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Busy, Busy, Busy

June 25th, 2010

Phew, it has been a warm week at the lake, with temps upto 28-29 c. It has also been an incredibly busy week at the lake. There has been a team of contractors working on the island to shore up the defences last done by the EA. As we all know the weather and winds especially up here soon made short work of the last feeble attempt. I am sure by the efforts the current team have been putting in this attempt will both improve the look of the island but more importantly ensure that no more erosion occurs.

The work has involved building a stout lattice fence around the island itself to help break impact of waves, digging out a trench around the inside of the fence and plant metal cages weighted down with stones, and filled with new plants, reeds etc. This will help knit the earth together as the roots grow further down.


IMG_3303 IMG_3304





Whilst his colleagues have been extremely busy on and around the island, on of the guys has been getting on with the new stock pond. This is situated on the land behind the cabin and swim 33.





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