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cabin available

July 31st, 2013 Comments off

the cabin is available this weekend if you are interested please call paul.

thank you

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July 30th, 2013 Comments off
the cabin can now be let on a 2-3 day period please contact Paul for details
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opening weekend success part 2

July 30th, 2013 Comments off

Phil Calloway

It was, as what has become the norm at Grenville a great opening Weekend !! Good to catch up with old members and meet a few of the new members. All of us keen to wet a line for the start of this season. Lady Luck was on my side as after the traditional ” walk around”  Grenville the draw took place and  pleased as punch I came out third with my first choice peg ( 6 ) still available.
6 it would be for the next couple of nights!! After setting up and getting ready for the session to begin it was time for the evenings  BBQ. You could see everyone was having a great time enjoying the social and sharing the odd glass of red or two which as always goes  down well! Spence and his family did a brilliant  job on the BBQ  making sure no one went  hungry.
A few hours after the start it was time for the late revellers to call it a night and set out about trying to bag a Grenville Carp. Nothing occurred much during that first night but  I could see Spencer who was in the cabin for a couple of nights having a bit of rod action. The daytime temperature was increasing steadily to another Summer scorcher. Not long after midday I was talking to my neighbour Tom who had plotted up in 7 when my right hand rod was off! After a typical dogged Grenville  fight I managed to bring the carp to within 20 yards of me when it locked itself in a patch of thick weed. Luckily for me Mark and Ron ( Blue ) were just passing my swim when I had the take. Without any hesitation Mark was in the Lake ready to help with the net. After giving the fish a little line but keeping enough tension to avoid losing the hook hold, the fish kicked out and I was back in control. Quickly taking advantage of the disorientated carp I decided to walk back a bit sharpish and bring the fish to Mark who netted it first attempt.  I was over the moon!  A lovely looking carp was in in the folds of my landing net and it looked a good  size to. Transferring to the weigh sling it the beauty weighed 30lb- 10oz. First fish of the season for me and a 30 to boot. Mark was happy to stay in the water with the carp whilst  I went about  getting my camera ready for a couple of shots. Well could you believe it but no sooner had I passed the sling back to Mark my left hand rod was away!! This fish moved exactly as the first which was to kite to the left. Again keeping steady pressure on I guided the fish just 20 or so yards from the platform when it just stopped dead in the same weed bed where the first one had given me problems. This time it would not budge. Paul was now behind looking in with a small crowd of Grenville members and Family hoping I could bank this carp also. There was no give from the fish at all so after clearing it with Paul I swam  out to the fish to see if it could be spooked out of its hiding hole whilst Mark took charge of my rod. It wasn’t having any of it so Paul went for the boat. After a couple of minutes we were both out in the boat with Paul moving the boat behind where the carp was hiding. This did the trick as I managed to get my hand on the line above the fish and lift it slowly. I could see the carp now and it looked another nice carp. After another little tug the fish surfaced in a ball of weed and I didn’t need another second to get my net under it. Overjoyed would be an understatement. First session of the season and 2 carp landed. This one went 28lbs. Ron Key did the honours for me with the camera and then I started getting my traps ready again for the rest of the day. That was the weekends action for me but during the Saturday evening my baited area exploded with life!! I had decided on the start  of the session to put out plenty of bait so I started off with kilo a rod of Baitcrafts Savay Salmon which I have used  along with the “K” on Grenville for some time now. I did the same the next morning taking advantage of the calm wind. Carp after carp were crashing out  constantly and I sat there watching the spectacle for an hour or so but to no avail!! That can happen on Grenville, they can tease you with a couple of its gems and leave you waiting for more and after the hour I had watching them they burn you out! Still ,there is always next time. Happy Days!!
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opening weekend success part 1

July 30th, 2013 Comments off

This opening weekend was by far the best for catches with a total of 34 being caught over the weekend, 8 over 30+


Grenville BBQ opening weekend session


Kat & Alfie

The 26th finally came around and having managed to wangle the day of work the van was packed in double quick time on the Friday morning, and at about 9.30am we set sail from Leeds to sunny Grenville.

20 minutes in the journey something was wrong!  The van was very quiet although the radio seemed to be in full working order, then the penny dropped, I had forgotten Kat! A quick u- turn, 10 minutes ear bashing and we where back on track.


We arrived at 11.30am to  a full car park of eager looking carp anglers, once parked we went to say hello to Paul and meet Yaz to collect our equipment. All the time members kept coming up to us and saying hi and welcoming us to the syndicate, everybody made us so welcome and we where put at ease straight away.


Draw time! Having never fished the lake before I didn’t have a clue on what area to go for, then when our number was called on the 6th turn I went into the hut to have a look at the map just the work out what swims where taken, with a light breeze blowing up the lake into swims 12 & 14 Paul suggested that 12 was a good idea offering lots of water to go at, that will do for me I thought!


The rest of the day saw us slowly setting up, chatting to our neighbours’ and enjoying a glass or two of chateau le Tesco ( comes in a box ! fantastic, means you cannot knock the bottle over!!!)

Then disaster struck, lets put the kettle on I suggest, ok says Kat, oh dear we have forgotten the milk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are some things you can forget when fishing (buzzers, bed chair, rods, bait) but never the milk. There then followed 1 hour of silence until Paul arrived in our swim with a bottle of milk (top bloke!) domestics over and kettle on!

6.00pm arrives and its BBQ time, what a great evening, everybody was really friendly, the food was just great and the wine box never fell over once (shame the same can’t be said for Kat!)


9.00pm arrives and we slowly head back too swim 12 to commence battle, 2 minutes later, 3 pop ups chucked in the edge and the jobs done, bed time!

24hrs later I’m beginning to think the buzzers don’t work any more, with the odd fish showing in the area and some in the margin a re-think was in order.

I decided to change my rigs to bottom bait presentations snowman style, this I cast between 5 yards to 20 yards just over the marginal silk weed but into the Canadian pond weed, masking the hook with a small pva stick I felt for the lead donk down, I then sprayed 12mm & 16mm baits over the whole area with the idea of getting the fish grubbing around for baits in the weed. Bed time.


Around midnight I became aware of the bivvy shaking and a very strong wind blowing, one to many burgers at the BBQ me thinks and promptly go back to sleep.

2.00 am Kat is saying something that sounds like we are taking off and is frantically re-pegging the bivvy down; I shout words of encouragement from my bag then fall back to sleep.


5.00am there is a strange sound coming from a little black box with flashing lights on it next to my bed! The penny drops and with all the grace of a giraffe on roller skates I run to a now screaming right hand rod that was cast just 5 yards from the bank, once I was in control of the fish I started to notice more and more fish crashing out in front of me among the waves as the wind blew stronger.

What happens next I would not have imagined let alone on my first trip to the lake, during the course of the day I managed 11 runs landing ten fish (one hook pull) which included 4 x 30s t0 36.12lb.


We packed away around 4.oopm, which was easer said than done as Kat did a fair impression of Mary Poppins holding onto the bivvy and departed for home already looking forward to our next session.


Myself & Kat would just like to say to everybody we meet opening weekend thanks for making us so welcome.


Tight lines


Kat & Alfie

33lb 8oz









34lb 8oz









34lb 8oz








36lb 12oz










i was fishing about 107 yard’s  to the plateau  i didn’t bait heavy just a light scattering of boillies the first day had a run about 4,40 am by 11,14 i had landed four 22  pounders  and a 11,11 common which maybe a self breed dads looking into it the next day action started at 5,40 and a landed two thirty’s a twenty nine a 18 and 24  all with a light scattering off boillies had a great weekend thanks







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opening weekend success

July 30th, 2013 Comments off

we hope everyone had a fantastic night like we did, would like to say a big thank you to spencer, Yvonne and their family for doing the bbq it was yummy, good luck everyone tonight and hope the are not too many sore heads in the morning

Pictures of the evening will be up soon

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opening night

July 25th, 2013 Comments off

can everyone upon arrival come and find me to sort out deposits, receiving their products and collection of tickets.

Thank you

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opening night

July 24th, 2013 Comments off

hope everyone is looking forward to the bbq, myself dad and lisa are just adding the finishing touches to the lake ready for old and new friends to enjoy.

dad is letting out the cabin if anyone is interested in a little bit of extra luxury, which has just had 7 fish out, one of them being a 41! the first 40+ of 2013!

please contact paul if you are interested.

see you all Friday

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electric gate

July 21st, 2013 Comments off

The electric gate will be up a few weeks after the opening of the season. All members will need a fob to enter the lake. A deposit is required asap for the fob which will be returned when/if you leave the syndicate. Please contact myself or Paul for details.

Thank you

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July 15th, 2013 Comments off

due to the popularity of the fox mats we will only have a certain amount delivered for the opening evening, we will supply any anglers who do not receive a mat with our own mats until the rest are delivered which will be in august. sorry for any inconvenience.

Thank you.

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July 8th, 2013 Comments off

A couple of lovely looking small carp from Grenvilles,

 2 out of 5 takes from the weedy marginal shelf just 20 yards out,

small popup over sweetcorn and Pursuit baits ‘MnM’ chops

16lb 6oz








22lb 7oz

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Opening of the lake

July 1st, 2013 Comments off


26th July 2013
The gate will be opened at 10.00am

the swim draw is at 12.00

the bbq will start at 6.00pm

 and fishing can start at 9.00pm

all food is free but please bring your own beverages   please can you let us know if you will be coming.

  Thank you

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