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Opening Day

July 31st, 2010

As always the Opening weekend of the season was an eagerly awaited event in the Grenville Calender. Paul was at the lake bright and early, and with Ron arriving a short while later the car park was quickly transformed into a social area for the evening ahead. Numbered Counters were prepared for the 12 oclock draw. Gazebos were erected and straw bales positioned into seating area’s. At approx 10am the main gate was opened and one of the first in was Max Cottis who brought the meat this year for the evening meal. Two of the Barbeques were fired up and three boned and rolled Pork legs were put on to spit roast nice and slowly.

There was a steady trickle of members arriving and wandering round the lake in search of fish, hoping to get a little information as to their whereabouts prior to the draw. At 12 noon the draw took place with suprisingly only 11 members present. As always some were pleased with their luck in the draw, especially Ron who was drawn out first this year to the usual shouts of fix, cheat, etc, and in his own inimitable style chose a swim which eventually proved to be on the opposite side of the lake to everyone else and of course the fish ……. 😉

The anglers withdrew to their swims and began to set up. Marking swims and baiting up was allowed at this stage, and there were soon spods, and marker floats flying across the lake from all directions.

The barbeque was arranged for 7pm, and as pork was starting to look and taste spot on the sausages, burgers and chicken was started off on the remaining barbeques. Those attending the evening event only, started to arrive as the excited anglers made their way around to the car park. There was a good crowd, of members both old and new, and friends of Paul and the lake. It was lovely as always to see Grenville and most of the members of his family.

A great night was had by all there, depite the best attempts of the wonderful British Summer weather. At around 9.30pm the Firework was set off announcing the start to the New Season.

Gary wandered around and took lots of lovely candid snaps, so you can be sure there are plenty of photo’s to follow

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