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weekend catches part 2 – Shaun Harrison

April 29th, 2013 Comments off

After being unable to get over to Grenville for a full 6 months due to the flooding, then carp conference season and general things all cropping up to put a block on anything more than a few hours on the bank locally I naturally couldn’t wait to re-acquaint myself with this wonderful water.
I drove over Friday afternoon and was hoping to get a fair choice of swim. I had been monitoring the weather very closely and had 3 areas in mind that I would have liked to get in if there weren’t too many lines about. Pitch 6 as usual had produced really well and naturally it was taken.
I decided to walk around with the marker rod rather than my mat as I wanted to check a couple of areas before I committed myself for the week-end. 12 had been one of the swims I had fancied running by weather reports alone and fortunately it was vacant. I made 3 casts with the Marker rod and found exactly what I had hoped for, plenty of weed but a couple of very obvious channels at comfortable baiting ranges.
My new soon to be released ‘Midi Spomb’ (medium size) was soon brought into action and a bed of Magnum White boilies were soon deposited into the channels between the weed. First take came in the early hours and a fish kited around to my left but suddenly my rod sprang back straight and my line had been sliced on something. Ron also had this happen in 12 last year so be aware. My line was actually P-Line Extrusion 21lb (0.35mm) that I have used for years for my medium range angling and its resistance to abrasion is excellent. There is something quite sharp sticking up off the bottom between 11 and 12.
A little before 7am whilst laying snug in my bed looking at the frosty dawn deciding not to get up as I could see my swim clearly from the warmth of my bed another of the rods burst into life and a fish was hooked that soon revealed itself to be one of the stock pond fish. A gorgeous scaly of 17.12.
I re-cast that one and less than an hour later it was off again and this time resulted in a lovely solid fish of 36.08 that had found my trimmed down Magnum White Boilie.
Less than an hour later and I again had my cup of tea interfered with as a 26lb scaly decided it simply couldn’t resist picking up that white ball of goodness.
I then enjoyed a relaxing break with a huge grin on my face for a good 3 hours before the next and final take. That fish fought real long and hard and once eventually netted I felt I needed to reduce it to numbers so up on the scales it went and a reading of 34lb 13oz came back at me.
A lovely welcome back after a long lay off. Those Grenville Carp really do enjoy the Magnum White. Last year I managed to get back on there at the beginning of March after the carp show season and caught fish to over 35lb that trip too – yes, again they were on the Magnum Whites and Ron Key caught that week-end too on the same bait. Ignore them if you wish  🙂

17lb 12oz











34lb 13oz















36lb 8oz













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weekend catches part 1 – Paul Allgood

April 29th, 2013 Comments off
Arriving at Grenville for my first spring session after the worst winter for fishing I can remember. I quickly chose peg five to fish having seen a coupe of fish show as soon as I walked into the swim. All three rods were soon out ranging from 80 – 100 yds with a few spombs of boilies to follow. After only short wait the indicator pulled up tight, after a short fight a gorgeous scaley of 19lb 8oz was smiling for the camera.
All went quiet after this, until 7:45 Saturday when again my buzzer had me playing another Grenville carp, this one weighed 28lb 4oz. Having heard Saturday night was going to be a cold one, I decided not to put any more bait out, just re-cast all three rods. At 02:40 I was woken by a one toner, this one felt like a lump, 34lb proved me right. Well chuffed with that only a couple of hours later again another one toner had me scrambling from the sleeping bag and another typical from a Grenville chunk pursued. The scales were pulled round to 30lb 6oz. That proved to be the end of the action for me.

19lb 80z






28lb 4oz







30lb 6oz

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a perfect session by Nick Dodge

April 27th, 2013 Comments off

A Perfect Session

The sun was shining (at last); I was heading for Grenni for my first trip of the year and a two nighter to boot! What more could I want? Well a fish or two would be nice. But considering my form last spring, 13 nights for not a bite I was not over confident and had decided to just relax, enjoy the spring weather and see what happened.

The lake looked great when I arrived mid-afternoon on Tuesday, the revamped swims were stunning. The floods may not have done Paul any favours but his subsequent hard work has certainly benefitted the members! After my usual hour or so circuit of the lake looking and talking to those already down, I was, also as usual none the wiser! Nothing had been out and I was beginning to feel a sense of déjà vu!

So it was make my mind up time, never a strong point of mine. I always think the two island swims have great form in the spring so with nothing else to go on that’s where I headed. Les bollard was in 8, which is the side I prefer but 6 was free so the decision was made for me. I’d decided I would move up to 8 early next morning as Les was going then.

The wind, as usual on Grenville was quite stiff but it dropped a bit as evening came on and I managed to get the rods out and a few spods of bait. By evening the wind had died completely and it was a lovely still moonlit night, but biteless! Until just as it was getting light at 5.30, a run! Quickly getting over my amazement I disentangled myself from my sleeping bag and after the usual energetic fight I had a mirror of 19.5 in the net. I barely had time to sort myself out and feel pleased that I’d got such an early and unexpected result when at 6.15 am, after an even harder fight, a very pretty 23.6 scaley was in the net. It was now a classic early spring morning with the sun coming up over a misty racecourse and I was seeing fish show in front of me. It looked as if more by luck than watercraft I had landed on a few fish. I decided I would be mad to move and another run for a 20.9 mirror at quarter to nine showed I’d made the right decision! This was emphasised even more so when twenty minutes later I was away again for a beautifully coloured scaley just an ounce bigger than the last.

I decided I might need a bit more bait out and managed to spod out a few more boilies despite an increasing awkward crosswind. Problem was I’d only brought about 2 ½ kg with me, thinking I’d probably only be fishing bags or singles for the chance of one fish! Still I couldn’t do anything about that now and could just hardly believe I’d had more fish in 5 hours than I’d had in 5 weeks last Spring!

The wind by now was really cutting down on the distance I could cast, I was probably only getting about 90 yards and felt that would probably be the last of the action as I’ve always considered peg 6 to be a bit of a distance swim. But as if to show me that I still have a lot to learn about Grenville, at just gone eleven o clock I landed one of Paul’s babies at 12.6. Small but perfectly formed as they say! Certainly a lovely one for the future.

In fact I only just had time to net this one before I struck into a more solid feeling beast and after a serious battle was holding up a chunky 29 pounder for Paul to photograph.

Things did then finally quieten down leaving me time to reflect on a brilliant morning’s fishing and relax, in only the way an angler can when they’ve caught a few fish! However the day wasn’t quite

done, as out of the blue in the middle of the afternoon an orangey hued scaley dragged me out of a pleasant doze. That one went 18.13 and gave me a final total of 7 fish for the day. I could really hardly believe it, but I had certainly for once been in the right place at the right time.

That evening I celebrated and really pushed the boat out with two cans of beer with my meal! The wind died right down and so I put the rest of my bait out and got the hookbaits where I wanted them.

Again it was a quiet night (very civilised) but I was woken to another perfect dawn by a screaming run. This fish really did not want to come close to the bank and set off into the distance with an unstoppable force. I had just about stopped back winding when to add to the tension another rod burst into life! There was nothing I could do and as I felt I was already attached to a good fish I could only let the other one free spool its way out to wherever it wanted.

After what seemed an age and a nail biting battle I had a real chunk in the net. Luckily by now Colin had arrived from peg 8 and helped transfer the fish safely into a holding sling while I caught up with the long distance runner on the other rod! Amazingly it was still on and had found no weed or other refuge and Colin was soon taking pictures of a slightly portly 25.4 mirror. The big girl went 37.7 a new best for me from Grenville and a fantastic looking fish too. A cliché I know, but really the “icing on the cake” for me.

An absolutely gorgeous sunny day developed albeit with the now obligatory feisty crosswind! I was just happy to bask it what had turned out to be a great couple of days. I’m sure by now I was just fishing singles and it really did look as if my good fortune had run its course. I suppose I secretly did want to hit double figures and that desire too was met when, again in the early afternoon I hit into an incredibly strong fish. With the line singing in the wind it just held out near the island and if I had lost it I would have been convinced it was a forty! However it was a sleek and muscle packed 25.7 with ideas above its station!

That ended what for me, was a perfect session, a lovely lake and environment, fantastic weather , great company and of course brilliant fishing. Thanks to Colin and Karl for help in photographing and landing fish also to Karl for showing me a great little edge, he’ll know what I mean! And definitely thanks to Paul for creating such a great fishery!

19lb 5oz










23lb 6oz









20lb 9oz

20lb 10z







12lb 6oz

















18lb 13oz





37lb 7oz





25lb 4oz






25lb 7oz

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Yazzy’s bait deal

April 25th, 2013 Comments off

Yazzy’s bait deal



Yazzy’s bait deal includes

  • 10 kilo of Super K boilies (available by itself for £70)
  • Super K pop ups – available in 18mm and 15mm
  • Super K wafters – available in 18mm and 15 mm
  • Super K Hardened bottom bait
  • K Cola

All for the price of £92.50

I am now taking orders for this great deal!

Please contact Yasmine for order and details

Thank you

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Yazzy’s Leads

April 25th, 2013 Comments off

Yazzy’s Leads!

I will now be selling 3oz leads at Grenville’s

 plain organic and gravel

 A bag of ten for £10!

or buy 5 bags for £9 each

If your interested let myself or Paul know

 Thank you

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weekend catches

April 23rd, 2013 Comments off

A few catches out this weekend,

 to start us off viney,

 when he is not climbing trees to look for fish, he’s catching them.





Next we have Vince wit a new 35lb!

35lb 6oz

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keep them coming.

April 18th, 2013 Comments off

Just to prove that spring has arrived, with another catch.

this little stunner

Colin ended his session with the first 30 of 2013


Look forward to the weekend with more members down and hopefully some more pictures of catches

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Spring has arrived!

April 16th, 2013 Comments off

Spring has finally arrived!

the lake is looking stunning, with all the had work that Paul has put in all the swims from 5 to 29 have been refurbished and looking better than ever! hopefully before the end of the season swim 3 and 4 will get pulled apart and re vamped!

Water temperatures have soared since springs arrival and memebers are starting to come out of hibernation!

Viney and Jamie were down this weekend with Viney catching two and Jamie with this little gem

Look forward toseeing more members down soon, and plenty more carp on the banks!

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April 1st, 2013 Comments off

I hope all members and their families have had a brilliant easter break!

A quiet easter weekend, with just 3 members down, Chris, Jake and Sean. We have finished with the numbers of members leaving so all on the waiting list get ready for a phone call as of next week asking if you still want to join the best syndicate in Cambridgeshire!

If anybody has a good clean 2 man bivvy for sale plz contact Paul.

Thank you

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