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Growth Graphs

July 23rd, 2015

A new feature has recently been added to the website in the form of carp growth graphs, these have been generated for each fish that appears on the 35+ wall. The graphs can be found on the left hand side under each fish’s identification colour/number. By clicking on the graph symbol a pdf file will open that shows all captures of that fish over 30lbs. This will give members an appreciation of how each fish is growing and how it is affected by spawning etc. Each graph is being kept up-to-date as captures are made around the lake.

When viewing the graphs you will see the initial stocking date and the weight of the fish. The blank entries show one gap for each year until the fish was caught at 30+. The bottom axis shows the date of all captures above 30+ , again any gaps indicate years when the fish was not caught. It can be clearly seen that many fish go missing for 2 or 3 years between captures, with one or two fish having ‘vanished’ for up to 5 years before being caught again. There are many fish still missing since their last capture and there may be some nice surprises for some lucky members when they do show up.

Some interesting statistics have been identified in the making of the graphs:

–          The total number of different 30+ fish caught from the lake is 263. Although some fish may have died, there are constantly new 30’s being caught and identified and therefore the estimated stock of 30+ fish can be comfortably claimed as being around the 250-260 mark. However with ever increasing numbers of upper 20’s now being caught, this number will increase in the coming seasons.

–          The fastest growing fish made the 30+ milestone in 2009, around 4 years after being stocked at 4-08!

–          Some members have a misconception that most of the big fish are caught from the cabin swim. Although not detailed on the graphs, an analysis of all catch records has indicated that this is not the case. In fact only 20% of fish captures come from this swim (20.3% to be exact!). 80% of all big fish captures therefore come from the rest of the lake. It is however the most consistent single swim.

–          The most caught 30+ in the lake is Green 30, which usually gets caught 3-5 times a year. This fish is also a big spawner and can loose 5-6lb in weight through spawn. This year has seen it drop from just shy of 40 down to 34, however you can see from the graph that this is normal for this fish and it will recover the weight fairly quickly. In 2012 before it spawned it weighed 37lb, dropping to 32lb and recovering to this year’s pre spawn weight of just under 40. If this fish follows the same pattern then within the next few years it should be around the 43lb mark.

–          The graphs are only shown for those fish on the 35+ wall, however the data is being monitored for all 30+ fish to hopefully gain a better understanding of the condition of the fish.

–          The introduction of food bait to the lake appears to have resulted in an increase in fish growth rates and the fish looking healthier, it all bodes well for the future.

There are still a number of 30’s that have been caught that remain unidentified because of poor photographs. Members can help with this, particularly on sparsely scaled fish, by providing clear photos around the tail and dorsal line, to aid identification.

Hope you enjoy reading the graphs and find them useful.

By Paul Miller

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