Gary Kimbell

A brace of thirties from the top of the lake

September 11th, 2010 Comments off

Gary Kimbell, who hasnt been able to fish as much this year as in the past due to a new job, managed to get the weekend in this week. He thought long and hard about where he was going to fish and finally settled on swim 22 after much deliberations. He found some clear areas amongst the weed and placed his bait and baited traps in and around them. Late on the first evening of his stay he had a slow deliberate take, which usually indicates a better fish. After slowly persuading it to see things his way, he coaxed it into the net with a sigh of relief. This fish was indeed a bigger specimen, and tipped the scales at 33lb’s exactly.



That was to be all the action for the night and the next morning Gary topped up his swim, and rebaited and recast his rods. It wasnt until around lunchtime that his alarm once again alerted him to more carpy action. This fish did very much as the same a slwo measured take, followed by a tug of war. the fish kited to Gary’s left and tried it’s best to wrap itself around a reed bed slightly down the bank, steady pressure and an even steadier hand brought it slowly but surely toward the waiting net. Once on the bank it was obviously another decent fish, so the scales were zeroed, the sling wetted and the camera readied. A cracking looking mirror which on the scales was confirmed at 32’8 oz’s.

A nice brace of thirties Gary, well done mate

32'8 oz's

32'8 oz's

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Gary Kimbell Returns

August 29th, 2010 Comments off

Nice to see an old face back at Grenville this weekend. Gary Kimbell made his first visit to the lake  this season, work has unfortunately interfered somewhat with his fishing plans of late. He set himself up in swim 5 upon the departure of Paul Allgood, and started to get a little bait out. The fish were evidently along the car park bank over the course of the two nights he fished as he managed to pick up two fish during his stay. He was not alone and most anglers based along this section of bank came into contact with carp at some point. Gary ‘s fish weighed in at a very respectable 28’8 oz’s and a lovely 35lbs exactly.

Very well done Gary, dont leave it so long fella 😉



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Better than a blank Gary

April 27th, 2010 Comments off

Gary Kimble was back at the lake this week in search of a fish. After not carp fishing for almost six months Gary had been down recently on one or two sessions, though conditions had not been favourable and he had yet to land a carp. He set up in swim 14 and things looked good for a bite. No fish the first night, although as the sun went down on the second day fish were showing in numbers between swim 12 and 18. The few anglers along that bank must have thought all their Christmasses had come at once. Gary did indeed catch his first Grenville fish of the year unfortunately it was a smaller carp of 9lbs. Those bigger fish are coming Gary, keep at it mate !!

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Weekend Round up

October 4th, 2009 No comments

Mick Brooks... Mick fished from 8 this week, one of his favourite pegs. He worked dilligently throughout the weekend and was rewarded with one fish at a weight of 27lb. Kim will be back next week hopefully and I am sure that Mick will resort to his usual blank every week 🙂

Matt… Fished from swim 31 this weekend and had this little beauty of 18’4 oz and lost another fish. Another fish to add to the Northern Sharks total score for the season.                                                                                       18'4

Keith… Mr Consistent  as he should be otherwise known. Keith is steadily racking the fish up this season. Although he hasnt banked any real monsters yet this season Keith has caught fairly consistently so far and I am sure will have his share of the larger ones sooner rather than later. Fishing from swim 5 this week he caught a 24’2 oz.

Viney… Both Mr Vine and young Mr Vine jr have found the going tough this year, being weekend anglers for the most part they have certainly not had the best of the conditions and have like everyone else been struggling to be in the right place at the right time. Alan managed a mirror this weekend from swim 33 weighing in at 24lb.

Gary Kimbell… Gary who has been on a roll recently did not disappoint this weekend either. despite poor conditions and not being on the favoured side of the lake he managed to pop out a mirror of 21lb from swim 14.

Andy  Hanahoe.. Or should that be last gasp Andy, as thats generally when he catches his fish, managed to take the pressure off “early doors” this week with a stunning capture of a lovely 7lb scaley one from his favoured swim 6, unfortunately I dont have any pics of this beast as of yet, but will pester Andy when he is next down. 🙂

Gary does it again

September 27th, 2009 No comments

Gary Kimbell kept up his run of thirties this weekend. He fished from 9, an unfamiliar swim to him. Tentative casting soon found a range he could comfortably fish to without worrying about the overhead power lines. He was the other angler apart from Adrian Priest to catch on Friday night, a small double  being the prize. The following night he managed his fourth thirty from Grenville this season with a 31’4 oz mirror. He also lost one.

Pics to follow

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Is there no stopping Gary

September 20th, 2009 No comments

Gary 31.15 oz

Gary Kimbell fished swim 34 this weekend. He arrived on Thursday and fished through to Saturday. with the wind pushing gently into the bay things looked good. When Friday dawned Bright and sunny his chances suddenly looked much improved. He took full advantage of the conditions and picked of two fish through his session. One of 23’8 oz and the better fish of the trip at 31’15 oz.

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Mixed Bag at Weekend

September 14th, 2009 No comments

The weekend threw up some very mixed results from the visiting anglers. There were a few fish caught and these seem to have been from most areas of the lake. We also had a good deal of members who unfortunately did not manage to catch this weekend, hard luck all your time will come.

Amongst those that caught were…

Gary Kimbell Gary chose to fish at the top end of the lake this week for a change of scenery and pulled his usual rabbit out of the bag, or should that read carp out of the lake. He caught two fish weighing in at 23’8 oz and 28’14. Well done once again Gary.

Keith Regular weekender Keith fished the usually unfancied peg 4 this weekend after seeing fish at range. He managed to catch one weighing 21’7 oz’s, so maybe this swim wont be unfancied for much longer. Good work Keith.

Andy Sewell New Member Andy continues his run of fish, having visited most weekends he has managed to winkle one or two out most weekends. This weekend he was in the ever popular swim 33. His catch included 2 fish of 16lb and a mirror of 24’9 oz’s.
Good consistent angling mate.

Shaun Harrison Shaun fished from peg 37 this week and had three fish for his efforts, He also lost a good fish on the last day. The fish he caught were an 8’15 oz’s common, a 19’14 oz and 23’4 oz mirrors. Well done Shaun, Brook continues to work her magic I see.

Chris Oakley Chris could only manage the one night this weekend arriving on the Sunday. He followed Andy into 33 and managed to fool two doubles both weighing 19lb into taking the bait.

Weekend Round up

September 6th, 2009 No comments

A very slow weekend by Grenville standards. A combination of Full moon, high pressure, quite a few anglers on the lake, and of course the inevitable hatches which seem so abundant at this time of the year all gave the attendant anglers plenty of excuses for their poor showing.  A total of 18 anglers graced the banks on Friday night, with only a few managing to wet their nets unfortunately.

Amongst those to catch were,

Mick Brooks, Fair play Mick after being repeatedly wiped out by weedbeds the size of your average family car and when all seemed against him he managed a small common of 11lb’s. Not quite what he had in mind but gratefully recieved in the circumstances.

Gary Kimbell, Gary set his stall out in swim 5 hoping to bag one of the big girls which had frequented this area for the previous few days. He was troubled less than Mick by the weed, but still had to be aware as the weed came away from the plateu in the strong South Westerly. Gary landed a mirror of 24’8 oz’s and lost another good fish at the net. Better luck next time Gary.

Andy Sewell, Andy had the pleasure of catching the most fish of the weekend……Two !!    Unfortunately they were not of any great size, both being doubles, a 16’8 oz mirror and a 12’12 oz common. but again were much better than a blank. I am sure the next two will be bigger Andy.

Tim Fromant, Tim was a late arrival and decided to give swim 3 another go after doing relatively well there the previous weekend. He found the going tough like most and was pleased to catch a mirror of 21’8 oz’s. Despite watching the water like a hawk no more fish visited the vicinity and Tim had to make do with just the one fish to show for his efforts.

Phil Calloway, Phil fished swim 33 on the back of what wind the was. he fished dilligently as always working hard to make the swim produce. He managed on the second night of his stay to hook and land a mirror of 20’4 oz’s. He hung on a little on the Sunday in the hope that another would take the bait, but despite a bait in both shallow and deeper water no more fish were to fall to his rods.

Red Letter day for Gary

August 18th, 2009 No comments

New Member Gary Kimbell, had fine sport on his first visit to the lake. He fished in 14 alongside his mate Andy. There were a number of fish it seemed, spread out between their pegs and the island at long range. They fished for the weekend and picked off a number of decent fish nice and steadily throughout session. I have reported on Andy’s haul below, but here is the lowdown on Gary’s fantastic weekend. This included 16 takes with 12 fish landed for a total of 3 doubles, seven twenties and the two thirties below at 31′ 12oz’s 30′ 08oz’s.

Well done Gary, hope you have many more during your time on the lake

Gary Kimble 31'12Gary Kimble 30'8

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