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Memo to all new members

July 5th, 2010

Firstly Welcome to the Syndicate……

All new members are reminded that prior to being allowed to commence fishing they must bring with them on their first trip to the lake a brand new substantial Unhooking mat, adequate weigh sling, and landing net.

THESE MUST BE NEW preferably c/w tags etc.

Paul has a number of the following  unhooking mats and slings available for sale at very good prices. Please ring him for availability and to order yours prior to arrival.

Venture XL Recovery Weigh Sling


The Recovery Sling is a weigh sling with a difference. Besides being a weigh sling that will take the largest of carp, it incorporates four buoyancy aids that allow a fish to be rested in the margins while you organise yourself for the pictures etc.

RRP – £36.99

Members Price – £30*

Chub Snooper Extra Protection mat


This is a superb mat for even the largest of fish. It has a super soft foam base with high sides to keep your catch safe. There is also included a fish securing/calming/protection sheet secured by a simple Velcro type fastening.

RRP – £49.99

Members Price – £40*

* Prices may be subject to change depending on Manufacturers price increase

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