the lake as off 6pm this evening.

See you all soon 🙂

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Spawning Update

May 25th, 2010 Comments off

IMG_3141-1Well the fish have been spawning almost non stop now since Saturday night/Sunday morning. They have worked their way from swim 38 down to 10 and back again  yesterday with the changing wind. They have spent today between 2 and 5 predominately. For those priviledged enough to have seen them, it has been an awesome sight to behold, and when you see the number and stamp of the fish in the lake it is a real eye opener. I have opened a new album in the gallery with some pics in.

Paul is hopeful of having the lake re-opened by the weekend, but is totally dependant on the fish. Once they decided to stop spawning the plan is to give them a full day before allowing angling.

All members are advised to ring Paul prior to leaving for lake for the current update

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Important Notice for Members

May 23rd, 2010 Comments off

It has become apparent today that the fish are spawning. As a result Paul has decided to close the Lake to all Anglers. Obviously it is difficult to say how long for, but with the cooler weather on it’s way he hopes to have the lake open again within a few days in time for the weekend.

All Anglers would be advised to call Paul before driving to lake to check the current situation.


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Notice for those Members leaving at end of Season

May 10th, 2010 Comments off

Can all members leaving Grenville at the end of the season, please ensure that they collect all their nets, mats etc before the 31st of May, unless by prior arrangement with Paul, as after this time all locks on gate and containers will be changed, and equiptment will then only be available by appointment.

If when collecting gear, could anglers Please  let either Paul or Wally know that they are doing so.

This  would be extremely helpful, so that we know exactly what has been taken and what still has to be collected.

Many Thanks

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Red Kites over Grenville

May 7th, 2010 Comments off


A fantastic sight was to be had by all those lucky enough to be at Grenville yesterday as we watched in awe a pair of Red Kites soaring above the lake.
The chestnut red bird, often described as Britains most spectacular bird of prey due to it’s it’s two metre wingspan and  distinctive white patches under its wings was almost extinct from British shores after being culled late in the 19th Century by farmers worried for the safety of their livestock.
It was reintroduced locally into Rockingham Forest in Northants in the year 2000 with approx 30 birds from Spain. These have bred very succesfully and they are now thought to number somewhere in the region of 400 of these gorgeous birds. They are obviously spreading their wings quite literally and moving out into neighbouring counties.
Lets hope we get to see a lot more of this pair.
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Koi Care Ulcer Swab and Wound Seal

April 30th, 2010 Comments off
Koi Care Ulcer Swab and Wound Seal

Koi Care Ulcer Swab and Wound Seal

Can All current and of course those new members joining in August please ensure that they have both Koi care Ulcer swab and Wound seal.

Available at ….

No Angler will be allowed to fish without this product, and all fish must be treated as necessary,  failure to comply will lead to you being asked to leave the lake.

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Grenville Wildlife Gallery

April 29th, 2010 Comments off

We have today added a Wildlife album to the Gallery section (View by clicking “Gallery” tab above)) I have started it off with some stunning pics from Mick Walton. He has donated a few including his Kestrel in flight pic it is wonderful. Oz has also contributed with some swan pics and a fantastic set of gulls diving on bait. Cheers Oz and Mick they are much appreciated.

If anyone takes any nice wildlife or scenic pics please let either myself or Paul have a copy as we may well be able to use it for one of the galleries.

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New Members

April 29th, 2010 Comments off

Can all members previously on waiting list that have spoken to Paul and have not come back to him with their decision please do so in the next few days as failure to do so will mean their removal from the Grenville waiting list and loss of their deposit

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Paul – as busy as ever

March 16th, 2010 No comments

During the early part of the year Paul has been incredibly busy improving the lake. He has thinned out many of the smaller trees and bushes around the lake. This will allow for much better viewing and casting from swims.

He has also been busy building platforms in each of the 37 swims. These are similar to the one first put in swim 3 and will make life so much easier, when actually fishing from some of the smaller pegs. As stated in another post it might serve people who normally use banksticks well to think about the platform stands as sold by Matrix and others. For those using pods to rest their rods on they should find the platforms just the job.

See how many swims you recognise

IMG_8002 IMG_8003






Obviously this was a mammoth task, especially if you consider the weather conditions whilst it was being done. Paul was up to his nether regions  in Freezing water for days on end setting the support stakes, and fixing the decks onto them. Lets hope that the cold water has caused no long term damage to the Crown jewels mate 😉

His two helpers didnt seem to keen on entering the water and so sat back watching. Wise move if you ask me 🙂

Big boy Bison

Big boy Bison

The Gorgeous Ellie

The Gorgeous Ellie

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For those of you that cant keep it up !!!

February 1st, 2010 No comments

As those of you that have recently visited the lake, you will have notice that Paul has been exceptionally busy this winter around the lake. As well as loads of pruning and planting he has been building platforms for almost every swim. This work is still in progress, but his aim is to try to ensure that each swim is easier to fish from without the need to don the waders every time that a fish is caught. (Obviously Ron this doesnt concern you) 🙂

It might therefore be a good idea for you lads that dont use a pod to rest your rods on to have a look for a couple of “stage stands” The ones shown are made by “Matrix” although other companies do make them.


They are designed so that your bankstick slides in and is locked via a locking screw. There are holes which also enable you to screw the stands themselves onto the platform. This obviously prevents them and your rods etc disappearing off  into the lake when you get that take that you have been waiting for 🙂

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