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weekend catches

October 28th, 2013 Comments off

34lb 4oz

Catches for the weekend from the anglers braving the wind and rain

Karl Pitcher







John Igglesden

24lb 4oz







Nick Dodge

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session of a lifetime

October 25th, 2013 Comments off

30lb 2oz






17lb 2oz






26lb 1oz






36lb 12oz







Trevor Pritchard

36lb 11oz







31lb 12oz












23lb 7oz






16lb 12oz






22lb 8oz






37lb 3oz






Quest for a Grenvilles 40

Some people outside of the Grenvilles syndicate have got it into their heads that the cabin swim is a ‘certainty for a red-letter day’….easy fishing, and impossible to blank. Well I (and several others it seems) can testify that it’s very very possible to blank….for days at a time!

Whilst the cabin is a luxury, you still have to fish hard and fish well; something it seems I didn’t do very well back in May, as I blanked my t*ts off for 5 days on the bounce. Indeed the only fish I caught was one of about 4lbs out of the stock ponds with my landing net whilst dipping for tiddlers; much to Paul’s amusement as he quipped “well at least you haven’t blanked bud”.

I came out of the cabin rather glum faced, however after getting electrocuted by the fence several times on the way out, I decided the cabin was probably not for me again, and I would always try to fish where the fish are (or at least where I think they are).

A few weeks ago however, I must have been wearing my Worzel Gummidge ‘hypocritical head’ one particular day; I rang Paul and said I fancied an autumn two nighter in the cabin. Work had been particularly hectic and I just needed to get away and relax, fire up the Cobb barbeque, crack open a few tinnies and try not to over complicate my fishing, which it seems I do on many occasions.

The cabin had been fishing particularly well; indeed Dan had caught a cracking 35.04 on the Thursday before I was due to arrive. You never know I thought to myself, “I may even catch a carp”…….which would be nice.

I’d been fannying around with rigs (as you do when you start to lose confidence) and had lost a good fish in swim 17 on my last visit. I couldn’t blame the weed; the fish just fell off the hook halfway in (great new rig eh?….NOT!). I remember thinking “that’s not very sporting of you old chap”, as I reeled in my empty line and threw the rod into the reed bed. The next day I proceeded to stick a size 6 hook straight into my finger past the barb… session was well and truly over, but at least I’d witnessed one of my bobbins move.

Anyway, I digress….On the Sunday morning I set the alarm early and got up late; pointed my new car in a northerly direction and pressed the cruise control button. An hour and a half later I was pulling into the A14 services and grabbing my usual Costa Coffee and having a pee. Twenty minutes later I’m pulling into the lake car park and I’m ready for my little session in absolutely ideal conditions; overcast, drizzly, warm, strong southerly……perfect timing!

I asked Paul to stick half a sack of pellet out for starters and mixed in a kilo or so of mixed boilies to gauge the reaction. I decided to fish wafters this session; I’d lost confidence in the pop-ups a little and thought that if the fish fed hard, then a wafter would be taken straight back into the carp‘s mouth really quickly, as the carp sifted through the mushy pellet.

It was early evening when the take came, and this fish had me back-winding frantically for about 30 turns; I knew this was a goodun! Then all of a sudden it came to a halt….and was solid in weed. I put the rod down and loosened off, and then trudged over to the cabin to put a brew on. I knew that I should leave the rod alone, but I still rang Paul and text Skelly for assistance. They both said to put the rod down and leave it alone. I knew that, so why do I have to ask…..?

That first fish was crucial to me, and I knew in my heart of hearts that it was probably 50/50 that I would land it. Eventually it tore off again and I was back in contact; thing is I just pulled it straight back into the weedbed again. I must have emulated the same thing 5 or 6 times over the next hour

or so; each time, it became stuck fast again. The next time it took line from the spool, I left it much longer before I leant into it again, but still it weeded me again. I kept the rod at full curve this time, and slowly yet surely I gained an inch at a time….there was a sudden kick….and it was free! After playing the fish very gingerly for another 10 minutes, I eventually sank the net under a real chunk. I thrust the rod into the air with delight and set about the preparations for weighing and photographing. Thanks to Mark Laurence for taking the photos of my first fish of 38.04; unfortunately Mark’s wedding ring flicked off his finger as we were returning the fish, so we may need the help of Phil ‘human porpoise’ Calloway to get that back someday soon. We know roughly where it’s laying.

Come morning the bobbins had remained motionless and I began to wonder if the 38 had been ‘just one of those solitary captures’. I took a gamble though, and asked Paul to fill it in; another half sack of pellet, several kilo of maize and about 6kg of mixed flavours and sizes of boilies in one hit.

Come mid-afternoon, the gamble started to pay off and the bobbins began flying. I’m not going to sit here and bore you senseless with the detail of every capture. All I need say is that the next 2 days of fishing was probably the best I have ever experienced. The period between midday and midnight became pretty hectic on both days, and I need to give Paul and Yas a big thank you for helping out on the second day when things became unmanageable. With four nets all filled with fat carp, it was like a production line getting them up on the scales. One weird thing was that a 36.11 I had was in fact the 35.04 that Dan had caught the previous Thursday. When Paul checked my scales though, we proved they were weighing 3oz light, so the chunk had gone missing for 3 years and then slipped up twice in just a few days….on the munch me thinks!

The perch fishing was also fantastic and I lost count of the fish around the 2lbs mark. Spicy red maggots seems to be their favourite (that idea came from Shaun when he was catching well a couple of seasons ago)

With 7 thirties coming to my rods and several really stunning scaleys, I really still can’t believe the session I’ve just had. Ok, one of the fish I had was caught by teacher at 43.5 a couple of years ago; some thought that it might have died. How lovely it was to see it fighting fit, even if it’s currently at a smaller weight. I will get my 40 I’m certain; I will just have to go back won’t I?…..That’s what I keep telling the other half anyway…..

I came home stinking, tired and hungry with a lower back that was screaming at me. I was up at 5 to get to work the following day and was so knackered that I missed my stop on the way back from London and ended up in Uckfield at the end of the line!

One last thing….my Cobb barbeque came back sparkling clean….I never got time to fire it up!

Fish caught in order of capture were 38.4, 32.6, 28.14, 36.11, 37.3, 31.12, 30.02, 17.02, 26.01, 36.12, 25.00, 23.7, 16.12, and 22.8 with 2 lost.

Oh why do we have to work…..I wanted to stay forever






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October 22nd, 2013 Comments off

Big well done and congratulations to

Trevor who has just finished a fishing trip of a lifetime in the cabin!

Pictures and story will follow

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yet even more catches!

October 21st, 2013 Comments off

Grenville’s banks seem to be being graced by the carp this month and there all of a great size

Trevor Pritchard

32lb 6oz







28lb 14oz






Even the perch are of a good size


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Yet another 35+!!

October 20th, 2013 Comments off

What a fantastic week! Yet another 35+ this week, with a total of 4! This one is a new 35+ too!

Trevor Pritchard

38lb 4oz

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more catches from the week

October 20th, 2013 Comments off

Continuing with more catches from the week. starting with

Karl Pitcher

31lb 10oz






Big Congratulations to the next member as im normally writing about Jamie catching big fish!

So Viney well done on this catch  and its the third 35+ of the week

36lb 12oz




Lee Skellam






23lb 7oz

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Not one but two 35+

October 18th, 2013 Comments off

This week not one but two 35+ graced the banks of Grenville’s!

Dan Pheasey

35lb 4oz



This is Red 49 and was last out 3 years and 6 weeks ago!


Jason Moore

35lb 4oz

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October 16th, 2013 Comments off
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October 14th, 2013 Comments off

This is the 360 rig, which has PERMANENTLY  damaged the mouth of a fish today at Grenville’s. We will be rig checking EVERYBODY! Any of these rigs found being used by MEMBERS, then the members will be BANNED with IMMEDIATE EFFECT! NO EXCUSES!

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Baby fish

October 13th, 2013 Comments off

Last weekend we drained down the first pond to grade the babies. We drained down a few feet of water on the Friday as it takes a long time and the ponds are a lot deeper than they look. By 10 am on the Saturday the pond had a water level of about three feet, so myself, Ron, Viney, Jamie, Nick, Brian and Paul decided to jump in and start “trawling” for the babies. We started with a few in each net, thinking maybe there not that many in here. As we literally have no idea how many babies were in the pond. So Jamie and I started running a few buckets up the top for Paul to start grading. We carried on with a few more buckets and then Ron caught a pike! We knew there was a pike in there as last year we almost caught it but it managed to get away. Now last year this pike was about 8 inches long, it has obviously been living the life of luxury living on baby carp for the last year as it was about 8lb now!

A few hours past of netting the babies and It was break time and the lovely Beth had bought up some scrummy homemade sausage rolls and cheese swirls, they were beautiful thank you so much Beth. And a big thank you to Lisa for the refreshments of tea and coffee they were and truly needed after wrestling through the silt of the pond. (Forget a gym membership)

After re fuelling we started to look in the tanks and grade the babies and dividing them up between all the ponds, we honestly can’t determine how many babies have been created but we have probably moved 5000 baby carp between the ponds. We did jump back in the first pond and started the process again but there are just so many we decided to leave them in the first pond and leave them to grow a bit more.

I would like to say a big thank you to everyone for helping, Grenville’s is an amazing place but I can honestly say that the members that go out their way to help us with such tasks. It is you that makes it so special.

The whole day was a great success and I can honestly say I have never seen so many carp, and they are the most stunning little bars of gold I have ever seen and I’m sure the others will agree with me.

I look forward to seeing the future Grenville stock next time they need grading.

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Mr Consistent

October 12th, 2013 Comments off

Mr Consistent and everyone’s favourite member, Phil Calloway

has caught this beauty

41lb 12oz






Well done Phil!

I’m sure the red wine will be flowing to celebrate

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october catches

October 7th, 2013 Comments off


Nick Dodge

Arrived on Tuesday morning for a session on the lake, I decided on a swim I’d never fished before (peg 20) as a brisk south-easterly was pushing into that area and I also hoped I would be on the edge of the prolific weed further to my right.

Put two rods over about 2 kg of MCF Hartford mix at about 70 yards and one long beyond the baited area. 24 hours went by without a sign of a fish, I was even thinking of going home! Then completely out of the blue a run came on the long range rod. After a battle with both weed and fish it dropped off in the edge! I had to stay now and with a quick phone call home that was sorted!

During the night I had a welcome 23lber from over the baited area and then at about 11am the longer range rod rattled off again. I was back winding as soon as I made contact and a very strong fish took me well to the left, in fact I finally landed it from the next swim down! Paul Ward came round to weigh and photograph the fish which came up as a very pleasing 38.12! Very glad I stayed another night! Another great Grenville session!

38lb 12oz






Del and Karen


It was with some excitement that Karen and I arrived at the lake on Monday lunchtime (alright, I was somewhat more excited than my wife but you get what I’m trying to get at) for the start of our 3 day ‘break’ in the cabin.  I’m still not sure how I managed to talk Karen into a fishing trip in rural Cambridgeshire over a long weekend in Florence, needless to say as soon as I got a hint of confirmation off ‘the long haired Gaffer’ I was on the blower to Paul before she ended her sentence, in order to arrange our ‘break’.

With Karen moved into the cabin and a detailed explanation of how to light the gas cooker in order to boil the water for our fresh roast Italian coffee (well, if we can’t go to Italy then the least I can do is bring the taste of Italy to Cambridgeshire J), I set about getting my gear sorted for the next 3 days, easier said than done as my job keeps me from regular fishing trips and premature dementia keeps me from remembering how to tie rigs and casting, so reverting to my tried and tested, never let me down rigs; I managed to get 3 rods cast in the general direction of the 2 bright orange markers.  I had a plan that I wanted to fish singles for the first few hours as there were a few carpy shows in the area of the markers.  Luckily this paid off as by first light on the Tuesday, I had managed to land 2 mirrors of 22lb and 34lb.  The 34lb’er led me a merry dance and was an utter animal which took me over 20 min to get into the net, aside from interrupting my quorn spagbol after 2 mouthfuls!

Once the first 2 carp were landed the action and presence of carp died off dramatically, time for plan B, ‘feed our scaly friends’ ;a couple dozen Spomb loads of boiled food and pellet haphazardly cast in the general direction of the left hand marker had the bobbins bouncing once more.

I think Paul took pity on my spodding antics and offered the ‘Wardy bait delivery system’ to get the fish food to the required spots (thanks mate).  I like to rest my swim for a few hours after baiting to let the fish have a free meal without lines in the water; so with a walk around the lake and a trip to Huntingdon in the bag, we returned once more to the comfiest swim in the land.  With the swim rested and my casting having improved (slightly) 3 more pop ups were delivered with pin point accuracy (cough) to the required marks, not more than 15 min later, I was met by an absolute one toner of a bite which had the carbon bouncing in the rests and yours truly hanging on with a bemused look on my face as the carp didn’t stop until it buried itself in a weedbed in Norfolk!  Once landed the scale perfect common, although not particularly large, eyed me with intense loathing throughout it’s brief visit to the bank.  I had to wait a few more hours before the next stunning scaly mirror came my way, rudely interrupting my weekly visit to the goggle box for my favourite TV programme, ‘The Great British Bake Off’ (please don’t think badly of me, it’s a vice). A small 12lb stockie followed at midnight interrupting a rather interesting dream of Mary Berry and a can of whipped cream!

Wednesday started off very differently in terms of the weather, very wet and windier than the previous 2 days, however, after getting a good soaking by spodding a few more baits to the left hand mark, I was rewarded by one of the most, if not the most stunning carp I have caught in 25 years of carp fishing. The main reason for wanting to join Grenvilles is the stunning, scaly mirrors swimming in its depths and in the back of the void called my mind, I more than anything else on this trip wanted to catch a scaly mirror, so imagine my unreserved joy in landing the following linear.


30 seconds after taking the photo my middle rod is away with the following scaly, London bus analogy spring to mind.

I was pretty blown away by what was going on and needed a couple of strong coffees courtesy of my personal barista.  Not much else happened for the next 2 hours or so, to that end I wound in my rods and went for a walk around the lake with Karen, we met a couple more of the members and the Wardy bait delivery system did its bit again, saving me further spodding embarrassment!


True to form shortly after casting in I received another run whilst in the middle of a social with Karen, Paul and Lisa, unfortunately this one came off after a short scrap, this one did feel fairly large, as they always do when they came adrift!  My final carp of the trip came later on Wednesday evening and yes it was another gobsmackingly stunning, scaly carp.

What a lake, I love it and I cannot wait for my number to come up.  Thanks for the opportunity Paul, I certainly do appreciate it and thanks to the incredibly friendly and welcoming members I met during my stay.

18lb 5oz






20lb 8oz












22lb 10oz






34lb 4oz






22lb 2oz





stunning 27lb 2oz






25lb 2oz








Matthew Royle

I arrived at Grenville on Friday 4th October looking forward to a 48-hour session but still awaiting my first fish since joining, Paul had jokingly referred to me as a “Grenville Virgin” after my last blank and after telling a few friends it had stuck so I had to get rid of that tag!
I settled on Peg 18 which is the swim I blanked in for 24-hours the previous week-end. A strong SW wind was hacking in which made baiting up difficult but the three rods were dispatched at 80-90 yards range in 28 feet or so of water.
At 6am the following morning I had a run on the middle rod and hit into the fish which plodded around for a minute or two before slipping the hook…when Paul walked into my swim a few hours later I was still absolutely gutted!
The following day passed by without much happening, (apart from having to help Trevor pack-up in swim 17 so that he could go casualty to get a size 6 hook removed from his finger!) however at 2am the following morning the same rod was away. The fish wasn’t going anywhere this time and after a brief fight I slipped the net under my first Grenville Carp which went 29.10 on the scales. I managed a dodgy self-take photo before slipping her back.
I have enjoyed every, (mostly blank!) second since I joined and have been made to feel most welcome by everyone. Grenville has been a place I have wanted to fish for a long time and was always going to be a long-term venue for me. I had always expected my first year to be a learning curve, (with hopefully a couple of fish along the way), which has certainly been the case!
Can’t wait to get back towards the end of the month when hopefully the fish will be well on their pre-winter feed!

29lb 10oz






John Igglesden





32lb 11oz






This was last caught nearly 2 years ago on the 28/12/2011








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