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Phil’s time in the cabin

November 27th, 2012 Comments off
The last couple of weekends at Grenville have produced quite a number of fish from swim’s  32 and 33. It didn’t take much planning on my part as to which side of the lake i would be heading for !!  I had checked with Paul the day before on the condition the the lake just to confirm it was open after the heavy down pours the area had experienced. The lake was well up but still fishable so i decided to give  it a go.
On arriving  Saturday morning  i could see quite clearly more water was taking the lake to water levels i hadn’t seen for a number of years!!
Colin Campbell was set up in 32 and Paul Miller had arrived just shortly before me and settled in 33. The platform was under water so Paul bivvied up near the top of the fence. I was walking further down the bank when i caught Paul on his morning walkround. After a brief chat it was obvious a number of swims were under water and the water levels still rising but at this time at a much slower rate. Paul then asked me that due to the conditions i could fish out of the Cabin swim if i wanted to. Even though most of the Cabin swim was covered in water i didn’t need to be asked twice!! and was chuffed to give it a go.
After setting up and wading out to the edge of the platform to position my pod it was then i noticed the markers were under water!! I would have to work a little harder and get my marker rod into action. Eventually i found what i was looking for and baited up with a few of kilo’s of Baitcrafts “K”
The wind was blowing more or less easterly so was coming  toward’s me.
It was now early afternoon and more rain was predicted.I had just started to boil my kettle for a needed cup of coffee when my middle rod was away. I couldn’t believe my luck, a take in this weather! After a typical dogged fight from a Grenville carp i managed to get the fish to just a few yards from netting when s**t i lost it!! Gutted would be an understatement. Whilst cursing my look and doing a lot of babbling to myself my left hand rod was away! I couldn’t believe it, another take! 
This time i managed to land the fish. I was soaked, my backside was wet after bending down to land the fish forgetting about the water all around me but just delighted to land a carp. A 31lb was photographed by Paul Miller who had come to my rescue as my camera batteries had died on me!
I settled down and re cast my rods thinking 2 bites had occurred in just a few minutes so there was a good chance a third could follow.
Just half an hour later the left hand rod was way again! After a real Grenville battle i was again buzzing with a peach of a carp resting in my landing net. A  34lb-15oz chunk in pristine condition. I was now absolutely wet through!! Feet wet,back wet, every part of me wet but i was buzzing! Three bites, two carp landed, Happy day’s!!
I had planned to have a glass or two of the red with Paul in 33 later that evening to celebrate my good fortune but the weather closed in big style so it was batten down the hatches for the night. What an evening it turned out to be. The wind direction changed nearly 180 degrees with wind gust’s that would knock you off your feet!!
After literally holding on to the bivvy until 5am, the wind started to ease. I was just so relieved the rods were quiet through the night.
After a couple of hours “rubber necking” it was time to get the kettle on. How accommodating carp can be, after just finished a refeshing cup of coffee the middle rod was way! Once again after an arm wrenching fight a third carp was landed. This one was an extremely fit 30lb-01oz carp. Four bites, three 30’s, it couldn’t get any better than this. Paul Miller again did the honours for me with his camera.
The weather had eased considerably by now but the water level was rising considerably faster.
Not long later the left hand rod was away again! This was turning into a very surreal session! Fifth bite of the session. Every thing was under control when the line went slack!  I thought “What a bummer” but It didn’t dampen the session, the wind and rain did that!!
A quiet couple hours followed with the sun shining but  water levels still rising.
After a chat with Paul Ward it was obvious the water  levels were rising more rapidly. I decided to not risk potentially being stranded so called it a day.
I had a fantastic session in what can only be described as bizarre conditions. Paul Miller was due another night in 33 but again the water level was now at enexpected levels so he to called it a day.
The weather was tough this weekend for anyone fishing but i would like like to thank Paul for letting me fish from the Cabin.






34lb 15oz






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lake closed

November 26th, 2012 Comments off

The lake is closed, it is flooded near the bridge so plz contact dad if u are planning on coming down, some anglers have been turned away so plz call rather than wasting ur fuel. Thank u

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November 19th, 2012 Comments off

Mid month catch for Jim Kelly, and what a catch it is!

just look at the size of the tail!


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Colin’s Catches

November 19th, 2012 Comments off

It may be late but As promised here is Colin’s Catches with new fish added to the records












 Well done Colin!

Dad said Jim Kelly had a 35 this afternoon pics to follow





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Andy’s Catch

November 14th, 2012 Comments off

After moving into peg 33 after Paul Millers session of a lifetime i had a lot to live upto(no pressure then!!) Paul had all his fish in the first 32 hours i think but when i moved in after him he hadnt had a fish for 16hrs so the fish had moved off the baited area it seemed.

I spombed approx 4kg of boilies over the area Paul had his from then cast all 3 rods over it, Sunday came and went with no action, Paul walked around Monday morning and i was still blanking, the pressure was really on now so time to do something about it i thought.
I decided to leave 1 rod on the bait then spank the other 2 a long long way out, it didnt take long for a fish and at 27-4 i thought that will do.
Now that i had found a fish i was convinced there would be more in numbers so decided to fish all 3 rods tight to where the last one was caught, 20 minutes later i had a stunning 22-12 common then followed by a 21-8, it went quiet for the rest of the day and night so put about a dozen spombs out.
The next day the fourth fish came at 7.30am which was a 29-6, followed about an hour later by a 30-2 then a lovely half linear at 23-8, home time was calling but just managed to bag a 26-10 30 minutes from time. Some of the bigger carp would have been nice but i cant complain, 7 fish from the middle of November is a nice feeling. Tight lines.

27lb 4oz




22lb 12oz





21lb 8oz






29lb 6oz





30lb 2oz








23lb 8oz







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Cabin catches

November 13th, 2012 Comments off

John Grant treated his girlfriend to a few days in the cabin

27lb 8oz





18lb 8oz






43lb 8oz





John was over the moon with his catches, especially with landing a new British Personal Best!

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Paul’s Catch

November 13th, 2012 Comments off

After a successful session on Grenville during the weekend of 3/4th November it was going to be several weeks before I could get back for another weekend session. However several things happened during the coming week, that meant my plans had to be changed and this meant that my next session would be over the weekend of 10/11th. Little did I know how significant this change was about to become.


On arriving at the lake the news was of a new 40 coming out and a good haul of fish by Colin Humphries, so expectations of a good weekend were high. Colin was not due to pull off until later in the day so not wanting to wait, since my angling time is limited, I plumbed for peg 33 as the previous angler was about to pull off. I was slightly concerned about making this decision since there had not been a fish out of the swim since the previous weekend. But I needn’t have worried.


By 11am, the bivvy was up and the rods were in, with two on one mark and the third rod on a second mark. I then spent some time spombing some boilies and pellet onto each of the marks and with this job done it was time to sit back, relax, have some lunch and a welcome cup of tea. Time now for a bit of perch fishing, whilst I waited for Mr Carp to turn up. Out went the swimfeeder with a few maggots as I searched around the various deep water spots. It was a disappointing start with only a few small knocks and no perch coming to the bank, however the perch were suddenly forgotten, when my attention was turned back to the carp just after 2pm, with a steady run on one of my rods. A hard fight ensued by what felt like a good fish but which turned out to be a double figure common at 18lb 12oz. There may be only a few commons in Grenville but they are all hard fighters.




18lb 12oz













A great start to the weekend. Now back to a bit more perch fishing. But still no perch and this is one of the best perch swims on the lake! However my attention to the perch was distracted again, shortly after 3pm, by another screaming run. Two fish in quick succession, this was great fishing. After another good hard scrap this mirror pulled the scales round to 23lb 7oz. A few quick photos and treatment in its mouth and back she went.




23lb 7oz






Things were now starting to get interesting and my attention to the perch had faded. With darkness approaching it was time to make sure everything was set up for the night ahead. Both of the fish had come off the same mark, so I made the decision to move all three rods onto this mark and put all my eggs into the same basket. This was an approach that paid off handsomely during the rest of the session. No sooner had I got everything set up and with the light fading the Delkim on the third rod, that I
had just moved over, screamed into action. This fish took line off me at range and instantly felt like a bigger fish and after a long hard battle I slipped the net under my third fish in 3 hours! This one pulled the scales round to 30lb 1oz, probably a new 30 for the lake. My camera was now set up for self takes so the fish was quickly weighed, photographed and returned.

30lb 1oz



Two hours went by with no more action. This got me thinking that the fish had cleaned me out of bait. I don’t like spombing over fish, so I left it another hour to be sure they had moved off, then in the dark I started putting out another bed of boily and pellet. The hours ticked by with no further action. Had I killed the area by spombing? I retired to my sleeping bag with this thought in my head. Had I done the right thing or not?


The forecast rain came in the early hours of the morning and although not heavy, it was persistent. Then at 3am I had a drop back and a few bleeps from one of the Delkims, at which point I was out of my sleeping bag into a waterproof jacket and wound down onto something. There was very little resistance and I reeled the fish in all the way to under my rod tip, then all hell broke loose as this small carp thrashed the water to a froth. Quickly in the net this one was one of the new stockies at 6lb 14oz. It was quickly returned and the rod cast back out. I had only been back in my sleeping bag a few minutes when the same thing happened again, this time a 6lb 4oz stocky. The rain was now quiet heavy and after sorting myself out I was just about to get in my sleeping bag when I had two bleeps from one of my other rods. My bobbin had dropped about half an inch so I pick the rod up and was pleased to bend into a good fish, which after another arm aching battle pulled the scales round to 26lb 4oz.


26lb 4oz



Light was now just starting to break as I tidied my swim up from the last capture, when another rod screamed into action. Another good solid fight and a good double was in the net. I unhooked the fish whilst it was still in the net, put a fresh rig on and recast the same rod back out to the same spot. As I was tightening up my line the rod was almost wrenched from my hands as another Grenville carp made off with my bait. I must have almost hit this one on the head as I had recast! I now had the dilemma of only having one net with a fish in it and another one on the line. Fortunately the fish in the net laid low enabling me to slide the next one in without any danger of loosing the first one. The next few minutes were hectic whilst I got my rod back out, separated the fish into floatation slings for weighing and photographing. The first fish went 15lb 15oz.


15lb 15oz




and the second 18lb 2oz.


18lb 2oz



I was now pleased that I had decided to purchase a second floatation sling before the start of the season and would recommend that all Grenville members have two at hand and hope they get the chance to use them both. Two landing nets may be next on the list! No sooner had I got these fish returned to the water and another Delkim was screaming into life. Another hard long battle started and another deep bodied mirror slipped into the net. This one pulled the scales round to 26lb 11oz.


26lb 11oz


It was now approaching 9am and I was just reflecting on the mornings catches where I had banked six carp in the last 5 hours! The rain had just started to slow to a fine drizzle, I was tired, my arm was aching, my coat was drenched but I didn’t care since I had just had a fantastic few hours. My thoughts were however again interrupted as another Delkim sounded. Another arm aching battle ensued and after what was nearly half an hour I slipped the net under a large common which turned out to be one of the biggest commons in the lake, pulling the scales round to 26lb 14oz.


26lb 14oz

The previous night had been astonishing, 7 fish in the last 6 hours and 10 fish in total and I had not even completed my first 24 hours!! Time for breakfast.


The next few hours passed quietly giving me time to tidy up the swim and rest!!




With so many fish in the area it was clear that any bait I had put out would have been cleaned up by now so with no more action by 11am I started to spomb out more boily and pellet, before settling down to some lunch and that essential cup of tea. By the time I had cleared up after lunch and following the mornings mayhem it was approaching 1.30 in the afternoon and the perch fishing started to interest me again. I started putting my rod rest in place, setting my chair up, maggots ready and that is as far as I got. Beeeeeeeeep. I was in to another carp. A good hard fight and 10 minutes later a nice twenty plus was in the net. I transferred the fish to a floatation sling and recast the rod and ten minutes later the same rod was away again. This time a small double slipped into the net. This fish was placed into my second floatation sling while I got ready for weighing and photographing them. But I didn’t get that far because beeeeeeeeeep, I was into another fish. This one felt much bigger and fought for a longer time and I eventually slipped the net under a good 30. I now had 3 fish lined up for weighing and photographing! Exhausting stuff all this!! The first fish went 22lb 5oz.

22lb 5oz



The second one was 10lb 15oz, a future Grenville stunner.

10lb 15oz





And the third fish went 34lb 6oz.

34lb 6oz








This was starting to be surreal. It was only minutes after returning all 3 fish, with the swim looking like a bomb site, when I had another run! After another arm aching battle another cracking Grenville scaley slipped into the net. By the time I had unclipped my rig from the fish and cast out again one of my other rods was screaming off. I bent into this fish and again it felt like a good one. The problem I had was that the first fish was still in the net and it was sitting high in the water and there was a real risk of loosing it if I tried to land the second fish in the same net. Fortunately Phil Calloway saw my rod bent and came to see what was happing and then returned with another net to save the day. Thanks Phil and thanks Mark for the loan of the net. The fish were quickly weighed then returned to separate floatation slings whilst I set up the mat and camera for photos.

I was just about to start photographing the two fish when my first rod that I had just recast was off again! I picked the rod up and was met with solid resistance and then a powerful but slow fight began that seemed to last for ages as the fish laid low and refused to show itself. I new at this point that I had a good 30+ on the line. Eventually the fish slid quietly into the net. I now had three fish on the bank again, for the second time in 2 hours!!

The next thing was to get the two fish already in the slings sorted so that I could deal with the lump in the net. The first one was an absolutely stunning linear of 26lb 10oz.


26lb 10oz


And the second one was a stocky 26lb 4oz mirror.


26lb 4oz




Having returned these two fish all attention was now focused on the remaining fish still in the net. Still having no idea of the size I went to lift the fish out of the water and then realised that I had something special in the net. The fish was laid on the unhooking mat and the net was peeled away to reveal a huge lump of a mirror. A lift up onto the scales and the needle rocketed round and settled on 41lb 8oz. My 16th fish in 30 hours of fishing, a new fourty for the lake and a new PB for me. What a session this had turned into.

Several anglers joined at the photo session and then the great fish was returned to its home.



41lb 8oz


Hungry and thirsty I now settled down to some well earned tea before spombing out some more bait. All was to no avail as the sky cleared, the temperature plummeted and it was a frosty night, with the rods securely frozen in the rests by morning. Even without any action I struggled to sleep as my head was still buzzing with the previous days results.

The session finished with 16 fish in the first 30 hours that consisted of 2 singles, 4 doubles, 7 twenties, 2 thirties and a fourty – a full house.

What a fantastic session and one that I will never forget. I might now be getting a second landing net for Christmas!

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November 10th, 2012 Comments off





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November 6th, 2012 Comments off

What a great week!

one of our carp to be on the front of carp talk!

 congratulations Karl!

Another celebration to Paul Miller on catching the 100th 30 + carp of the season! this season has also bought us 9 new 30’s and 3 new 35+!

Paul Miller

31lb 8oz – the 100 th 30+ caught this season






33lb 8oz






21lb 8oz






24lb 1oz






20lb 4oz

20lb 14oz





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November 2nd, 2012 Comments off

A member has been found with a prehistoric sling, these ae no longer suitable for the welfare of the fish, please make sure all slings are a suitable size when fishing Grenville’s.

Grenville’s recommend the fox slings, if need please contact Paul

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