Chris Oakley

The first weekend of the new season

August 7th, 2011 Comments off

Firstly i would like to say how great it was to see some many members down this weekend.

Secondly a big welcome back to Chris! Not only did the members welcome Chris back so did the fish!




14.8 left14.8 right










14lb 8oz





26.12 right26.12 left










26lb 12oz




28.12 left28.12 right










28lb 12oz




Brian and Julie set up in swim two for the weekend




31.00other side of 31.00














Vince King














24lb 14oz




Ron Key













22lb 3oz




Colin had these two 30+




32lb32lb v3














35lb35lb v3














lee Skellam caught this beauty on the 3rd Aug




photophoto (2)










35lb 4oz




Jason Moore




Grenville 5-8-11-7-8-11 20lb 003Grenville 5-8-11-7-8-11 20lb 004















week ending 24/4/2011

April 26th, 2011 Comments off

Happy Easter Everyone!

What a gorgeous easter weekend we have had, a few members down taking advantage of the time off and the glorious sunshine we have been having. Three members striked it lucky

Chris Oakley











35lb 10oz




justin 31 leftjustin 31 right












Nick Dodge


19.4 19.4.11 00519.4 19.4.11 001










19lb 4oz



31.5 22.4.11 00131.5 22.4.11 004










31lb 5oz

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week ending 10/4/11

April 11th, 2011 Comments off

Im loving the sunny days and it seems the fish do too!

On the 4th of April Dave Gowing had a 19lb Carp


19lb a David Gowing - Copy19lb David Gowing - Copy










Lee caught this 17lb 10 oz Carp at 6.00 am on the 4th April after moving from swim 6  to 12


IMG_0685 - CopyIMG_0703 - Copy








Chris Oakley had a good catch this weekend. With a catch of 6!


This carp was added to the stock pond.

15 left-80015 right-800










18 left-80018 right-800











23 left-800 - Copy23 right-800 - Copy











27 right-800 - Copy

27 left-800 - Copy











36.0 left-800 - Copy36.0 rght-800 - Copy









37lb 2oz


37.2 left-800 - Copy37.2 right-800 - Copy

Lucky couple

March 15th, 2011 Comments off

What a lovely weekend the wheather was mild and the sun was out. Several members ventured out to try and catch a big carp!

In swim 9 on Friday night at about  midnight Brian’s line bleeps and on the end of it was 34lb 12oz carp


34.12 - Copy

other side of 34.12 - Copy









But it didnt end there on the Saturday Julie caught a 37lb 4oz. Well done to the lucky couple!


37.04 - Copy

other side of 37.04 - Copy









Chris Oakley caught a 21lb 8oz pike and Jim foster caught a 17lb  and 25 lb carp !


25lb 4oz for Paul - Copy

25lb 4oz other side for Paul - Copy










One cast, two minutes, 31lb 4oz

October 12th, 2010 Comments off

Chris Oakley arrived late afternoon on Sunday. He grabbed his sling and aboard his trusty bike cycled off looking for signs of fish. He got as far as swim 6 where he stood chatting to Shaun Harrison about the weekends angling. It was then that he spotted the marker in swim 9 move suddenly signalling the presence of fish. Now swim 9 is one of if not Chris’s favourite swim, and if he knows fish are in the vicinity he feels he has a chance of bagging one or two. He quickly got the rest of his tackle and quickly set up, measured out and cast out his first rod. A few minutes later I received a text with the following message.

“One cast, 2min’s 31lb 4oz, who says the lake is fishing hard, lol”.

Chris had only gone and landed a thirty within a few minutes of casting out his first rod, he was actually walking out, and measuring up his second rod when the alarm alerted him to a take. A very good start to the session was followed up a short while later, with another slightly smaller fish of 23lb’s.
During the course of the first afternoon as the light faded Chris had another take which he landed and weighed at exactly 23lb’s again. After this things went very quiet and Chris sat waiting patiently until Tuesday, the final day of his trip. Just as he was starting to think that it was time to start packing up he had another take, this turned out to be the largest of the trip so far at a weight of 34lb 10oz. Chris decided to take his time packing up and fish through the afternoon period which had proved so successful for him in this swim in previous visits. It paid off with another two fish succumbing to his bait, a a nice sized, and very pretty scaly one of 26lb’s and a smaller fish of 24lb’s. All in all a cracking session, well done Chris 🙂

31lb 4oz

31lb 4oz

23lb 12oz

23lb 12oz



34lb 10oz

34lb 10oz





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Chris O continues his love affair with swim 9

September 11th, 2010 Comments off

Lake regular, Big Chris Oakley returned to the lake bright and early on Friday morning. This enabled him to beat the Friday rush to the lake, and therefore bag his favourite swim 9. He introduced his usual quota of bait and proceeded to get his rods in place and then set up home for the weekend.

Once again Chris obviously picked his spots very well, as during the course of the weekend he had five takes, landing three of them. He lost one as it went the wrong way round the marker pole and the hook pulled as Chris tried to bully it back around into clear water. The second one did a very similar thing as it tried desperately to escape. Chris managed to get this fish back round as the marker flipped flat as it is designed to do, I guess it depends exactly how far up the pole that the line wraps round it. The fish which Chris thought to be a “big one” came slowly into the margins where it decided to charge left and right for the next 15-20 minutes before the hook also pinged out of this one. Rumour is Chris stamped and swore a lot at this point. 🙂

Unfortunately I dont know the order in which those he did land were caught, what I do know is that between shaking them off he managed mirrors of 30lb’s and 36’8 oz’s and a lovely scaly linear of 24lbs

Good angling Chris, that swim has been very kind to you this season so far

24lb scaly

24lb scaly



36'8 oz's

36'8 oz's

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Chris O and his new pb

August 30th, 2010 Comments off

Woohoo indeed, I have never known a week or so like this for new pb’s. We have had quite a number this last week or so and it is always a pleasure to see a happy angler or two. Chris arrived bright and early on Friday morning. He looked all along the car park bank, but decided to start his weekend off in swim 12, which when he arrived meant that he was right on the back of a strong wind. This enabled Chris to put out some bait without too uch trouble, and bait he did. Whether this was responsible for what happpeneed next or whether there were fish sitting there waiting to be caught I dont know, but I do know that once cast out, Chris had three fish on the bank within a very short period of time. Two of which were thirties, the first a lovely 34lb fish, the other a new UK pb at 38’4 oz’s. Two more fish were to follow these over the next 48 hrs, though unfortunately not quite as large.

38'4 oz's and a new pb

38'4 oz's and a new pb











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Chris O bags another peg 9 thirty

August 8th, 2010 Comments off

Chris Oakley returned to the lake on Friday evening in the search of fish. A quick trip round the lake on the trusty bike, didnt help much, and almost inevitably he returned to the familiar surroundings of swim 9. A quiet night was spent and when in the morning he spotted fish halfway up the barbeque bank he decided a move was in order. Gear packed and sorted, off he went.

Unfortunately for Chris as he arrived in swim 16 the fish did their usual trick of disappearing. He fished for a few hours in vain, before making the decision to move to another peg for the night.

After much thought, and scanning the water he decided on, and promptly moved back into (yes you guessed it) peg 9. This was to as it turned out a stroke of genius as the screaming run within an hour of returning proved. Thankfully he landed the fish, and upon weighing it found it to be yet another thirty for Chris at 30’6 oz’s from what is rapidly becoming his second home.

Chris 30'6 oz's - 2

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Was it something he said……..

August 4th, 2010 Comments off

Chris Oakley spent most of his trips at the end of last season in swim 9. Arriving on Sunday with a predicted Westerly due it seemed an obvious choice to continue the run. So he chose to fish swim 23 instead. A good nights sleep ensued and in the morning, Chris decided it was time for a move. He rode around the lake for a while in search of carp. The only fish to be seen were strangely enough at range in front of swim 9, so it was here that the unhooking mat was left while the rods were fetched.

Within a short while of setting up Chris had even more fish in his swim, albeit all at range. He placed his baits and introduceds a few freebies and watched and waited. In the early part of the evening a run resulted in a pretty little common of 17’4 oz’s. The wind that was due to blow directly into his face failed to materialise and in fact blew Easterly directly away from him. This led ironically to the fish ending up in numbers in front of swim 24, almost exactly where Chris had come from.

At times like these it is often best to pack up and head home. 🙂

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Chris on the move

May 31st, 2010 Comments off

Chris’s nomadic tendencies showed them selves over the last few days. Unable to settle in one swim Chris actually fished three swims in four nights in a desperate attempt to get closer to the fish. He started off in swim 5 after arriving at the lake after work. The following day he wandered round the lake in search of insppiration and found it in the shape of swim 14. With Max in swim 12 landing a few during the night it seemed as good a place to settle as anywhere. He spent two nights in this swim with one fish for his efforts a long spawned out  mirror of 28lb’s. The following day upon the departure of Max, Chris moved the short distance to swim 12 in the hope of picking up a straggler or two, unfortunately this wasnt to be.

Chris 28lb

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Sleep deprivation for Chris

May 23rd, 2010 Comments off

Chris Oakley arrived on Friday for his weekend session, he was, I am sure suprised to see that the fish had moved out from the safety of the island and his favourite peg 9. He  settled on the under fished peg 2 for the weekend and judging by the number of fish moving both on the plateau and along the margin he seemed to have chosen sensibly.  That was until the liners started. By the time I arrived back on the lake on Saturday afternoon, Chris looked ragged and wired. He hadn’t had any sleep during the night and I could see why. Even as I walked toward his swim his bobbins were dancing and the delks were beeping a merry tune. He explained that the fish were moving between the bank and a large weed-bed approx 40yds out. This meant that Chris had a succession of fish moving through his lines almost constantly. Turning the sensitivity down on the alarms helped a little, but he was obviously suffering somewhat. The following morning the fish were obviously spawning as they had ripped out the weed-bed almost entirely and it was mostly surrounding Chris’s platform. He managed 6 fish during the session, weighing in at 11lbs, 22lbs, 23lbs, 26lb’s, 27lb’s and topped off by a lovely 31lber.

Well done mate, fraught you may have been but a good result considering they had their minds elsewhere.











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Chris, becoming a regular fixture

May 15th, 2010 Comments off

Wednesday afternoon  and Chris was wandering the lake looking for fish and somewhere to set up camp. He decided for the umpteenth weekend on the trot for swim 9. There is talk of Paul selling him a timeshare on the peg. Paul has also taken to strimming around him as he sits reading now.

It has been kind to him in all fairness as it seems a while now since Chris hasnt caught. A good run considering the conditions of late. The first night saw him playing ghillie and Photographer for his good friend Dave, though he did lose one that led him a merry dance down the margin. The second night however fortunes turned around and it was Dave that took the following pics of this 31lb Mirror, caught during the wee small hours.

Despite showing fish around the back of the island and a few tantalisingly close to his traps, this was to be his only carp of the trip.

Well done Chris

Chris 31lb 14th May

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Chris is on a roll

May 9th, 2010 Comments off

Friday saw the return to Grenville of Chris Oakley, after some relative success in recent weeks, he decided to try his luck once more in his favourite swim 9.

With conditions far from ideal, a cold North/North Easterly wind that was a week old blowing across the lake. He set up and managed despite the best efforts of the wind managed to get a few baits out to his spot, followed closely by his baited rigs. Friday night saw a little welcome action with a fish of 18lbs falling to his rods at some point during the night. The following day was chilly and thermals were the order of the day when wandering round the lake. Upon my travels I happened upon Chris with rod in hand hooped nicely over obviously into a fish. This was one of a few fish caught during the day over the last few days, A welcome departure from what has been the norm for a while now.

This one turned out upon landing it to be a lovely 14lb scaley one, very similar albeit a tad smaller to the fish that Chris caught a couple of weeks ago.

Chris 14lb

Loving the hat bud 😉

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Chris Oakley bags another

May 4th, 2010 Comments off

Fresh from his success of last week when he caught a stunning Scaley mirror, Chris returned to the lake in search of another on Sunday lunchtime. He set up in swim 8 after some badgering by the bigdog, who was after a photographer for the evening ahead. Chris wasnt long in waiting and his alarm soon sounded it’s sweet tune. He lifted into a nice fish and the battle was under way. It wasnt too long before he was lifting the net around a decent fish. Not as pretty as the fish of last week, it was just as gratefully recieved. It weighed in at 24’8 oz’s. Despite the almost instant take, there was to be no more fish for Chris that night. Monday morning and a move was on the cards, whether the lack of fish prompted this or a requirement to get as far away as possible from Bigdog I cannot say. Suffice to say Chris ended up in swim 22 after a lap or two of the lake in search of fish. He spent the remaining night of his session there, but once again unfortunately for him the fish did not play ball, and the session ended with the one early fish.

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Prettiest fish in the lake ??

April 27th, 2010 Comments off

Chris was at the lake for an early week session, arriving on Monday of this week. He set up in swim 9 and during his first night was lucky enough to land on a group of fish. He landed four fish during the course of the first night. with fish of 11lbs, 17lbs, 28lbs and a particulary pretty scaley fish of 22lb, which Chris proudly decribed as the prettiest fish in the lake, having seen the pictures, I have to agree it is certainly a gorgeous creature.

Chris scaley

Chris 22lb scaley - 2

Chris 22lb scaleyChris 22lb scaley -3

Despite moving onto showing fish in swim 15 the following day he was not to have anymore. His luck it seems had run out the previous night.

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Chris O shows posh how to do it

October 17th, 2009 No comments

Chris 30'8ozHaving a 3 night pass from work and home, Chris took the opportunity to have a midweek session on the lake. He brought down a guest as mentioned in another posting. Starting his session in swim 5 proved fruitless for Chris and along with his buddy made his way around the lake a few times in search of inspiration. This came in the form of Bigvan packing away in 18. They decided their best chance of fish lay in swims 17, and 18. Chris ended up in 18 and during the remainder of the session winkled out a nice carp in the shape of  this 30’8oz. Obviously a good move Chris.

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Chris has his third thirty of the year

October 6th, 2009 No comments

Chris O 31'2 ozChris Oakley spent a fruitful  session  in swim 18 this last 48 hrs. Despite almost becalmed conditions during the hours of darkness and very little breeze during the day he managed to tease out his third thirty of the season, for some strange reason Chris’s three thirties have all weighed 31lb apart from an ounce or two here or there.  This one weighed in at 31’2 oz and got him up at 6am this morning. Fingers crossed for a 32lber next time Chris. 🙂

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Mixed Bag at Weekend

September 14th, 2009 No comments

The weekend threw up some very mixed results from the visiting anglers. There were a few fish caught and these seem to have been from most areas of the lake. We also had a good deal of members who unfortunately did not manage to catch this weekend, hard luck all your time will come.

Amongst those that caught were…

Gary Kimbell Gary chose to fish at the top end of the lake this week for a change of scenery and pulled his usual rabbit out of the bag, or should that read carp out of the lake. He caught two fish weighing in at 23’8 oz and 28’14. Well done once again Gary.

Keith Regular weekender Keith fished the usually unfancied peg 4 this weekend after seeing fish at range. He managed to catch one weighing 21’7 oz’s, so maybe this swim wont be unfancied for much longer. Good work Keith.

Andy Sewell New Member Andy continues his run of fish, having visited most weekends he has managed to winkle one or two out most weekends. This weekend he was in the ever popular swim 33. His catch included 2 fish of 16lb and a mirror of 24’9 oz’s.
Good consistent angling mate.

Shaun Harrison Shaun fished from peg 37 this week and had three fish for his efforts, He also lost a good fish on the last day. The fish he caught were an 8’15 oz’s common, a 19’14 oz and 23’4 oz mirrors. Well done Shaun, Brook continues to work her magic I see.

Chris Oakley Chris could only manage the one night this weekend arriving on the Sunday. He followed Andy into 33 and managed to fool two doubles both weighing 19lb into taking the bait.

Chris bags himself another 30

August 31st, 2009 No comments

chris 31'6 ... 2 Syndicate member and website guru Chris Oakley fished swim 3 for a 24hr session from Sunday through to Monday. After a quiet night, he managed to winkle out this lovely fish at a weight of 31’6 oz’s just prior to his departure. Congratulations Chris.

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A Strange week

August 20th, 2009 No comments


Max and Cheryl continue to catch steadily from the lodge swim,otherwise the lake quietened down considerably during the course of the week.  I managed a 31lb 4oz fish from swim 12 but could only manage this and a 10lb common for my efforts

Chris 29'10

Congratulations to Chris who on a quick overnighter managed the 29lb 10oz fish pictured here and also one of 31lb 12oz’s which unfortunately I dont have a pic of. Congratulations also to Colin who managed three fish towards the end of the week at weights of 29lb 8oz, 29lb 4oz and 28lb 2oz

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