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the last catches of the season

May 28th, 2013 Comments off

Nick Dodge

Monday  20th May, Peg 6 again, trying to relive past glories? Had one within an hour, looked good! Never had another twitch! Still better than blanking!

23lb 7oz









Mark Riley








more pictures to come.













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May 21st, 2013 Comments off

Countdown to the end of the season and Grenville’s is not slowing down with the catches

Jason Moore









24lb 4oz










27lb 4oz








32lb 10oz









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weekend of 30’s

May 14th, 2013 Comments off

A great weekend for a couple of our members

Phil Calloway

With the Westerly Winds looking constant for a few days i was looking at keeping my back to the wind instead of sitting in it for a change! Luckily for me the swims i fancied, 31 to 33 were available so i plumbed for 33. Plenty of fish were showing around the 100 to 150 yards range so with the wind hacking behind me i could bait up quite easily and at ranges were a single would have been the norm.
It didn’t take long to get my traps out and settle about the task of getting my swim organised.
Luckily for me a short while later my left hand rod was away and after another phenomenal battle a 22lb mirror was in the net. Chuffed to bits with the start of the session i knew it looked right for another bite so set my trap again and topped up the area with a couple of kilos of my “Baitcraft Savay Salmon”. Fishing all three rods “snowman style” i sat back and enjoyed a nice cup of coffee and waited to see what else was out in front of me. Fortune was smiling on me as once again just a couple of hours later my middle rod was away! What was on the other end was just a back aching plodder that wouldn’t give up! With the deep water in front of 33 i didn’t get a glimpse of the fish until it was under my rod tips. Then what seems to be the norm at Grenville the fish decided to “beat me up again” for what seemed ages! Paul Miller was ready on the net for me with Trev Pritchard looking on. A few minutes later the fish was netted. It was then i realised this fish was a bit special. While getting ready to weigh the fish it seemed to be growing with every look i took. Lifting the fish onto the scales and letting it settle it pulled the dial round to 39lb-4oz!! I was just gob smacked. The fish was in excellent condition and a real pleasure to catch. Paul Miller took some cracking photos for me before being returned for someone else to enjoy the pleasure of catching. After that experience i would have been happy with the two fish i had banked but during the weekend i had seven bites with six banked. 22lb Mirror, 39lb-4oz Mirror, 19lb-4oz Mirror, 17lb-5oz Common, 23lb-12oz Mirror and a 25lb-4oz Mirror. A fantastic and really enjoyable session that will stay in my memory bank for a long time.

39lb 4oz









Shaun Harrison






37lb 6oz from Pitch 31 this week-end. Quest Baits Magnum White again produced the goods for me. This one came over 2kg of free baits but scattered over a wide area in an attempt to catch the eye of something and get them hunting for more.
I then moved swims and unfortunately lost another good fish this one falling to 2 x Magnum White Pimple Pops out in isolation on their own.
It was a wild old week-end weather wise.






37lb 6oz








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bank holiday

May 14th, 2013 Comments off

we have a bank holiday slot in the cabin available

5.00 pm fri 24th may to 5.00pm the mon 27th may

please contact Paul for details

thank you

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Busy, Busy, Busy

May 13th, 2013 Comments off

The lake has been busy with members trying to catch the big girls before the end of the season.

We are still waiting for a 45+ to come out and take the record from Gary Mills with 46lb 5oz

Which everyone is itching to see broken, what carp and which member?

Here are some of the catches from the weekends with a variety of catches

Lee Skellam

11lb 3oz








19lb 4oz








Nick Dodge


Arriving at the lake late afternoon Tuesday, after the May bank holiday it looked like I might be up against it. Although the weather had been fantastic the fishing had been hard. On my walk around I saw nothing and ended up sitting in peg 6 dreaming of past success! As I gazed out over the calm water I spotted one or two fish cruising around the corner of the island but well out of range.

So once again peg 6 it was! The lake went completely flat as evening progressed, lovely to look at, maybe not particularly conducive to catching. The hook baits were launched out a fair old way in the calm conditions and I settled down for the night. This proved very quiet, as did the first part of the morning. A south westerly started up as the morning progressed and as it got stronger the fish were galvanised! I started seeing fish after fish show in front. It seemed like an age but at 11.30 am, a rod rattled off! After having two fish drop off last week it was a rather anxious battle but thankfully in the net it went, a very pleasing 28.4 mirror. I thought I might be in with a chance of another but the fish had other ideas. In typical Grenville fashion, as quickly as they had appeared they had gone and I packed up early evening glad that at least I’d made the best of my one chance!







28lb 4oz







Paul Miller


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Lake closing

May 5th, 2013 Comments off

The lake will be closing on Friday 31st May at 12.00 for the end of the season. Please can any members not re joining, contact myself or Paul when you will be coming to the lake to collect your belongings, which needs to be no later than the 31st of May. We wish all members leaving all the best for their future 🙂

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week catches

May 5th, 2013 Comments off

The sun is shining and the members are smiling

as more fish are landing on the bank of Grenville’s

John Grant

29lb 4oz






Karl Pitcher

 popped in for a quick overnighter on Thursday and was lucky enough to catch this beauty weighing 35.4 lb + another weighing 22lb which were both caught from peg 38 fishing close in near the reeds.

35lb 4oz












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stunning weather, stunning fish

May 3rd, 2013 Comments off

How about this for a stunner!

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weekend catches – part 5 kempy’s session

May 1st, 2013 Comments off

Having spent a winter [ice permitting] on a number of day ticket lakes, I at last set foot on Grenville’s for the first time last weekend, which was the first time since last Sep..!  I only fished the lake a couple of times last year and following a new year ressie was keen to try and make amends this year. 
Anyway, a little birdie had informed me that things had began to stir on the lake [begins with T] and decided to head over last weekend…     My preferred swim was taken, following Nick’s recent success, and pitched for peg 8 which was not a millions miles away from the recent action..  Mr Carp was still being seen in the area which was encouraging.
Anyway, my rods were clipped up to avoid an encounter with the “wires” and although the wind was making life difficult, managed to get close to where I wanted…  I spodded out about 100 boilies – I didn’t want to go too mad with the water still cold, but wanted to get them sniffing about should any venture into my patch.
I had heard that “take” time (should you be lucky enough to have one) was daytime so was a little surprised to get a take in the middle of the night, and was soon unhooking a stockie of about 13lb.. Next take was at 6.30 in the morning which came in at 19.8lb and then at about 8.30 had a savage one toner followed by an epic battle and was well chuffed to land one of the lakes larger residents for a change at 38.4lb…   After that, I reeled my rods in for the day and just chilled..  
I eventually decided to get my rods out middle afternoon and spodded out another 100 boilies and was well pleased to get another take at about 4.40pm and landed what I thought initially was a common but actually turned out to be fully scaled of 16.3lb…  I spodded out another 100 boilies for the night which turned out to be uneventful..    In fact, come the following morning it remained quiet with very little showing…   I recast late morning without seeing any activity but in the early afternoon I began to see an odd fish show..   I then had what could be described as an hour of  madness when I managed to land 3 lovely scalies of 17.3, 21.4 and 20.8.

38lb 4oz







21lb 4oz






20lb 8oz

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weekend catches – part 4 Karl Pitcher

May 1st, 2013 Comments off

Karl said it was great to be back on the bank of Grenville’s sadly he lost one fish but landing this common

20lb 8oz

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weekend catches part 3 – Phil Calloway

May 1st, 2013 Comments off
Great to see the carp showing in numbers again after a very long, cold,wet winter!! It’s been a while since my last trip but as alway’s it’s great to chill out at Grenville and enjoy the company and banter of other members for the weekend. After having a chat with a couple of the lads who were already set up i decided to aim for peg 14. A N.Easterly was blowing  and plenty of carp were showing behind the island and quite a few in front of 12 and 14. I know both swims pretty well so would have been happy in either. After a couple of minutes viewing the water from 14 i was pleasantly surprised to see a couple of nice looking carp at close range. “That will do” i thought and 14 it would be. After a short while i had two traps set at short range and one at range just trying to cover my options in case the close in activity would cease and the carp would move further out. I was using Baitcrafts new Savay Salmon mix with double 15mm baits snowman style. Both short range rods baited with approximately a kilo per rod. The lake was really starting to wake up now so i decided to use a bit more bait than i would normally do at this time but it felt the right thing to do. After half an hour one of the short range rods exploded into life and i was into to a powerful Grenville carp. After a typical dogged scrap i netted a mirror weighing 25lb-4oz. Chuffed as ever and particularly pleased the fish came early as it’s always a good sign of more action to follow, so i thought!!
Well for the next 24 hours i was the Bridesmaid of Shaun Harrison who set up in 12 and had a run of fish up to 36lb+!!  Brook ( Shaun’s gorgeous Staffy ) and me just enjoyed the action that he was having and I knew the oncoming evening would bring a celebratory glass of red to enjoy his days success.
Now with an Easterly wind pushing hard behind me and seeing more fish typically showing  at range i decided to push another rod further out to see if my luck would change. Again using the power of the Easterly i launched two rods as far as i could and backed up the traps with a dozen “spombs” of my new bait. After a good “blowout” of Chilli and Rice that evening it was time to get my head down as i would be away early the next morning. After a quiet and cold night i was ready to call it a day when just before 6.00am one of the range rods just rattled off!!  After another dogged and determined fight i netted what turned out to be a back stretching 37lb-3oz chunk of a Grenville carp!! Pleased with the capture i asked Shaun to take some photos for me which he was happy to do. Just while i was in the process of getting the carp onto my mat the second range rod kicked into life and another angry carp was attached to the business end!  After another good account from a Grenville carp a 22lb linear was netted for me by Shaun. What a turn round for the weekend, one fish from the off, nothing for ages then two in a few minutes and a big grin that will keep me happy for ages!!!

25lb 4oz





















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