first 30+ common of Grenvilles

November 4th, 2014 Comments off

Congratulations to Steve Cox

on this stunning catch

Arriving on the Friday for a 48 hour session, I decided to fish Swim 6 as it’s a swim I have only fished the once before and it does have a good history of producing big fish. As I was setting up my dad turned to me and said “we’ve got to buy some of Paul’s bait and put a bed of that out there”. I replied “have you got any cash?” So off my dad went in pursuit of some of the bait. Paul Allgood duly arrived 10 mins later with 5k of the impressive GR10 boilies and provided me with some excellent pointers on where to fish - Thanks Paul. All 3 rods were fished at range and 5k of boilies were deposited over the top. On the Sunday morning, fish were showing over the bait but without any luck I was ready to call it a day in the early afternoon when my dad suggested “lets just give it another 20 mins. Well, 10 mins later my middle rod just screamed off, the fish took 20-30 yards of line when I first connected into it. After a terrific fight, a big common came to the surface and she duly went 31lb 5oz on the scales, I was over the moon – Grenville had it’s very first 30lb Common, it was an honor to catch such a beautiful fish from such a fantastic venue.


Thank you for making Grenville what it is !!!  SPECIAL



31lb 5oz

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catches from the weekend

November 3rd, 2014 Comments off

Cliff Kemp

 Despite the strong winds blowing across I managed to put a decent amount of bait out at range although my body is now suffering with numerous aches and pains …

In addition to the beauty and I managed to sneak four others including a 30.02lb and 36.05lb…

The best early Xmas pressie I could ever want….

Go go go the Grenville…

44lb 7oz

36lb 5oz

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November 2nd, 2014 Comments off

Here is Paul’s 40 from last weekend!

Paul Allgood with a new 40!


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Terry’s catch

October 28th, 2014 Comments off

Grenville’s is still going strong with this beauty being caught early Saturday morning, she was last out in march before spawing  at 41lb! Grenvilles bait seems to be working a treat!

Terry had Three nights fishing in peg 17. The first night he put out 8kgs of bait but no action the second night he put out another 4kg of bait and had a 21lb scaley mirror.  He  put his last 3kg of bait out for the last night and at 6am on the last morning he had two bleeps on his right rod which after a very good fight produced a 45lb 2oz mirror.


Happy Days.

45lb 2oz

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Cabin Catches

October 19th, 2014 Comments off

Tom has recently just had the cabin and had 7 catches with a total of 7 30+catches!

I don’t think that has ever happened before!

33lb 6oz

31lb 4oz

32lb 11oz

35lb 8oz


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October 12th, 2014 Comments off

mike noone with his 1st uk 40, pictures to follow. well done mike :)

42lb 14oz

Arrived at the lake Saturday morning and spotted a couple of carp showing straight away, out of my range for casting but at least I would be in the area.rods where fished at 50yds,80yds and one at 120yds, all on cell pop ups and taska end tackle nothing in the first 24 hrs but the next morning I recast all three rods back to the same spots but changed the 120yds rod from a cell pop up to a hybrid and an hour later my new pb was in the net 42.14.

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October 11th, 2014 Comments off

Yesterday there were 6 people on the lake fishing, and its still fishing it’s head off!

Ade Wesley

35lb 6oz

 (red 80)

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Another 40!!!

October 9th, 2014 Comments off

Lucky Nick Dodge

caught this beauty this morning

43lb 9oz

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Grenville never disappoints

October 9th, 2014 Comments off

Grenville’s carries on giving

37lb 9oz

Darren Pye

37lb 14oz

38lb 7oz

This beauty is up from 32lb

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October 7th, 2014 Comments off

Anybody wanting bait as of Wednesday please order through myself and I will arrange for myself or Lisa mum to drop it off


Thank you

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keep them coming…

October 6th, 2014 Comments off

October is having a brilliant start with its second catch with another 40+!

This big beauty was a 40.2 in 2010.

in June it was caught at 37lb 13oz, its now a massive 44lb 12oz!

44lb 12oz

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The First catch of October

October 5th, 2014 Comments off

The first catch for October, starts with a 40+!

Let hope all the catches carry on this size!

And here it is in all its autumn glory

Dave Williamson

42lb 6oz

Dvae Williamson

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October 5th, 2014 Comments off

Paul Allgood

37lb 10oz




The last catch of September goes to Paul Miller



30lb 6oz



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Cabin Catches

September 29th, 2014 Comments off

Mark Slater has had an awesome haul in the cabin

38lb 4oz

38lb 12oz

38lb 12oz

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Stock Ponds

September 27th, 2014 Comments off

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone that helped today!

Ron, Colin, Peter, Brian, Paul and Jason  (sorry if I missed anyone)

Thanks to the guys help we have graded two of the stock ponds. 220 carp have been put into the first stock pond weighing from 1lb up to over 3lb!

They will stay there for another year until they get to be put in the lake and meet their mummies and daddies!

The smaller carp have been divided between the other stock ponds.

It was lovely to see everyone and it makes me so happy that the members care as much as we do about Grenville’s

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Another 40!!!!

September 25th, 2014 Comments off

Yet Another 40!

Grenville’s is on fire!

Mike Crimp

40lb 12oz

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stock ponds

September 24th, 2014 Comments off

The Stock pond is being graded this Saturday if anyone wants to come down and help :)

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Third 40 in a week!

September 24th, 2014 Comments off

Can you believe it? The third 40 in a week!

Anthony Williams

43lb 2oz

This beast has put on a 1lb in less than a month!

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September 22nd, 2014 Comments off

I think this month is going to be a record breaker for Grenvilles with the amount of catches coming out!

Dave Miller

with a new 35+

35lb 12oz

Kevin Wicks

with a new 40!

42lb 4oz




Colin Campbell



28lb 9oz


22lb 8oz

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more catches

September 20th, 2014 Comments off

The catches are still going with the members at Grenville’s

John Igglesden

I fished a 72 hours session, the first day fished in peg 37 but after not seeing a thing but with a nice breeze blowing in I moved to peg 28.  I fished 2 rods about 40 yards out over 2kg of Bandit Baits boilies where I’d seen 2 fish and a margin rod over 20 baits. During the night I had a 19lb Common Carp on the margin rod.  The following afternoon the fish turned up over my bait and the middle rod was off, after 5 minutes the hook pulled, at the same time Mike was playing a 41lb Mirror Carp, which he successfully netted – excellent result.  I gave them a couple more kilos and the following morning I had a double take over the baited area catching 2 x 24lb scaleys.  The fish turned up again in the afternoon and the rod over bait was away again, another scaley at 21lb.  The following morning I was woken by another one over the bait which rattled off before slipping in the net, 22lb Mirror Carp.  They continued to show over my bait but refused to pick up the rig before moving out into the deeps.

19lb 8oz

24lb 8oz

24lb 5oz

21lb 10oz

22lb 5oz

 Colin Campbell

34lb 9oz

Stew Boyden


Peter Blanks
with a new 35+!

37lb 15oz

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Big Girls Big Girls and more!

September 17th, 2014 Comments off

The members are on fire at the moment

starting us one from last week

Jason Moore

42lb 4oz


 Mike Noone

38lb 12oz


Colin Campbell


39lb 14oz


With all the 35+’s coming out Dad knew that a forty had to be coming!

Micky Walton

41lb 5oz



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catches from the weekend

September 15th, 2014 Comments off

Starting us off this time is David and Alex

Booking into the cabin swim was a birthday treat for my son Alex.  We arrived Friday lunch time for a 48 hrs session. Friday night 1 am and of my rods is away. Alex is ready to net the fish for me then one of his rods one tones off. I land a nice 27.2 mirror followed by Alex landing a stunning 26.5 scaley  mirror. This is a new pb  for Alex and he is really made up.  Two hours later and Alex is away again. This time after a tough fight he lands another pb  of 38.01. That’s it until the second night. After a great barbecue we settled down. I was woken at 1am  again and landed a 23.07 mirror. And Alex was woken to a one toner at 3 am. This turned out to be a 30.01 linear mirror. What a birthday weekend for Alex.  Had a great social and some stunning fish to boot. That scaley  mirror has to be one of the best looking carp I have ever had the pleasure to see on the bank.

30lb 1oz

26lb 5oz

38lb 1oz

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Mr and Mrs Ward

September 7th, 2014 Comments off


To the newly wed couple Dad and Lisa!

It was such a beautiful day!

And I wish them all the happiness in the world!

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September 3rd, 2014 Comments off

Today we said goodbye to Bison, sadly after all he has been through he had to be taken from us. I’m so sad to be writing this as he was the most amazing dog ever. When Bison was a round I felt protected and genuinely loved. My favourite time with Bison was he lived with me and I nursed him back to health from his leg operation. I use to snuggle up on the sofa cuddled up to a big old bear. He was so gentle and I trusted him implicitly. I get one sense of happiness and that was he knew he was loved by myself, dad, Lisa and Buzz.
Sleep tight Bison, hope you are happy to be reunited with you mum, Ellie. love you mate and I will miss you so much xxx

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Grenville’s Non-stop

August 31st, 2014 Comments off

I know I keep saying this but I cant believe the amount of catches out at the moment and that there are so many big catches!

Grenville’s is non- stop!

Lez Bolland

39lb 8oz

Tom Crosby

41lb 8oz

 Stew Boyden

26lb 5oz


32lb 8oz

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two 40′s in less than 24 hours

August 26th, 2014 Comments off

What an amazing day!

Two forty’s  in less than 24 hours!

Starting us off is Alex Lister who took advantage off a guest ticket whilst on the waiting list and he was rewarded with this 40lb 4oz!


40lb 4oz

Lez Bolland smashed his Personal best with this 42lb 6oz

42lb 6oz

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John’s Catches

August 25th, 2014 Comments off

John Igglesden

I arrived Friday morning for a 48 hour session and went for a walk, when I stopped at peg 5 I saw a mid 20 show, after returning with my gear the first rod was cast out where I saw the fish followed by 50 baits.  I picked up the second rod put the bait on and the first rod was away before landing a 23lb 15oz Common Carp. After netting the fish I saw another one show further out so the second rod was cast to it.  Before long that rod was away and I had 29lb 15oz Mirror Carp in the net followed by a 27lb 2oz Common Carp.  I spread out a few kilos of boilies and following morning I had 4 within a couple of hours (24lb Scaley, 27lb 4oz Mirror Carp, 25lb 7oz Mirror Carp and a 20lb 10oz Scaley).  I topped up the swim with 3 kilos reeled in at midday then went for a stroll round the lake. When I returned the wind had picked up and it looked blob on.  I cast the first rod out followed by 50 baits and within a few minutes it was away and the fish felt heavier from the off and before long it was in the net, a 30lb 10oz Mirror Carp.  The rod was recast and was away again this fish hit the surface from the off slapping its tale but we could see those big shoulders even at range and knew it was at least a 30.  Throughout the whole of the fight it was on the surface flapping away all the way in before it slid in the net. I knew it was a big one but when we lifted the sling it felt like a monster.  On the scales she went 39lb 6oz a proper monster Mirror Carp.  After putting the fish back the same rod was away and a 19lb 8oz Scaley slid in the net.  My time had to be cut short the following morning but I’d had my fair share.  Thanks to Rich for all your help weighing, netting and doing the photos.

39lb 6oz

30lb 8oz

23lb 15oz


27lb 2oz


27lb 4oz

19lb 8oz

20lb 10oz

25lb 7oz

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Catches from the last 7 days

August 24th, 2014 Comments off

The catches are non stop this season, from all over the lake by many different anglers

Starting us off new member

Ben Phelps

32lb 12oz

Mike Noone

Had a great weekend on the lake with family and friends and then topped it off with these two crackers

35lb 2oz


Andrew Poynton

20lb 4oz

 Kat And Alfie


13lb 8oz





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Big Fish

August 20th, 2014 Comments off

Today we saw the Second biggest fish ever hit the banks of Grenville

Caught by Paul Miller

47lb 12oz

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Magnificent 7

August 18th, 2014 Comments off

Steve Cox

On this year’s opening weekend, I just had one of those memorable sessions when I was lucky enough to have 7 stunning fish including 2 mid 30’s. Those times stay with you forever as a carp angler.

That remarkable session was still very much fresh in my mind as myself and my two young boys made our way to the lake. Your mind races with thoughts of past visits and what lies ahead, What did I learn last time? Where will the fish be? If I’m honest, I was still very much living off of that opening weekend so we were going to enjoy the fishing whether we caught or not which is always the way I like to approach my fishing. It’s such a privilege to have the opportunity to fish somewhere as magical as this venue. One of my boys joked, “I wonder if you will catch 7 again daddy?” you have to admire the youthful optimism don’t you? Surely it can’t happen again, can it?

On arrival I had a quick chat with Paul & Lisa who were in full swing at making up another batch of their Grenville GR10 boilies, you can’t fail to be impressed with the aroma that fills the air from the quality bait, no wonder the fish are on it. The lake was quiet with approximately 4 anglers fishing, a warm westerly wind was blowing down into the North East corner of the lake. Swim 10 was empty so I didn’t need a second invitation from my instincts so the Cox clan walked the mat round to the swim.

2 hours later, I could start fishing (parents will understand) – both bivvies were up, the boys had all of their electronic gadgets in motion, peace and harmony was in place.

A quick glance back through my log book and all 3 rods were in place with a nice spread of a 1-2k of Mainline CELL over the top. The weather was perfect, overcast and breezy. The day passed without any action but in the early hours of the following morning the right hand rod was away and a cracking 11lb mirror was in the net. It is always nice to get off of the mark. After a quick brew it was back into the bivvy with the snoring boys, the rest of the night passed without interruption.

My dad joined us in the morning for the day, 3 generations of the Cox family enjoying everything that this special place has to offer, wonderful moments. In the early afternoon, the left hand rod pulled round with a couple of bleeps and I was onto it into a flash, after a fantastic battle that would have done a 30 pounder  justice a spirited 14lb mirror was mine. Unfortunately, a couple of hours later I lost one when the hook pulled out early in the fight. I did have a take shortly afterwards which resulted in a 12lb Pike. We carp anglers do take everything with us including the kitchen sink don’t we but an unhooking glove understandably hadn’t made it into my luggage. Still, the Pike was unhooked and promptly returned. The rest of the day passed away as the four us had a fantastic day, my dad left in the evening and we settled down for the night. A quick bedtime story for the boys – “Peter Rabbit Goes Carp Fishing” – well sometimes you have to improvise don’t you and they were soon fast asleep. The wind dropped significantly on the 2nd night and there wasn’t any further action for me.

The sound of the alarm woke me up at 5am – not the bite version and I was up to watch the water with a cup of coffee. The wind was beginning to swing round to a North Westerly and fish were showing in all areas of the lake, I felt confident that a run could occur at any minute. I didn’t have to wait long before the left hand rod was away, this felt heavier from the off and my initial thoughts were confirmed when I slipped the net under a cracking 21.2 mirror with beautiful scale patterns.

Within a few hours, the middle rod was away and a 25.4 scaly was mine which put me on 4 fish, I was beginning to think back to that opening weekend session, surely not again? Dennis kindly came round and offered the boys a Kit Kat and said that he had nicknamed my energetic and chatter box lads “thunder and lightning” – I can see why.  The action went quiet for a while before a heavy rain storm moved in and it rained for the rest of the night on and off. About an hour before the rain arrived, fish were showing in all areas of the lake again and in front of me so they were still here in numbers which was confidence boosting.

Once the boys had taken in their latest Peter Rabbit Carp Adventure installment, they were settled for the night again, I thought it was a good idea to tie up some spare rigs as I was running low. When the fish turn up on you here, the action can be fast and furious and the last thing you want to be doing is wasting time preparing rigs in between fish, they are eating machines. At approx 10am, I had an absolute screamer on the middle rod, past experience indicates that this isn’t necessary a big fish. How wrong that was on this occasion though as the fish stripped 25-30 yards of line from the spool when I connected with it.  The fish royally beat me up in the margins with the water quality of the highest standard and was determined not to give itself up but eventually I won this battle and a wonderful mid 30 was in the net. The scales pulled round to 35.2 and once the pictures were done, back into the pond she waddled off. There are many special moments to that make carp fishing what it is to us but there is something unique about that feeling when you just stand there watching these amazing creatures swim off gracefully from your sling back into their underworld kingdom. It was time for the kettle to do the business again before retiring back to the bivvy for the night.

The rain continued to fall for most of the night and it was the alarm clock again the next morning that broke the night’s silence. Paul came round in the morning and instantly recognized the fish from the photos and believed that it had broken though the 35+ barrier for the first time which was great news for the lake. The condition and growth rates of the fish are phenomenal. The fact that the venue had also produced two mid 40’s in the last few days, one of which had put on 3lb in a month is further testament to this.  Later that morning, the left hand rod was away again which resulted in a beautiful 28.7 mirror. Seven fish again I just couldn’t believe it.


Like all of the other members, I simply love the venue and everything about it. A wonderful environment has been created by Paul, Yaz and Lisa through years of hard work and dedication.


11lb 1oz




21lb 2oz


14lb 5oz





25lb 5oz

27lb 7oz



35lb 2oz



28lb 7oz

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