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lots of catches

August 11th, 2013

The lake is still fishing its head off with another weekend of lots of catches with a few 35+ surfacing too!

Nick Quilter

13lb 8oz













24lb 8oz














37lb 06oz







12lb 11oz






24lb 13oz







18lb 13oz







20lb 5oz







21lb 9oz







Paul Miller

Having not been fishing since mid-May I was looking forward to my first session of the season to de-stress from work. On arrival I was surprised to see how much the weed had grown since my last visit and I was not prepared for the challenges that followed. It was however good to see so many fish moving and being caught from lots of different areas giving everyone a chance.


My first run came at 5:30 on the Saturday morning and after an arm aching battle at range the fish dived for cover in the marginal weed and locked up solid. A quick change into my chest waders and a few moments later I had the area where the fish went in by my feet and after several minutes, much to my disappointment, a lump of weed popped up to the surface. Assuming that the fish had released itself I walked back to the platform holding the line by one hand. Once at the platform I started to pull the weed from around my line when I suddenly revealed an orange flank! The fish was still on and it was then quickly swept up in the net. Thinking it was only a small fish I was pleasantly surprised when it went 29-8.

The rest of the day went by with another four fish coming to the net at 22-4, 22-10, 25-14 and 28-10. After the first learning exercise with the weed all these fish came in safely and weed free.

Sunday started with a lost fish due primarily to it wrapping around one of my other lines then darting for some weed. Things however got more interesting when later on Sunday I hit a fish at range that immediately got me weeded. The best way to deal with fish in these situations is to put your rod back on its rests, release the clutch on your reel, sit back, wait and let it swim free. It may take some time but the fish will usually swim free. After a two hour wait, this worked and the fish was free, it now felt like a good fish. It was an extremely powerful fish but I managed to get it to the surface around 60 yards out. Having thought that I had won the battle the fish powered into the marginal weed some 30 yards from the bank. Again it was stuck and stuck it remained for another 3 hours! The fish eventually surfaced and thanks to Jim Kelly for his swift action securing it in the net before it made another lunge for the weed cover. Over 5 hours after hooking the fish it was on the bank and what a stunning fish it was, not a monster, but a long fish that pulled the scales to 29-2.


Exhausted I packed away later than anticipated, but the result made the 150 odd mile trip home pass quickly and I made it home by 11:30 that night, tired but pleased with the weekend’s result.


Just when you think you have everything in your armoury to tackle the Grenville carp, some other obstacle appears, this time, the weed. Looks like I will be buying myself a weed rake before my next trip!


22lb 4oz






22lb 10oz







25lb 14oz







28lb 10oz






29lb 2oz






29lb 8oz







25lb 7oz







33lb 6oz






Mark Riley

25lb 6oz







38lb 4oz







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