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weekend of catches

August 15th, 2011 Comments off

Wow! The members have been busy, this Saturday i wrote about 17 carp being caught over 30+ so far this season!

Thanx to a few members that number has now rocketed over this weekend!

The lucky anglers who caught this weekend are as follows



Shaun Harrison














14lb 15oz





























22lb 4oz














33lb 9oz




Steve Blackhurst 




Grenville 28.02




28lb 2oz




Lee skellam














23lb 13oz














36lb 4oz














Paul Miller




30lb 7oz 00130lb 7oz 002










30lb 7oz




Karl Pitcher had a fantastic weekend with 13 fish!














36lb 12oz

















 32lb 9oz

















31lb 9oz
































24lb 9oz








23lb 8oz



































The first weekend of the new season

August 7th, 2011 Comments off

Firstly i would like to say how great it was to see some many members down this weekend.

Secondly a big welcome back to Chris! Not only did the members welcome Chris back so did the fish!




14.8 left14.8 right










14lb 8oz





26.12 right26.12 left










26lb 12oz




28.12 left28.12 right










28lb 12oz




Brian and Julie set up in swim two for the weekend




31.00other side of 31.00














Vince King














24lb 14oz




Ron Key













22lb 3oz




Colin had these two 30+




32lb32lb v3














35lb35lb v3














lee Skellam caught this beauty on the 3rd Aug




photophoto (2)










35lb 4oz




Jason Moore




Grenville 5-8-11-7-8-11 20lb 003Grenville 5-8-11-7-8-11 20lb 004















week ending 10/4/11

April 11th, 2011 Comments off

Im loving the sunny days and it seems the fish do too!

On the 4th of April Dave Gowing had a 19lb Carp


19lb a David Gowing - Copy19lb David Gowing - Copy










Lee caught this 17lb 10 oz Carp at 6.00 am on the 4th April after moving from swim 6  to 12


IMG_0685 - CopyIMG_0703 - Copy








Chris Oakley had a good catch this weekend. With a catch of 6!


This carp was added to the stock pond.

15 left-80015 right-800










18 left-80018 right-800











23 left-800 - Copy23 right-800 - Copy











27 right-800 - Copy

27 left-800 - Copy











36.0 left-800 - Copy36.0 rght-800 - Copy









37lb 2oz


37.2 left-800 - Copy37.2 right-800 - Copy

Keep them coming!

February 7th, 2011 Comments off

Another fish from the first weekend in February! This time it was Lee with a 21lb 8oz mirror. Hopefully ill see some members down this week and then ill have some more catches to report.

IMG_0628 - CopyIMG_0631 - Copy

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First January Catch!!!

January 18th, 2011 Comments off

Four members down last weekend. Well done Lee! First fish in January since 2009. Pictures will follow.

Dad said Viney caught an 8oz chub and Jamie caught 8lb 8oz chub!  Ha ha!

Serious note well done guys!



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Scraper Skelly Strikes Again

November 15th, 2010 Comments off

Being the friendly community that we are up at Grenville, most of the members know each other and indeed most have earned affectionate nicknames over the years, some a little more obvious than others, whilst a few need a little explanation. Long time member Lee Skellam has always been known simply as Lee, but I would like to suggest a new nickname “scraper” following his recent run of scraper twenties.

In itself it doesn’t sound much of an achievement, although in truth it really has been an incredible run of fish. Whilst all around have been struggling to find the fish, Lee has consistently found them and managed to hook one each and every weekend through the last few difficult weeks on the lake. He continued this run last weekend with a session in swim 31. He arrived on Friday and got himself sorted quickly and got the baited rigs as far out into the deep water as the wind would permit. It turned out to be a long, wet and chilly weekend with only four or five anglers on the lake over the duration. It wasnt until Sunday morning at approx 3am that Lee heard the delkims warbling their tune. The fish weighed in at 20lb 8oz’s exactly and was the first to have been caught for seven days from the lake. Proof indeed that winter is well on it’s way 🙁

Well done mate, very much deserved

Scraper and his 20lb 8oz mirror

Scraper and his 20lb 8oz mirror

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Skelly targetting the larger fish

November 6th, 2010 Comments off

Regular member Lee Skellam arrived on Thursday morning. He cycled the lake and settled for swim 12. With the wind blowing in hard it was an obvious but still a brave choice to make. He stuck at it for 24 hrs but early the following morning  he decided on a move. One night of hanging onto his brolly struts for grim death was enough it seems. I thought these Northern guys were made of sterner stuff to be honest 🙂

He moved into swim 5 and got him self set up and baited up then began to cast out. Nothing came to his rods during the hours of daylight, but after dark he had a run and landed a half linear of 23lb 2oz.

Lee was very keen for me to post the photo to prove if nothing else that it wasnt the same scraper twenty which appears to have been following him round the lake recently. So here it is……………………

23lb 2oz and definetly a different fish

23lb 2oz and definetly a different fish

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Has Lee got a stalker ?

October 24th, 2010 Comments off

One of our Northern members Lee Skellam returned to the lake on Friday night for his weekend session. He decided this weekend to try his luck in swim 33. He has recently concentrated his efforts on the other side of the lake namely swim 18. He has enjoyed a reasonable run of success recently with at least one fish per trip. Would the current run continue with the change of scenery. It appears so, with Lee managing a scraper twenty of 20lb 8oz mirror. This is Lee’s third scraper twenties in the last few weeks, making me wonder are they different fish or is he being stalked by one particular carp on a mission to drive him insane 🙂

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Another fish for Lee

October 17th, 2010 Comments off

Lee Skellam arrived on Friday for his regular weekend session. He set up in swim 6 on a relatively deserted car park bank. With the wind in his face it was not an easy task to get bait or rigs out to where he wanted them, but he stuck to his task and was rewarded with one of only a few fish to come out over the weekend, and the only fish not to be caught off the back of the wind. A mirror of 20lb’s exactly being the hard earned prize. Lee packed up bright and early on Sunday to avoid the turn in the weather due later in the day.

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Lee pinches one off the back of the wind

October 10th, 2010 Comments off

Lee Skellam arrived for his regular weekend session on Friday and decided to fish swim 18 on the back of the wind. Fishing out in the deep water in front of him he hoped to pick up one or two of the fish which were obviously still on the naturals which have plagued the lake for the last few weeks. He did reasonably well in distracting them from their activities, picking up one fish on the Saturday night, which weighed in at 25lb 8oz. By no means the largest that Lee has caught from the lake, but certainly one of the most gratefully received I am sure with the lake fishing relatively hard the last week or two.

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A Twenty for Lee

September 11th, 2010 Comments off

Regular visitor to Grenville, Lee Skellam fished from peg 18 this week, with most of the fish being spotted around the island and along the car park bank. A little way off the hot area Lee worked hard at trying to get a bite. He was successful in his attempts although the one bite was all he managed during his stay. It brought a small mirror of 20’3 oz’s, which although smaller than the fish he has been recently catching was I am sure just as welcome considering the circumstances.

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Lee finishes off in fine style.

September 2nd, 2010 Comments off

Lee Skellam fished the lake for four nights this week. He started off the session in swim 34, as there were obvious signs of fish in the bay upon his arrival. He managed to land a fish the first night, a fine mirror of 29’4 oz’s. During the course of the next day or so it became apparent that any fish had moved and Lee decided to follow them and hopefully pick one or two off. He set his bivvy and rods up in swim 25 at the top of the lake, and watched and waited. His efforts were duly rewarded in the shape of a 19’8oz mirror.

It wasnt until the last night of his stay that Lee began to see numbers of showing fish heading in his direction. It appeared the fish were working their way up the lake following the margins both sides, leading them to ultimately come to rest in front of swims 29 and 22 on the other side. Lee decided that even though it was mid evening a move onto them was in order. This he did moving all his gear round to swim 22. He cast out in amongst a large number of fish literally 25-30yds from the bank. Unfortunately these fish melted away within an hour or so and Lee thinking he had missed his chance decided to rebait and put a little bait out for the night ahead. This done he setlled down for the night. Roughly two hours after recasting one of Lee’s rods tore off and the fight began.  After a very good tussle Lee managed to land a cracking fish which weighed in at 38’3 oz’s. A short while after recasting and getting organised another rod went into meldown. Once again Lee was up and at em very quickly. and started to bring the fish reluctantly to the bank. This mirror a portly linear weighed in at 30’4 oz’s. Well done mate, it proves once again, you cant just sit there expecting them to come to you. Location is absolutely everything on this lake.

38'3 oz's

38'3 oz's

30'4 oz's

30'4 oz's

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Lee lands a lump

August 22nd, 2010 Comments off

Regular Lee Skellam, fished swim 5 this last weekend. With the Westerly blowing firmly into his face, he set up confident of a chance over the following two nights. He was Awoken early on the Saturday morning by the sound of a warbling delkim, and the mad dash to the rods was made. A good fight ensued, with the fish giving a very good account of it’s self. Eventually the fish beaten, came to the surface and was led into the waiting net. Lee was pleased to see the scales swing round way past the 30lb mark and settle on 36’8 oz’s exactly. The Saturday followed almost exactly the same pattern with bait being applied to the swim, the wind blowing hard into Lee’s face as the waiting game continued. It was during the Saturday night that Lee had yet another take. This fish was hooked at range, and brought virtually to the net before the rod sprang straight and the hook pulled almost at the net. Lee reproted that once again this would have been  a very good fish had he managed to land it.

36'8 oz's

36'8 oz's

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Last Gasp blank savers for Lee

August 15th, 2010 Comments off

Nice to see Lee Skellam back at the lake for the first time this season. Setting up in swim 37 Lee was in the teeth of all that the weekends weather threw at us. The wind gusting and blowing very hard into his face combined with rain and at times hail. He did well to persevere through to the Sunday morning. Unfortunately up to this point he hadnt managed to get a take. This was to change all to suddenly, within the last  hour or so of his stay he had four screaming takes, managing to land two of them, as Lee later told me, not having a second net had cost him dear. A shoal had obviously moved into the baited area and he had two takes at once, by the time he had landed the first and dealt with it, the second had weeded itself up completely. The weights for the record were 16’8 oz Scaly, and a 22lb Mirror.

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Lee Has a Couple

October 11th, 2009 No comments

We finish the round up of this weekends catches with two fish from Lee Skellam. Starting his session in 17 Lee didnt feel he was on fish as he had hoped. Spotting fish across the lake somewhere near peg 33 meant a move was on the cards. Come lucnchtime he was set up in his new swim and the move paid off later that day. Two fish fell to Lee’s rods a 19’2 mirror and a 10lb mirror. Good angling Lee, hopefully you will have their much larger relatives next week mate.

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Best of the rest this week

September 30th, 2009 No comments

Lee Skellam… landed a nice 20’8 oz pretty one  from swim 37 during an quick overnighter this week.

Jon Cooper… fishing from swim 3, Jon managed a small double during an overnighter.

Marc Coulson… Fished swim 7 and had a 22’10 oz mirror to show for his efforts during a 36 hr session.

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