Easter catches

April 17th, 2014 Comments off

Ron Key

It was great turning up on a Sunday for a change. 6, 8, 12 ,14 and 17 were all free; perhaps too much choice. In the end a few cooperative carp stuck there heads out and 8 it was to be. A satisfying solid donk as the lead hit the bottom told me I was in the right place. A rock hard clear spot on the tail end of a weed bed at just over 100 yards produced this 39 lb 4 oz beauty. It fell to a single Quest Baits Magnum White pop up fished over a bed of 10 and 15mm Chilli Chocolate boilies with Mini Mixed Pellets. My biggest fish from Grenville so far and my first fish hooked on a Multi Rig. It certainly made facing the freezing cold North Westerly worthwhile.

39lb 4oz

Richard Cooke

Here’s Richard’s catch from a few weeks ago

28lb 6oz

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Paul’s Pal

April 13th, 2014 Comments off

Paul Miller has had a great season so far with lots of catches but it has occurred he has a pal!

This is the 3rd time this season he has caught this fish!

37lb 12oz


 other catches from the weekend

Jason Moore


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April’s first catches

April 6th, 2014 Comments off

March had a high amount of catches and here are April’s  first catches!

Paul Miller

30lb 3oz

 This was the 40th fish stocked into Grenville’s all those years ago and this is the first time it has been captured!

How amazing is that?

Lee Skellam

23lb 8oz

27lb 8oz

Trevor Pritchard

36lb 12oz

Nick Martin

37lb 4oz

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First 40 of March!

March 29th, 2014 Comments off



This month the carp have woken up!

Not only have we had double figures of 30′s

John Igglesden has added to these stats with catching the first 40 of March

Arrived for a 3 night session at 7am on 27th March and the fish were showing in front of peg 17.  I knew a storm was on its way and with an easterly wind blowing I hoped they would head towards peg 21 so that’s were I set up.  I stuck out a bit of bait, cast the rods out then  zipped up the bivvy whilst the storm blew over.  I had a afternoon nap and was rudely awakened by a one toner and hooked into a 31lb 11oz Mirror Carp, which fought like a trooper.  After recasting the rod it went off straight away and landed a 17lb 2oz scaley.  I topped up the swim with some more bait, recast the rod with a new rig, which I wasn’t happy with.  After a phone call to Colin I reeled in at last light changed the rig re-cast and off to bed I went.  At 5am I was up but you couldn’t see further than 10 yards due to the mist, which I don’t like but on this occasion I had that funny feeling you get when the rods about to go. About 5.30am the same rod was away, after clamping down on it was off and running straight away I knew it was one  of those big boys.  It must have lead me a merry dance for 20 minutes going through the lines of both rods but I managed to play the game dropping the rod underneath the others before eventually she it the surface and drifted into the awaiting net.  I unhooked her straight away stood up and looked down on a monster fish for what must have been 20 minutes as I was in awe of an incredible creature as she recovered.  Its one of the best feelings in carp fishing when you accomplished one of your dreams, I sort of knew she was a forty but up on the scales she went and nothing can prepare you for when them needle goes past the magical mark.  I put the carp in the sling, tied it to the platform and waited for the cavalry to arrive.  Phil, Tom, Paul A and Paul W arrived all giving guidance and a helping hand to get some good pictures, look after the fish and weighing it at 41lb 8oz.

The fish was caught over 3kg of Bandit Bait boilies, my homemade recipe.

18lb 4oz

17lb 2oz

31lb 11oz

41lb 8oz

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In the Teeth of it at Grenville Lake

March 24th, 2014 Comments off
In the Teeth of it at Grenville Lake

Well home from work Monday evening and it that time again my fortnightly trip to the phenonamen that is Grenville Lake my syndicate water so first things first a quick check on the weather for the 72 hrs that I shall be there, it’s looking very good indeed with daytime temps reaching the balmy heights of 17-18 degrees and nothing less than 5 or 6 at night which is almost summer for this time of year so very favorable for a fish or two if I can get on them that which can be very difficult at times in fact it sometimes feels like there isn’t a fish in the place but at 72 acres and up to 40ft deep in parts there’s plenty of places for the resident monsters that Grenville holds can just go missing.
Anyway all my gear prepped and sorted Including plenty of bait as I believe at this time of year when the carp are just waking up from the long winter months they want some food,we’ll that was my thought process given the weather conditions. Anyway all sorted and alarm set for 2.00am wake up call now I never sleep well on the eve of a fishing trip I suppose it’s the excitement and anticipation of what may unfold as well as me planing my line of attack to try to trip up a lump or two so as usual I was awake before the Alarm rang out,kettle on for a quick cup of tea then loaded the Car with everything barring the kitchen sink which I would take if I could as I like to cover every opportunity that arises so I always have plenty of kit and that’s the beauty of Grenville you can take as much or as little as you like but me I take the lot the only downside is loading and unloading especially when it’s raining.So all loaded and I’m on my way full of excitement and anticipation of what might be,it aw sent to long before I had arrived at the hallowed gates and was making my way up to the cabin to collect my Matt etc and exchange pleasantries with Paul Ward the owner a quick chat and check of the lake map revealed that there was just one other member on who was in peg 8 anyway Matt collected and a walk round the lake to decide where I was going to set up camp.
Now my last few sessions well to be honest most of the winter I’ve fished on the back of the wind however I’d already decided that I would try and fish an area of the lake that I’d never fished before so instead of looking at pegs 33,32 and 29 I went to the other end of the lake and concentrated in looking at pegs 10 to 21 so after spending a few minutes in each I was drawn to peg 17 now call it what you will and besides the fact that this area had done a few fish lately I just felt a gut instinct that this is where I should be so this would be my choice and where I would live until home time on Friday now at the time of my decision the wind was a gentle SW breeze,the sun was out and it just felt right so drove round unloaded and parked the car then set up camp,next job get some bait out which was a mix of MADBAITS The Force which has not yet been released yet which I’m field testing plus a sprinkling of wicked whites and zing of various sizes with half baits and crumb plus some of the new Grenville GR10 as I do like to keep the fish guessing I call it partical Boilie fishing so out went an initial 7 kilo spread over an area at 85 to 90 yards then Rods marked and clipped up at this and out they go and sit back and relax and wait for the fireworks, I had a very good feeling even though I hadn’t seen anything it just felt good to be back on the bank with some nice warm early spring sun.
We’ll Tuesday night came and went with not so much as a bleep of the Delkims so rebated the Rods decided not to put anymore bait out as I just didn’t feel that the fish were with me yet, by now the wind had picked up quite considerably so Wednesday came and went with the wind now verging on hurricane strength and I was sat right in the teeth of it but it was a warm wind and surly the Fish had to come with it so Thursday arrived with gail force winds but it was cloudy and warm so time to top up with my remaining bait which given the wind strength I found pretty easy so traps reset baited with the Force bottom bait and Zing pop up re snowman on my ever faithful IQ D Rig with a size 6 Korda Choddy Hook surly they had to come with the wind and dine with me we’ll at 3.20pm my Left hand Rod screamed into action at I was attached to a Grenville Carp which felt a decent fish and after a frantic battle with the wind and the now sea like waves and getting soaked my first fish of the session was in the net and at 33lb 8oz a very nice start I was well pleased as my Instincts had proven to be right happy days well the wind got stronger the waves bigger but no further action until 6.00am Friday morning when the same rod had a massive drop back and in a flash I was into my second fish of the session and what a stunner a beautifully fully scaled mirror of 21lb 8oz a truly stunning looking carp so same procedure Rod straight back out to the spot fish photoed and safely returned, no more than half an hour or so later my middle rod is away and another Grenville carp hits the net this one going 25lb 8oz then added two more of Grenville’s inhabitants at 29lb 14oz and 22lb 10oz then along came the grand finale a fish known as the Male Fish and was Grenville’s first ever 40lb fish some years ago and a rare visiter to the Bank he came in at 38lb 12oz so what a session and the fish did come and dine with me and shared the culinary delights that I had laid on for them and my hunch was correct to go with the wind, so thank you Grenville yet again and thank you to Paul Ward for giving us the members such a spectacular Fishery and I’m already planning my next visit.


29lb 14oz







25lb 8oz
21lb 8oz
33lb 8oz
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more catches form the weekend

March 18th, 2014 Comments off

Kat and Alfie

It was Caught on a balanced ccmoore bait on a size 7 ace wide gape hook, 15lb fox camo hooklink and a 3oz lead fished on a safety clip with 20in of tubing.
Fish came to a single hook bait fished at approx 70yards into 30ft of water at 8.00am in the morning.

27lb 40z





Trevor Pritchard



Arriving at the lake at around 10 o’clock Saturday morning, the first thing I was itching to do was have a walk around Paul’s new bait making facility, and boy was I impressed. Not just at the meticulous production line that’s been created, but the incredible list of top quality ingredients that go into every batch of that bait. A finer food bait you would struggle to find; I honestly believe that. I paid for 10kg of 20mm baits with glee and went off in search of the perfect spot to try them. Phil Calloway had landed an absolutely stunning 37 in swim 8, so I sat there drinking coffee and chewing the cud for a while. The wind was freezing cold and blowing straight into Phil’s bivvy; no way could I have sat there in that….much respect to him! I eventually decided to go in behind Matthew in swim 17 who was just leaving. He hadn’t caught, but then he’d only done a 24 hour session, and it’s very difficult to do a swim justice over that period.


I wasn’t in any particular hurry to get sorted, I just minced around enjoying the sunshine and enjoying being back on the lake. By about 3pm I had 2 baits positioned at about 80yards and deposited 4 to 5kg of mixed boiles and maize around the area with the spomb. I fished the right hand rod around to the right, much closer in, and deposited about 1.5kg around that rod. About an hour after dark, and just as I was about to take my first mouthful of my dinner, one of the long range rods was away. After a spirited fight a stocky little low double came to the net. Back went my jacket spud, corn and the cob and roast chicken onto the Cobb barbeque to warm up! At some time in the small hours I was rudely awaken by a one toner; the fish plodded around like the bigger fish do, and eventually succumbed into the light of my head torch and into the net. As I went to unhook her, I saw the 20mm GRN10 hanging from her bottom lip! I was so chuffed to have caught a fish on Paul’s new bait, and couldn’t wait to give him the news. The fish went 37lbs 6oz and was retained in the sling until first light, as the nearest person to me was 200 yard away. Just after first light I was away again on one of the long range rods; a beautifully coloured 23lb mirror came to the net, and I was absolutely buzzing with 3 fish.


Saturday was very quiet indeed for me, however I decided to bait up heavily again. Another 10 litre bucket full of mixed boilies, pellet and maize was deposited at 80 yards. Due to the rod round to the right being so quiet, I positioned all three rods in a line at 80 yards. I had two stunning little stockies during the night, and then at first light the fish started to show over my baited area. Realising that this doesn’t always guarantee a bite, I busied myself making a brew. I was just pouring the boiling water onto the tea bag when one of the rods melted. It didn’t feel particularly big and was in the net quite quickly, but as I looked at the common across its back, it was growing in stature! The fish went 26lbs 6oz and was an absolute stunner. Literally 10 minutes later and I’m away again; this fish felt big from the start and had me back-winding frantically. All of a sudden the middle rod started bleeping and I thought I’d picked up that line, however as the alarm screamed louder and louder and for longer than it really should, I realised there was another fish on the end. I bent over and disengaged the baitrunner; with the line suddenly tightening the fish kited left and was now well and truly hooked. I tightened the baitrunner tension and flicked it back on; the fish would just have to do its own thing for 5 minutes while I landed the other fish. Luckily I landed both and they were 33lbs 4oz and 22lbs 11oz……what a session….what a place. And thank you Phil Calloway for the congratulatory bottle of Cabernet Syrah…..I really shouldn’t drink a whole bottle in a sitting next time!




33lb 4oz

26lb 6oz



22lb 11oz







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Another weekend of 30+

March 16th, 2014 Comments off

Again I hope everyone is enjoying the sun.

It’s lovely to see so many members down during the week however no fish were seen.

Until this weekend!

Phil Calloway

 In peg 8 fishing no more than 70 yards. Used just over 4.5kg of Baitcrafts salmon boilies. As soon as the wind came straight at me the odd liner started to occur. Around 2-30 in the morning i had a typical one toner from what turned out to be a 10lb scaley. After baiting up and finding the same spot, just a few minutes later same rod was off again! This time a 12lb er was on the other end.Things were looking up. I managed to put a bait back out on the same spot and did a bit of a tidy up in the bivvy before getting back in the bag thinking it won’t be long before i’m out again! Well the hours ticked by without any more action and was already to get the kettle on when around 6-30 same rod was off and screaming! This time the tell tale plod and power of a bigger carp was clear and again as usual for a Grenville biggy, the fish decided to give me the run around for what seemed ages but in reality 6 or so minutes. After netting the carp the usual relief kicked in. I had a closer look and was just amazed at the richness of colour the carp was showing. Just stunning! I knew Paul would arrive shortly so i waited for him to see the beauty. Well, Paul took some truly stunning shots that really captured the carp in all it’s glory. I am still blown away when i look at them. What more could you ask for from a fishing session? a real beauty that hit the scales at 37lbs 4oz and some magnificent trophy shots to remember the moment. Happy Days indeed!!

37lb 4oz



Trevor Pritchard




37lb 6oz


Paul Allgood

After last weekends success I couldn’t wait to get angling again, I was lucky to get away from work around 2 o’ clock on arriving and having a chat with Paul it was on the trusty bike in search of some carp. On reaching swim 10 the wind was blasting into the corner I had to fish it again having caught from there the week before . Setting up in double quick time I soon had the spomb rod working depositing 4 kg of denham baits element boilies and a spod mix of goodies for good measure. After a good nights sleep the middle rod rattled off around eleven o’ clock a typical slow deep fight came to an end with a 36 lb mirror in the net a phone call to Paul he came round and done some pictures. Just before dark a fish rolled off to the right of the swim I quickly wound a rod in a new bait on and cast towards the showing fish it only took 10 mins when that rod signalled a twitchy take what followed was a slow heavy fight that went like clockwork and yet another Grenville chunk was landed on the scales she weighed 39 lb 10 oz rod recast it was out with the camera gear self takes done she swam off strongly, kettle on but before it boiled the recast rod pulled up tight again this fight felt totally different and one of the new babies was landed weighed and a couple of quick photos sorted for the records. It was soon Sunday afternoon listening to Liverpool beating man utd the rod on the baited area went into meltdown after a spirited fight an awesome 21 lb 15 oz scaly mirror was hoisted aloft for the camera.







39lb 10oz




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the lake has woken up!

March 9th, 2014 Comments off

I hope everyone has enjoyed the sun!

The carp certainly have and we have had a handful of carp on the bank!

Starting us off is

Paul Allgood

38lb 6oz

Arriving on Friday morning I was soon on my bike to find a swim after a quick chat and photographing a gorgeous 37 lb mirror for Colin I chose swim 10 all three rods were quickly positioned and a small scattering of element boilies. Nothing happened till 7 o’clock Sunday morning when a one tonner hard me scrambling from the sleeping bag an amazing battle of commenced with the fish on the surface for the entire fight the fish was in mint condition and on the scales weighed 38 lb 6 oz.

Jim Kelly


39lb 14oz

32lb 8oz

26lb 5oz

Arrived at Grenville at around 9am Friday morning and had a really good look round. I couldn’t find any fish so I sat in swim 33 for half an hour. The weather was warm, for the time of year, and I thought the fish could be in the shallower areas of the lake. I therefore walked round and sat in swim 6 for a while, the area felt fishy and hence I set up in 6. Nothing happened during the day, but the angler in 8 had several fish including three thirties to 37lb+. He packed up at 4pm and after a long deliberation, about 5 milliseconds, I decided to move into 8. I cast 2 under the power lines and one down the margin to the right. Just as it was going dark 2 fish rolled at a distance of about 70yards out straight in front of me. I reeled all three rods in and placed them all in this area firing out a scattering of Quality bait all season mix. Nothing happened during the night, but next morning I was rewarded with a 32lb 8oz mirror. This fish had obviously been dormant through the winter as it was covered in white. However, it fought really well and swam off strongly. Out went the rod again, but I didn’t put any more bait out as I didn’t want to scare any other fish that were in the area. At 9pm I had two runs at the same time. One was a pretty mirror of 22lb and the other a real lump that weighed in at 39lb 14oz, was I pleased? I was like a dog with 2 d****. Both fish were in immaculate condition. Again I decided to hang fire with the bait. Nothing happened until 1:30pm when I was rewarded with a nice fish of 26lb 5oz. This fish put up an amazing fight and felt like it was trying to pull my arms off. If I had lost it I would have sworn that it was a monster. I decided to bait up again just as it was going dark. Again the night was quiet, but I was in again at first light with a 18lb mirror. That was the end of the action and the fish moved off to other parts of the lake.

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March 6th, 2014 Comments off

Just a reminder that subs are due 14th March for all members re-joining this season.

Thank you

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GRN 10

February 11th, 2014 Comments off

We have finished our first few orders, and here is a picture of the finished product.

The 15mm are a lot harder to roll as there is so much packed in to the little balls! The 20mm roll a treat.

If anyone has any questions about the new GRN 10 please do not hesitate to call Paul for more details.


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Jammy Carp!

February 9th, 2014 Comments off

Kevin aka Cat and Alfie were all packed up the Rods were on the ground, bivvy packed down, and the spools started spinning, Alfie got wet feet but a fish in the net!!  Result!


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February 7th, 2014 Comments off

Just to warn members maybe best not to come down this weekend. The ditches are full and starting to run into the fields behind 25. Just a warning to all so not a wasted journey.

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stunning scaley

February 6th, 2014 Comments off

22lb 14oz

A stunning scaley from Phil Calloway’s last session

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We would like to welcome you to……

February 3rd, 2014 Comments off

Over the last three months Paul has been expanding the Grenville name. With the help from Mark Leonard from Madbaits and Paul Miller, we have designed our own handmade bait.

Everyone who knows Paul will know he wants the best for his carp and what better way than to make the food they eat, this way we know exactly what is in the food and know that they are getting the best quality of products. Everything is made on site so it is the bait is kept as fresh as possible and members can see the bait at any stage of the process.

We would like to say a big thank you to Mark for his help and who we will be purchasing the ingredients from.

The members who have been around the lake have seen the development of the containers, which our now complete and look amazing.

Last week we made our first batch and it was brilliant (if I do say so myself)

As soon as the weather warms up the fish will be introduced to their new food.

We made 80 kilos last week and we already have our first order.

Anyone wanting to know more info on the bait please contact Paul.

Grenville’s is looking forward to the future and I am very proud to welcome you to

GRN 10.

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In 24 hours

January 26th, 2014 Comments off

In 24 hours, not one but two members have caught two new 40′s!

The first lucky member

 was Colin Humpreys

40lb 8oz


catching green 365

followed by Big Van

40lb 4oz

catching blue 71

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January 20th, 2014 Comments off

36lb 6oz










35lb 6oz

Not long in to the New Year and Grenville’s is still bringing the big carp to the bank!

Ron caught a new 35+, weighing 36lb 6oz!

Congratulations Ron well deserved

Colin Campbell

Decided to have a gamble and went  into peg 14 on a strong southern wind although this peg has not been fished for weeks or has seen any bait he just thought there might be a chance and do something different. Colin Fished 2 snow men and one pop-up about 130yrds to a hard area in 30ft and baited with 3kg of the new test bait from Mad baits. the only fish of the session came at 12pm a fiddly take at first then it went into meltdown the fish gave a really good fight and she was in all her winter glory.


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1st big fish of the year!

January 8th, 2014 Comments off

40lb 8oz






The first big fish of the year was caught today by Paul Bennett.

This fish was last caught on the 5th of August by Dennis at 35lb.

The weight of the carp today was 40lb 8oz which is a new personal best for Paul!

Paul was glad he swapped to mad baits. May the force be with you Paul.

Just as we were leaving Paul also landed a 33lb 2oz!

Congratulations Paul

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The Seventh British Carp Study Group Book-The Technical Edition…

January 6th, 2014 Comments off
When I went back to work today I had this gift waiting for me. Thank you very much Phil Calloway and Ron Key, I cant wait to read it!

If anyone is interested in purchasing plz follow the link. if you would like save on p&p we can order them and you can collect from the lake.

The Seventh British Carp Study Group Book-The Technical Edition…

A complete departure from anything we have produced before this is an epic 576 page volume subtitled “The Technical Edition” The BCSG asked its members to give their personal view on every aspect of carp fishing and almost seventy of them have contributed to this unique take on the technical aspects of our sport. Grenville member Ron Key was part of the team that compiled the book and he and Phil Calloway have contributed to it. The impressive list of writers spans the history of modern carp angling. They include Leon Bartropp, Gary Newman, Mark Holmes, Shaun Harrison, Mark McKenna, Ian Poole, Jason Hayward, Rob Hughes, Julian Cundiff, Tim Paisley, Keith Jenkins, Dave Gawthorn John Carver, Simon Hartop, Brian and Martyn Skoyles and many more with introductory pieces from Kevin Clifford, George Sharman, Derek Stritton, Kevin Nash, Pete Springate and Chris Ball.

The book is available on the British Carp Study Group website at for £37.50 plus P&P.

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Happy New Year!

December 31st, 2013 Comments off

Looking back on the months gone by,

All the fish caught and the pictures of the sky.

Recalling all the happy times,

Produced from tight lines.

Reflecting back on the times that count,

All that matters are the pounds and ounce.

Our Happy New Year wish to you,

Is not one fish but two!

We hope this is your best year yet,

For which the Grenville carp will bless your net.

Happy New Year!

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another catch before the end of the year!

December 30th, 2013 Comments off

28lb 4oz




Another carp has landed on the bank before the end of 2013. This time it was member John Igglesden.

Congratulations Iggy.

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latest catch

December 28th, 2013 Comments off

32 lb 2oz






The Latest catch for Grenville was at dinner time today from Colin Campbell

will this be the last catch of 2013?

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Christmas catches

December 24th, 2013 Comments off





A few more Christmas catches form the lucky members. Here is Big Van with a 35lb!

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Merry Christmas

December 23rd, 2013 Comments off

Its coming to the end of another amazing year at Grenville’s.

The record has been broken, the swims have been done and the lake looks better than ever!

We have successfully grown our own carp babies for the last two years, hopefully making the Grenville breed sustainable in a few years time.

We also have a new project which will be up and running in the new year!

Grenville’s has had a brilliant 2013 and I’ve got a feeling 2014 is going to be even better!

We wish all our members a Merry Christmas and the very best for the New Year!

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more catches from Colin

December 12th, 2013 Comments off










 Congratulations Colin, on yet another catch in this tricky December month.

Green 273

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December 12th, 2013 Comments off

At 2.49 am on the 10th of December

Henry James Oakley was finally born weighing a chunky 7lb 15oz.

Mother and baby are doing well and will hopefully be home on Thursday


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December 9th, 2013 Comments off

If any members would like to rent the cabin swim on a daily basis plz contact dad, I would recommend pre booking for next year as we already have bookings, first come first served.

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catches from the week

November 30th, 2013 Comments off

32lb 8oz



36lb 8oz





 It has been a quiet week at Grenville’s, a few members down mostly catching pike.

However Colin was lucky with not one but two 30+!

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10 years!

November 28th, 2013 Comments off

10 Years ago today the first carp entered a home which had protection from predators, food given everyday, respect from it’s captures and in return these carp showed their beauty on the banks of their home, Grenville’s.

10 years ago today the first batch of carp were released into the 72 acre water which they call home, a total of 100, with biggest one of 46lb 5oz showing it’s gratitude, to of been lucky enough to be picked as the stock, of which I think personally is the greatest fish venue in the country.

Congratulations dad on making your dream come true and letting myself and the members to be apart of it.

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Breaking News

November 17th, 2013 Comments off

My dad has just text me telling me that Paul Miller has caught a 40lb+!

42lb 4oz






Well Done Paul

here are the rest of Pauls catches

13lb 8oz






18lb 2oz






20lb 12oz






24lb 12oz















The weekend started off looking pretty dim with temperatures plummeting to 3 degrees C and skies clearing, however the carp gods were on our side as cloud cover rolled in slowly lifting temperatures to a tropical 7-8 degrees C. The wind didn’t know which way it wanted to blow but it was light as it drifted from SW to W to NW and onto SE throughout the weekend. The first night saw all the fish on the opposite bank leaving me thinking I was in the wrong spot, but the Grenville carp can be difficult to predict and on the first morning a few found my bait and I ended up landing 4 fish in 2 hours! Everything then went quiet again. The second night saw me bank a lovely long 33lb mirror but other than that the whole lake was quiet.


Having packed up all my gear, I sat out the last few hours of my session on the platform next to my rods. A run out of the blue immediately led to a hook pull. A quick recast to the same spot with a fresh rig and 10 minutes later I had a one toner on the same rod that left me connected with a Grenville leviathan. The fish stuck to the bottom and would not move and attempted to bury itself into every dying weedbed, but after a 30 minute battle of which 10 minutes was under the rod tip, the fish slipped into my net. With now aching arms the lump was lifted onto the scales where it settled at 42lb 4oz, my second 40+ in two trips and a new PB. I could not help thinking that if I hadn’t pulled out of the previous run then I probably would not have caught this fish. We all need a bit of luck at times!!





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Catches from the weekend

November 17th, 2013 Comments off

The lake has been quiet with the hatches. However Jamie is on fire catching the big carp.








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