Barry Minall

Two to Tango

April 29th, 2010 Comments off

No, despite much pestering from Bigdog we will not be starting dancing classes at Grenville.

This report is about Barry Minalls aka Tango, you might have seen his van around the lake, believe me you wont miss it 😉 Barry visited Grenville this week and spent a productive couple of nights in swim 29, a known big fish swim, it has produced a few of the bigger fish from the lake at times. Being aware of this and also the fact that the island has thrown up more of the smaller scaley fish of late, Barry decided to give it a go further up the lake.

He spent 48hrs fishing and was rewarded with two fish weighing 25’10 oz’s and 28’2 oz’s.

Good Angling Barry

wintons 2010 003

wintons 2010 008

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Weekend round up

September 28th, 2009 No comments

Another weekend where location seems to be key. There were mostly dry nets reported by this weeks piscators.

There were a few exceptions, with those lucky enough to have carp within their swim. Most carp that were visible seemed to be showing at extreme range. Amongst those that caught were….

Keith.. Fishing from peg 17 this weekend Keith was like most people watching fish at long range, he did however manage to squeeze one out a fully scaled mirror weighing in at 22lb

Dave Gowing… Swim 29 was the choice Dave this week, directly on the back of the wind. One fish was his reward a mirror of 20’1 oz

Barry Minall… 3 nights in swim 15 proved hard going for Barry this week, Grenville only gave up one of her residents for his efforts, still cant complain with a 27’4 oz mirror I suppose.

Andy Hanahoe… Once again Andy pulled it out of the bag and man aged to avoid a blank with a little effort and application. He fished swim 6 and managed to winkle out a last gasp 20’7 oz mirror on the afternoon of his departure.

Mark Willis… On only his second trip to the lake new member Mark started his session in peg 25. This afforded him an excellent view of the lake and unfortunately a good nights sleep. On account of both he moved the next day into 33 where he had seen showing fish slightly closer to the bank than anywhere else. His keen eye and efforts were rewarded in the next 24 hours with two fish landed and 1 lost to come to his rods. His session finished with a 28lb mirror and a 25’10 oz mirror



25'10 oz

25'10 oz

Barry bags his first Grenville thirty

September 19th, 2009 No comments

Barry Minall 33'01

Barry Minall – new boy Barry secured his first Grenville ‘Thirty’ in the shape of this lovely 33.01 taken during the second night of a 48 hour session in the bay in Peg 25. Mainline Cell boilies with a pop-up fished over the top at 60 yds did the trick!

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At last a little wind

August 22nd, 2009 No comments

Finally at the end of the week there came a little more breeze than we had seen the previous few days.

The South west corner looked good and a few managed to take full advantage of the stuation.

Shaun Harrison managed three fish to 27’12oz from swim 9,

Kevin Benham also managed three fish to 19’14oz  from swim 10,

Barry Minall took three fish to 21’6oz from swim 12, and

Tim Fromant caught two fish to 19lb

Congratulations Gents

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