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New 35

August 21st, 2015 Comments off

Here we have the first New 35+ of the season!

Colin Humphreys

37lb 10oz

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two forty’s out today!

August 18th, 2015 Comments off

Today may have bought the rain but it has also brought two forty’s to the bank.

First off Terry Stock

44lb 2oz





Chris Oakley

41lb 10oz

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Mid week catch

August 16th, 2015 Comments off

Here is Ben Phelps with a mid week catch


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August 16th, 2015 Comments off

Anyone wanting bait for weekend fishing must let my dad know by Wednesday of each week.

Thank you

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Even more 40’s

August 3rd, 2015 Comments off
Mark Had a fantastic session last week
after a little bit of technical difficulty on my end i can finally share his pictures and story.
I’ve had the most amazing result and great experience down at Grenville, breaking my PB twice!
On my arrival at Grenville’s on Wednesday the lake wasn’t too busy overall and a good walk around would be on the cards but like mostly all anglers on the drive down all I could think about was which bank would suit the conditions and where would the carp would be, so the bank I had in mind was slightly busy with pegs 3, 5, 6, 8 taken although 4 was free! As I stopped and chatted with member John Igglesden in peg 5 and congratulated him on his few fish including a 40 it was evident that such a huge percentage of fish were still out in front towards the cabin. Over a coffee along with another member we watched a few fish show at range as the wind gathered a little strength into his bank, so I was almost sold on peg 4 too be honest! However, the cabin was not being fished from what we could see and I’m not sure who first suggested asking Paul if it was free from bookings, it was a decision worth looking into and perhaps treating myself too!
The news was good and to get myself around there and get settled in, initially there was no need to bait up as it was taken care of earlier that morning with Paul’s usual daily feed so it was the plan to get the rods out fast. There are two anchored markers in front of the main swim, one at approximately 70 yards to the left and one at around 100…I cast one single pop up to the left and the other two baited rigs either side of the distance spot. The left hand marker was at a range where I could just bait up when I wanted using the stick only whilst the other would be later on in the 48 hours I had using the spomb.
A few hours passed and all seemed quiet then caught the marker at range knocking and shortly after the sound of delight as the alarm sounded and a belting take from the middle rod! After a well accounted battle a lovely scaly carp of 27.5 weighed and photographed and from then on how little did I know what would unfold over the following 48 hours!?
I netted nine out of eleven runs, with the smallest a pristine scaly 20.2 and the other eight all over 27lb including three superb commons the largest at just under 29lb, along with a 35.14, 40.4 and 41.0.
I’m totally blown away with not just only getting my first 40 but to have two will have given me a session to remember and a reminder how fortunate we are to be on such a superb lake! Thank you so very much to Paul for the opportunity and to Stew Boyden close by to lend a hand! Pursuit Baits ‘Launch’ pop ups used apart from two which were caught on a new test bait…over Grenvilles very own food bait plus Pursuit Baits ‘BCM’ in 20’s via the stick and 10mm baits via the spomb.

40lb 4oz





35lb 14oz






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