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August 29th, 2013 Comments off

There has been a cancellation in the cabin please contact Paul if your interested.

Thank you

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Bank Holiday Weekend

August 27th, 2013 Comments off

The rain did not put off any of the members at Grenville’s this bank holiday weekend and they were rewarded for their commitment

Paul Miller

38lb 15oz







26lb 11oz








29lb 4oz






















24lb 5oz












26lb 5oz






Gary Bird








Kat and Alfie

30lb 10oz







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Another eventful weekend

August 19th, 2013 Comments off

Another fantastic weekend at Grenville’s with a multiple of catches

Steve Cox

I arrived late Thursday afternoon for a 48 hour session – my first at Grenville since becoming a member. The lake had been fishing well recently and with the weather forecast over the next couple of days looking positive with regular showers – optimism joined my excitement. I had a quick look at the map in the Clubhouse and with only half a dozen or so anglers spread out there were plenty of options available. After walking around the lake, I decided to settle for Swim 29 which gave me a good view of the NW area of the lake where the wind was due to blow into. And so the learning curve began, I sent out the marker float a couple of dozen times but with the light fading, I opted to fish singles for the night and have a more thorough feel about tomorrow lunchtime. The first night passed without any action and at approximately 12 noon, all 3 rods were reeled in as out came the marker again in an attempt to find some productive spots. It wasn’t long before I located some clearer areas and all 3 rods were quickly fanned out. With one night still to go and with the breeze getting up, I thought it was time to get some grub into the swim to invite some interest. 3 kilos of the ever dependable Mainline CELL boilie and pellet was deposited into the area with the aid of the spomb and throwing stick. The night passed without any action and I woke up to a rare and beautiful sight – a Kingfisher sitting on my right hand rod – a lucky omen I hoped as the kettle went on. Fish began to show in front of me, one, two, three followed by more, the fish were on the move. I hoped that they were getting their heads down and that it wasn’t simply down to a hatch going on as the day before the seagulls were having a party out there taking easy pickings. Paul came round for a chat and pointed out that a few of the lads had caught around the lake, the fish were feeding. To be honest, I was quite happy to finally be getting a line wet at the venue so I was pleased to hear the lads were getting action – if I got amongst them too though that would be great I thought. At approx 9am, the left hand rod was away, I was onto it quickly and just hoped that she kept moving with the weed present. I thanked my lucky stars as she broke the surface, the lead was dumped and I was in with a good chance. She gave an incredible account for herself close in which I understand is routine here and slipped her in the net first time. At this moment, I didn’t care at all about the size, I was off the mark at Grenville. I called Paul who was nearby and he came round to help with the photos, she went 33lb 10oz, to say I was thrilled was an understatement. The rod was quickly dispatched back out to the spot, as history tells you that you can catch a few here quickly if they are on you and having it. Within an hour, the same rod was away again, this time the scales went to 14lb on the nose. Paul came round just as I was playing the fish and we joked how only a couple of hours earlier I explained how I’m always laid back with my approach to fishing, if they are there and feeding and with a bit of luck I might catch but if I don’t, there is always next time. A brace under my belt on my first visit, I would have taken that all day long. I was planning to leave at midday but with the fish obviously feeding, I called the boss indoors and with her blessing I decided to give it a few more hours. The middle rod was away at 2pm with a stuttering take but disaster struck as the hook pulled just moments into the fight. Oh well, can’t complain, I decided to pack that rod away and fished with the remaining two for the last hour or so. The Kingfisher rod tore off at 3pm – he did bring me luck. After another great margin battle, I slipped the net under a cracking looking 19lb 8oz mirror, young Jamie was on hand to take the photos this time and did a great job. My time was up, 3 fish landed and 1 lost – , 33lb 10oz, 19lb 8oz and a 14lb – I was over the moon and headed home.







19lb 8oz







33lb 10oz






Paul Miller

17lb 11oz






26lb 7oz







Phil Calloway

31lb 6oz






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August 17th, 2013 Comments off

the cabin has been fishing its head off and its available for the bank holiday weekend, anyone that’s interested plz contact Paul asap

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new stock

August 11th, 2013 Comments off

This weekend 60 carp were moved from their homes of the stock ponds into the depths of Grenville’s!

im looking forward to watching them grow over the next years.

we would like to say a big thank you to Ron, Mark, Paul and Brian for all their help with the move of these stunning fish.

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lots of catches

August 11th, 2013 Comments off

The lake is still fishing its head off with another weekend of lots of catches with a few 35+ surfacing too!

Nick Quilter

13lb 8oz













24lb 8oz














37lb 06oz







12lb 11oz






24lb 13oz







18lb 13oz







20lb 5oz







21lb 9oz







Paul Miller

Having not been fishing since mid-May I was looking forward to my first session of the season to de-stress from work. On arrival I was surprised to see how much the weed had grown since my last visit and I was not prepared for the challenges that followed. It was however good to see so many fish moving and being caught from lots of different areas giving everyone a chance.


My first run came at 5:30 on the Saturday morning and after an arm aching battle at range the fish dived for cover in the marginal weed and locked up solid. A quick change into my chest waders and a few moments later I had the area where the fish went in by my feet and after several minutes, much to my disappointment, a lump of weed popped up to the surface. Assuming that the fish had released itself I walked back to the platform holding the line by one hand. Once at the platform I started to pull the weed from around my line when I suddenly revealed an orange flank! The fish was still on and it was then quickly swept up in the net. Thinking it was only a small fish I was pleasantly surprised when it went 29-8.

The rest of the day went by with another four fish coming to the net at 22-4, 22-10, 25-14 and 28-10. After the first learning exercise with the weed all these fish came in safely and weed free.

Sunday started with a lost fish due primarily to it wrapping around one of my other lines then darting for some weed. Things however got more interesting when later on Sunday I hit a fish at range that immediately got me weeded. The best way to deal with fish in these situations is to put your rod back on its rests, release the clutch on your reel, sit back, wait and let it swim free. It may take some time but the fish will usually swim free. After a two hour wait, this worked and the fish was free, it now felt like a good fish. It was an extremely powerful fish but I managed to get it to the surface around 60 yards out. Having thought that I had won the battle the fish powered into the marginal weed some 30 yards from the bank. Again it was stuck and stuck it remained for another 3 hours! The fish eventually surfaced and thanks to Jim Kelly for his swift action securing it in the net before it made another lunge for the weed cover. Over 5 hours after hooking the fish it was on the bank and what a stunning fish it was, not a monster, but a long fish that pulled the scales to 29-2.


Exhausted I packed away later than anticipated, but the result made the 150 odd mile trip home pass quickly and I made it home by 11:30 that night, tired but pleased with the weekend’s result.


Just when you think you have everything in your armoury to tackle the Grenville carp, some other obstacle appears, this time, the weed. Looks like I will be buying myself a weed rake before my next trip!


22lb 4oz






22lb 10oz







25lb 14oz







28lb 10oz






29lb 2oz






29lb 8oz







25lb 7oz







33lb 6oz






Mark Riley

25lb 6oz







38lb 4oz







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weekend catches

August 5th, 2013 Comments off

Well done to everyone who caught this weekend but a big well done to Trevor Pritchard who has finally entered the carp catch log with this cracker

36lb 4oz

Nick Dodge

Successful first trip of new season!

Arriving early Thursday evening I was surprised how quiet the lake was. Meant as usual I had too much choice! Saw not a fish on circuit of lake and knowing weed was thick in certain swim s and with little time to suss out spots I opted for what is fast becoming my favourite swim, 6! Had 2 rods out and I was away! My first common from the lake at 20.5, a super looking fish! Spread about a kilo of bait out and managed to get all 3 rods out. About an hour later a 26.0 mirror was in the net. Very quiet over night apart from a swan run! Then at first light the rod I’d recast after the swan encounter burst into life again and this time definitely a fish! After a very strong fight and weeding me for a while close in a lovely 38.9 mirror was mine! The fish showed well in front of me during the day but mostly out of my range but just before packing up I snatched a 20.9 mirror. A very pleasing start! Thanks to Trev Pritchard for photos.

20lb 5oz








38lb 9oz




John Igglesden

26lb 8oz







21lb 1oz












19lb 7oz













26lb 10oz





Jim Kelly






35lb 13oz





Colin Poynton




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August 5th, 2013 Comments off







It’s with great sadness that Taz passed away at 2.43pm this afternoon .

He will be missed by so many who knew him .

Thank you to all at Grenvilles who took the time to fuss him .

 Many thanks Nick Martin

Our thoughts are with you Nick x
Our thoughts are with you Nick x

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action on the banks

August 4th, 2013 Comments off

lots of action on the banks of grenville this weekend looking forward to adding the pictures to the site.

Watch this space

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