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new 40!

September 22nd, 2015 Comments off

Here we have a new 40!

Paul Miller


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100 35lb+ !

September 21st, 2015 Comments off

Grenville now has over 100 35lb+ carp swimming through its depths.

35 Plus Page

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September 20th, 2015 Comments off

Its not the biggest Grenville Carp but when you have looks like this size is immaterial what an absolute stunner!

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catches from the last week

September 20th, 2015 Comments off

Aswell as the third 50 to land on the bank we also had these catches last week!

Karl Pitcher

44lb 12oz




We also had two new 30+ from the cabin

33lb 4oz





35lb 10z

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New 50!

September 12th, 2015 Comments off

What more is there to say than…… Wow!

Grenvilles has revealed another 50!

Chris Oakley

50lb 10oz





Congratulations Chris!

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September 12th, 2015 Comments off

Bernard Sisson

As normal when I am going fishing I check the weather reports to see what weather is coming for the next few days unfortunately the forecast said N E to E winds which made me think of not going . This only lasted for a short while because the realisation that Winter is on its way and the nights are drawing in .
On arriving at the lake I noticed the absence of other cars in the Car park which was unusual because over the last couple of months it had been quite busy due to the school holidays  . So off into the Cabin to check what had been caught over the weekend , swim 33 was still fishing well with Colin catching a 42 lbs mirror and previously Paul Bennit had a great result with 4 Carp to 39 lbs and previously to this the Legend that will soon be Karl Pitcher had 4 Carp to 37 lbs . So off for my walk around the lake to pick my swim for the next 48 hours . There was nothing showing to aid my decision so I thought I would take a gamble and go in swim 32 which covers the deeper water . To my knowledge this swim hadn’t produced a carp this season so the decision was on instinct ! That feeling that we get that makes us go against the norm . Up with the bivvy and all 3 rods cast out into the deeper water 31 ft which is deep , there is know casting out and feeling the lead down its more a case of counting the seconds for the lead to hit the bottom. Whist setting up another angler had turned up who couldn’t believe his luck that swim 33 hadn’t been taken , Stew Boyden practically ran back to the cabin to move his key to claim the swim. The wind was blowing directly into the swims and to say it was cold would be an understatement we both sat there like 2 Eskimo wrapped in thermal clothing . Over the next 24 hours I questioned my choice of putting 3 kilo’s of winterised Trigga boilies out into the depths thinking I should have used bags rather than fish over bait .. what made it worst was that I had seen Carp showing on the opposite side of the lake 600 yrds away. I woke up on the Thursday morning just before the Sun had started to show thinking I should stay in bed . Then there  was a sound like a cow had fell in this got me out of bed faster than the Usain Bolt . It was rite over my baited area . Has the morning glow got brighter there where Carp all over my swim it was like somebody had thrown a switch and every Carp in the lake had woke up. Paul came round for a coffee and remarked on the display but my delkins never made a bleep this made me think they where not feeding on the bottom . The morning started to pass and the thoughts of packing up on another blank where in my mind when the middle rod ripped off. Has soon has I picked the rod up I new this was a decent fish .. I couldn’t control it my clutch was set tight but it was still taking line . The fight seemed to last forever. Mark Riley and Stew had turned up just as the Carp had found a bed of  Canadian weed and that horrible feeling has the line was being pulled threw the weed and Stew saying keep it moving which was obvious because I new if it got its head down it would be all over . What seemed like ages its head came up to the surface and Mark netted it for me . What a relief.. on the scales 35lbs 2ozs of pure muscle with a tail like mobydick .
Happy days

35lb 2oz

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September catches

September 6th, 2015 Comments off

Paul Bennett

my little piece of heaven on earth

Well arrived at my syndicate water the fantastic Grenville Lake for my fortnightly 72 hour session on Tuesday the 1st of September, my first job was to check the lake map in the cabin to see who was on and where, collect my Matt and take myself off for a walk round the lake and have a chat with some of the other members who were already present to see who'd caught what. The wind was blowing in a north westerly direction and yes, you guessed it,most of the pegs on the receiving bank were occupied but to be honest I fancied the opposite side of the lake in an area than I new pretty well that would be slightly on the back of the wind in the deeper water plus there was nobody in this area of the lake at all so I basically had half the lake to myself which is just how I like it so I left my Matt in place and went and got the car and sett about setting up camp and sorting myself out.By mid afternoon having found my spots I was ready to introduce some bait roughly 5 kilos to start with at range 140 plus yards out and spread over quite a wide area as I like to keep the fish moving about and actively searching for food should they turn up for me,well that was the plan anyway. With my area baited and two of the three rods I would be using clipped up at 35 raps and 36 raps on the distance sticks (140 & 144 yards ) these were then baited with my chosen pop ups on my go to rigs at the moment the stiff hinged rig and cast to the baited area whilst my third Rod would be used as a rover Rod and for my first night was placed in the margin to my right with 30 or so free offerings. In the early hours of Wednesday morning 3.30 to be precise I had that fantastic alarm call of one of my delkims screaming out and I was up and on it in a flash as my right hand Rod over the baited area was away ,after a very spirited fight my prize was in the net, rested weighed and photographed and going 30lb 4oz on the scales.I was very happy and to be honest had I not had another pick I would have been more than happy so I topped the swim up again but I had to wait until Thursday evening for anymore action, when my middle Rod over the baited area rattled off this time, as I picked the Rod up and bent into the fish this was clearly a much bigger adversary as it had my clutch clicking away as it took line off me at range as battle commenced,some twenty or so minutes later she was in the net, she was a lump! A quick phone call to Colin Humphrys, who was now in peg 30, he kindly came straight away to give me a lift with weighing and then the photos, she went 39lb 2oz not quite a 40 but I wasn't complaining I was delighted as my plan was working, I went on to take another upper double that night at 18lb 4oz and then a stunning 24lb 4oz Scaly in the early hour of Friday morning. To say I was happy would be an understatement to say the least. Grenville is no easy water but it's the best in the land as far as I'm concerned, when you get it right the rewards are unparalleled .

30lb 4oz





39lb 2oz





24lb 4oz

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