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Fish Weights 2015/16 Season

January 11th, 2016
Fish Weights 2015/16 Season
2015 has drawn to a close and the fish stats so far for this season are summarised below. The stats take us to the end of December.
New 50’s = 2
New 40’s = 5
New 30’s = 21
Existing 30’s breaking the 35lb+ barrier = 9
New 35lb+ (previously not recorded above 30lb) = 2
Some interesting facts:
The two new 50’s were both last caught in June 2014 with the first one showing a growth of 6lb 2oz in 15 months and the second 9lb 2oz in 18 months. Interestingly there are 25 fish on the wall recorded above 37lb that have not been caught since 2014, so there could be many more big surprises to come when these fish next visit the bank.
The new 40’s faired similarly with growth rates up to 7lb 3oz in 12 months being the best. Green 30 was predicted to reach 40lbs, even though it was caught at 34lb in July, it nudged over 40lbs by November. This fish is a big spawner and tends to loose large amounts of weight, but it is also a big feeder being the most frequently caught fish on the 35lb+ wall, visiting the banks 3-5 times a year.
Of the 35lb+ fish there are two fish that have not previously been recorded above 30lb, we have no capture details and consequently no growth statistics. These fish came in at 35lb 6oz and 36lb 8oz!
The 21 new 30’s brings the total number of recorded different 30lb+ fish in Grenville to 285. Hopefully over the remaining part of the season we should see this figure climb up to the 300 mark.
The first half of this season has seen 143 carp over 30lb caught and this has been represented by 100 different fish and 43 re-captures. Although catch rates this season have been lower than some previous seasons, it can be seen that the quality and size of the fish have improved enormously and are testament to the quality of the fishery.
Lets hope 2016 is even more successful with many more surprises for some lucky anglers.


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