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Rip Zuess

June 28th, 2010

I am afraid I have some very bad news to report. One of our longest serving Grenville members Andy Moriatey, aka Bigdog has lostĀ  his old Rottweiller Zuess overnight. He found that he had passed away from natural causes upon returning from work in the morning. In the early years of the syndicate Zuess and Andy were both very reguular visitors to the lake, and despite his stature and size we allĀ  found him to be one of the softest and loveliest of dogs, he became a friend to us all

Zuess was actually the reason that Andy got the moniker of Bigdog. Unfortunately his advanced years and lack of mobility meant that Andy couldnt bring him at all for the last couple of years.



Our thoughts go out to Andy, I know only too well how much he thought of the old fella, and how much it must have distressed him to find him. He will be fondly remembered up here mate by all those that knew him.

Our very best wishes go out to you and all the family.

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