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1st 40 of the season

July 29th, 2014 Comments off

Adam Cummins

Within just 48hrs at Grenville my dreams came true a 41lb 8oz and the a 25lb 9oz and a 19lb 12oz.

It really is a special place where dreams really do come true!!

I broke my PB on my previous session with the 27lb 4 oz common then i smashed it with the big girl.

27lb 4oz

41lb 8oz

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July 27th, 2014 Comments off

I need to know numbers for the BBQ on Saturday, so please let me know before Wednesday so we order enough food and you don’t go hungry Thank you

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July 27th, 2014 Comments off

we seem to have lots of roach at the moment so if any members catch any roach can you keep them in your net as we are going to move them to the stock ponds.

Thank you

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Good Luck

July 25th, 2014 Comments off

Grenville’s and all its members would like to wish a big good luck and congratulations for Sean Whiting on his opening of his fishing tackle shop tomorrow

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The first week of the season

July 24th, 2014 Comments off

Its brilliant coming home each day and seeing more emails from members of all the catches.

Here is one of our new members, David, with his first catches at Grenville’s

David Cooper


32lb 6oz





Paul Miller

31lb 6oz

27lb 6oz

24lb 8oz

25lb 10oz

38lb 15oz

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opening weekend continued

July 23rd, 2014 Comments off

Here are some more pictures from the opening weekend

Starting us off is Iggy

32lb 6oz




This was caught at 3.30pm on opening day the second of 9 fish caught from peg 26.


25lb 9oz

More catches on the way…… this space.

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July 21st, 2014 Comments off

If your interested in looking at what the swims use to look like then follow this link and click on the swims. Its unbelievable how different they look.

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July 21st, 2014 Comments off

We have a cabin Letting this weekend if anyone is interested please call Paul, first come first serve!

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Opening Weekend

July 21st, 2014 Comments off

What a wonderful opening weekend at Grenville’s, it was so nice to see old members and meeting new ones.

It was lovely to see the car park full and the chatter of members.

The fish were caught all over the lake and two members caught there personal bests!

Here are the catches from the new season!

Steve Cox


The wait was finally over – it was Friday 18th July and it was time for a new season to begin at the awesome Grenville. I was no different from every other  


member – I couldn’t wait to get going. The lake is a truly magical place and each time you drive through the gates a feeling of “kid in a toy shop” springs to mind and with it’s unique atmosphere it really is a privilege to be here.


My dad joined me on this 48 hour session, we arrived shortly after 11am as the draw for the swims was due to take place at 12pm. This is my second season on the lake, the draw for the swims was new for me as unfortunately I wasn’t able to fish on the opening day last season. 

Paul explained to everyone that we needed to choose a pair of numbered tokens from those that were scattered on his desk, keep one and place the other one in the bowl. It was all very exciting, it was like waiting for the 3rd round of the FA Cup draw. I looked at my dad and said “what do you reckon, pick a number?” He said “got for no.29” so I did. Perhaps it’s being a West Ham fan that led me to feel that the luck gods may be against me and I’ll come out late in the draw. After all, l us Hammers nearly always get a tough one like Man C or Man U away. Still, this place is so unbelievable that you could come out last and still have a session of a lifetime and besides catching isn’t everything, I always enjoy my fishing whatever the results, especially here.

Right so on with the draw, a quick stir of the tokens and we’re away. Swim 6 goes early doors which was probably on most people’s short list. Lisa then pulls one out of the hat for me, almost literally, “29!”, yes it’s my number, the third number drawn out, how I love being a West Ham fan at times!  I stepped into Paul’s office and stare at the map of the lake, where do I go?, what a lovely problem to have. I took my name tag off of the board and hang it up on swim  10.

Swim 10 is new territory for me, I was really looking forward to finding out more about it first hand. Paul told us all that we could start fishing at 2pm. We drove the gear round to swim 10 and it was such a nice feeling to be back. The first hour or so was used to put the bivvy up and settle in etc and in no time, 2pm was upon us. The sound of the starter horn signaled the start of the fishing.

The weather was extremely warm with a gentle breeze which seemed to change its mind as to what direction it wanted to go in regularly. There were fish in front of me for sure, they were cruising about on top. I decided that I would keep the first 24 hours very low key and with little disturbance so I chucked a bare lead about a few times before picking a couple of likely areas.  Using the throwing stick 100-150 baits were scattered in the general area.

The first 24 hours passed without any action for me anyway. Paul came round in the morning and said that a few of the lads had managed to get into some fish which was really pleasing to hear and encouraging for the rest of us.

At about midday on the Saturday, it was time for a change to try and make something happen. All 3 rods were wound in, re baited,  I decided to put in more bait, a mix of pellet via the trusty spomb and approximately 2 kilo of Mainline Cell boilies.

Just as the afternoon heat began to cool at approx 7.30pm, the left rod was away. After a spirited battle, a beautiful double was safely in the net, fantastic to be off of the mark. The rod went straight back out with a further 20-30 baits following closely behind.

Shortly after 10.30pm I was in again, another stunning low double was guided to the net. The night passed with no further action apart from the odd liner so fish were certainly in the area and active.

At approximately 7.30am on the Saturday morning, the left hand rod was away with a slower steady run, I just hoped that this was a tell tale sign of a bigger resident. As I tightened down to the fish, the clutch just purred away, yes this was a bigger fish as it powered off taking 20 yards of line from me. The fish kited hard right before being persuaded to come in straighter and she was in the net. As we both peered into the mesh, it was clear that this was a lump, a certain 30. Paul came round and after the usual treatments and photographs, the needle pulled round to 35lb 10oz. I’d had 3 fish since the change of tactics and was over the moon already.

The next 6 or so hours were just unbelievable, when the fish are in your area and feeding, you can really have it off and I was certainly going to make the most of it. The takes continued to come my way every hour or so and I kept topping up the swim with bait as each fish went into the net. The next two fish were stunning doubles which took me to 5 fish – 4 doubles and the big 30.

About an hour or so after the 5th fish, I had a single bleep on one of the rods, then another before the Delkim accelerated into a full scale run. Again, very similar to the 30, this fish stripped line from the clutch as soon as I connected with it.  After a hard fight in the margins, another Grenville lump was in my net. This one went 36lb 2oz, 6 fish and two mid 30’s on opening weekend !! – this place really is special in every way.

My session finished with a low 20 which took my tally to 7 fish – a 36.2, 35.10, 20.5 and 4 low doubles. To say we were both thrilled would be an understatement.

I would particularly like to thank Spencer for his guidance/tips for swim 10 – what a gentleman he is – “thank you Spencer”.

What makes Grenville special? It’s a accumulation of things for me. Paul, Lisa and Yazz work so hard creating a perfect environment for the fish and us members. Every member you speak to is a friendly, genuine person who is pleased to see YOU catch – that it very unique in carp fishing of today and I am extremely proud to be part of it all.

Good luck to everyone this season, enjoy your fishing!

19lb 10oz


11lb 5oz


10lb 3oz


11lb 8oz




20lb 5oz



35lb 10oz



36lb 2oz


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Lake record in closed season

July 21st, 2014 Comments off

Better late than never, here is Trevor story on catching the LAKE RECORD!

To be honest with you, after sitting in a tailback on the M11 for two hours, and witnessing the deteriorating ‘carpy’ conditions, I wasn’t in the best of moods as I drove through the farm and over to the lake. Saying that, Grens had been particularly kind to me in the last year or so, therefore I just said to myself…”just keep doing what you’ve been doing, take your time, and just enjoy it”.

Later that evening with 3 traps set and bbq digesting, I sent a quick text to Wardy….”Have a feeling my timing is poor this time….oh well….nice to be here”. In reality this was my fall-back position for blanking by the morning ‘blaming the conditions’ as us carp anglers like to do. In the past Wardy had always been very quick to blame my ‘rubbish rigs’ for my misfortune, so I needed a viable excuse to use as he sat there in the morning drinking all my coffee.

Due to what sounded like several hundred reed warblers chattering in the adjacent reed-bed, I rammed my ear plugs as far as I could into my ears and set my delkim receiver to maximum volume, placing it on the bivvy table right next to me; I then fell quickly and blissfully to sleep. At pretty much 4am precisely I had a decision to make…either a reed warbler was mimicking a delkim or a delkim was low on battery. A quick look towards the rods indicated the latter; the left hand rod was away on a very slow but deliberate take. After yet again ignoring my crocs placed carefully for quick slip-on, I minced in my socks across the stones towards the offending rod. I’d be lying if I said the fish felt enormous, as it swam straight towards me until about 40 yards out; it then kited right and began to realise it was hooked. After plodding up and down the margins in the deep water for several minutes, I finally got a glimpse of a very wide two-tone back. Call me old fashioned, but after 20 years or so chasing a 40, no way did I comprehend that this could be the big girl; there simply must be another much smaller two-tone fish with my name on it. Only anglers like Karl ‘pretty-boy Pitcher got to catch the really big girls; and lake records were certainly only ever caught in my wildest of carp dreams.

Only when it was safely netted and scale pattern checked online, did I finally accept that I’d caught the big girl. When Paul arrived at the lake I could tell that he was concerned for her welfare, especially as I confirmed that “I didn’t think she had spawned”. We got her weighed, photographed and back in a matter of minutes; only fair to such an incredible creature carrying such bulk. She swam away strongly, and only then could I relax and enjoy the moment….comfortably numb and like a tit in a trance for the rest of the day. At 53.6 she had simply blown me away, but I felt a tad uncomfortable that I’d still not had my 40!

Little did I know, that slight anomaly would be put right the following morning, when after a flurry of fish including two low 30’s, I hooked into an express train right from the word go. I had never experienced such power from a carp, and I was simply hanging on for dear life. After what must have been 15 anxious minutes, she (or rather he) was mine. On removing the hooklink from the clip in the net, the carp’s head was very rough indeed, and I realised I had a big male fish on my hands. Again I checked the scale pattern and came to the conclusion that I had one of two very well-known 40 pound males. One of the two most sought after fish at Grenvilles; they had certainly been on my ‘wish-list’ for a couple of years. At 44.8 I’d finally got my long awaited 40, and it was simply the icing on the cake to yet another incredible and memorable session for me.

I can only thank Paul, Lisa and Yas again for creating such a wonderful place……ok I’ve had the big girl….but I simply cannot wait to get back there. The fish, the surroundings and the people are second to none, and I feel so privileged to be part of the very best and friendliest of syndicates.

53lb 4oz

44lb 8oz

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new season products

July 14th, 2014 Comments off
Get ready for the new season with some new tackle.
 We will be ordering the following items.
Carpmaster Deluxe Mat  £75
Warrior net 42″  £45
Warrior net 46″   £55
STR sling £35
I need to make this order asap ,
 I need to know numbers to order so please contact me before the end of the week to grab a Grenville deal
on 07825 321220
Thank you
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July 14th, 2014 Comments off

The containers are a mess please can all members remove any old tackle home with them and keep what is needed at the lake, there is limited room in the containers it is not fair on the other members.
Thank you

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July 14th, 2014 Comments off

Please can all members make sure they have 2 fox slings for the start of the season. if needed please contact us.
Thank you

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Mouth care

July 14th, 2014 Comments off

Please can all members make sure they have all the mouth care, we noticed at the end of the season some members did not have any, this is not good enough welfare for the carp. please make sure you have enough. we always have them in stock.
Thank you

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July 13th, 2014 Comments off

Lake opening on Friday!!

The gate will be opened at 10am, you then have a few hours to sort everything out with myself, collecting your tickets, mats, slings etc. The draw will then take place at 12 and fishing can commence at 3pm.

See you all then!

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July 10th, 2014 Comments off

Today is a very sad day, unfortunately Casper had to be put down, Casper came in to our lives when Lisa rescued him, and gave him the best happy life he could wish for. Casper was a lovely little dog putting up with buzz as puppy nibbling his ears Casper will be missed so much. the pain of losing your dog is heart breaking which unfortunately a lot of us have been through. Sweet dreams Casper and sending love to Lisa, you gave him a great life XXX

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