Grenville Syndicate Rules

1) A maximum of 48 hours per session will apply unless prior permission has been granted. Any extension MUST be agreed with Paul BEFORE you start fishing.
2) Please ensure ALL litter (including tea bags/cigarette butts) are removed from your swim when you leave! If you find litter in your swim when you arrive – please inform Paul.
3) The toilets, showers and clubhouse are provided for your comfort. Please ensure you leave them clean and tidy!
4) A strict speed limit of 5 mph, which must be adhered to is in force throughout the farm and around the lake – Please DO NOT break this!
5) Please note that no one is to enter or leave the lake after 9pm unless in an emergency – in which case please contact Paul immediately.
6) NEVER leave rods unattended! In most instances it is acceptable to be in the next swim unless they are a fair distance apart. For example 34/33 or 9/10 would be considered too far! Please use your common sense!
7) Always respect other anglers and do not cast into their water!
8 ) Hooks – a maximum of Size 6 has been set for the welfare of the fish. These should feature ‘micro barbs’. No barbless, long shank or bent hooks to be used at anytime.
9) Braided Hooklinks – low diameter braids like Kryston Super Silk must not be used as these cause extensive damage by cutting the carps mouths!
10) Lead Clips – as this lake can be weedy, it is vital that you use lead clips that eject the leads properly (ideally those which secure the clip to the swivel with a pin) like the ACE/FOX versions.
11) Leads – a maximum weight of 3oz is permitted.
12) Line – Braided mainline allowed only for marker and spod. The use of braided mainline with a baited rig is not permitted.
13) Line Strength – minimum line strength of 12lb for baited rods has been set for the welfare of the fish. Under no circumstances will lead core, shock or any other forms of ‘leader’ requiring a knot above the lead be permitted except for use with marker and spod rods!
14) Boats – under NO CIRCUMSTANCES is anybody allowed onto the lake in a boat! Should you get a fish weeded and I’m on site, then I will come out and assist you (weather conditions permitting) If, however I’m not available, put your rod down and be patient – in most cases the fish will swim free – Never be impatient and please DO NOT PULL FOR A BREAK!
15) Your swim is not a toilet – so please do not use it as one!
16) Bait Boats are not permitted on the fishery
17) Sacks – under NO CIRCUMSTANCES is anybody allowed to bring a sack onto the fishery. Having one in your possession will lead to your instant BAN
18) Particles – the use of any nuts, Tigers, Peanuts etc is not permitted. Other particles are allowed, however care should be taken to ensure these are soaked and cooked properly.
19) Rods – 3 rods permitted until 1st Dec. 4 rods may then be used during the winter until the end of February.
20) Swims – please walk your mat around the lake upon arrival to choose your swim. Once selected, you may then get your tackle. Once you’ve placed your mat in a swim, do not continue looking for a better one!
21) Due to their close proximity, Pegs 22 & 23 shall be regarded as one swim. Therefore, if anybody is fishing 22 then please do not go in Peg 23 and visa versa. The only exception to this is if the first angler fishing invites you to fish the other swim.
22) Each swim is clearly marked – do not fish in between these! When casting – do this from your swim – do not wade along the bank!
23) Cars – MUST be returned to the designated car parks after unloading your tackle. You may not leave these behind you whilst you set up unless previously agreed with Paul.
24) The ‘truck’ is available for the benefit of the syndicate for dropping your tackle off at your chosen swim. Anyone found abusing it will be pushing a barrow!
25) Guest Tickets are available at £50.00 per night. Maximum of 2 nights per session. These tickets must be booked in advance with Paul.
26) Unhooking Mats – must be largest possible and suitable for the size of the carp now being caught! If in doubt, refer to Paul?
27) Bankside vegetation – please respect it and do not cut it back. If necessary, you may tie it back but remember to undo when you leave.
28) Fence – Please keep clear at all times and DO NOT leave anything leaned up against the fence.
29) When handling fish for photography, please keep over mat at all times and keep low to the ground! Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should a fish be carried back to the water – ALWAYS return it in your weigh sling.
30) All dogs to be kept in the swim your fishing. Remember YOU are responsible for cleaning up after your dog!
31) The use of ALL plastic & artificial baits is banned for the long term welfare of the carp.

We have worked extremely hard to create a very unique and special place for you and your fellow syndicate members to feel relaxed at and enjoy. Therefore, anyone found breaking any of the lake rules will be asked to leave, have their membership cancelled immediately and not be entitled to any refund of fees!

Finally, please note that you use these facilities entirely at your own risk. Under no circumstances will we be held responsible for any injury, loss or damage whatsoever.

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