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This weeks catches

November 27th, 2011 Comments off

Trevor Pritchard



Trevor had a few days down this week and was rewarded with these catches.



grens24th nov 013grens24th nov 015










How Stunning?!



24lb 4oz



grens24th nov 016

grens24th nov 018










21lb 12oz



Trevor also did a bit of pike fishing


grens24th nov 004




Andy Smith


 Grenville Session 25/11/11 to 27/11/11


Arrived at the lake on Friday at 3.50pm, it was already starting to get dark so I didn’t have time to walk round looking for fish, pegs taken were 25-29-32-33 and 37.

I was hoping 37 would be free as the wind would have been behind me but it wasn’t so hey ho, I thought I would try 3 as its was handy with not much daylight left,

I quickly got some baits on and casted out, left hand rod in line with cabin at about 120 yards, middle rod 100 yards and right rod in line with a big bunch of trees

In the background at about 120-130 yards.

It was a quiet first night (apart from the wind bashing everything about), Saturday morning came and Spence and his guest mate turned up and went into 12 and 14,

There was nobody along that bank but with the wind blowing into it; it really would be Extreme Fishing as Spence called it.

I got my marker rod out and found a big deep bowl 60 to 70 yards out, it went down to about 28ft at 70 yards and 18ft at 80 yards, so I popped the marker up and put About 150 baits around it, I spread them out with the stick as i am not one for fishing baits tight, I want the fish to search for them rather than in a big heap on the bottom.

I clipped and marked my middle rod at 80 yards and recast it out, I felt that if any rod would go this would be the first, I rebaited my right hand rod with a Mainline MK1

Bottom bait tipped with a hi-viz yellow 10mm citrus fruit pop-up and cast it towards the big bunch of trees again in the horizon.


Saturday night came and it was very, very windy, but it was a South Westerly so very warm, it felt really good for a bite tonight, I didn’t sleep much after midnight as the bivvy was taking a right old hammering but it was pegged down nice and tight so I felt safe and secure. I dozed off and on then at 4.30 I had a couple of bleeps followed by a one toner, it was the right hand rod, I quickly got my crocs on and head torch on and pulled into the fish, it had already stripped another 20 yards of line off the reel so it was a good 140 to 150 yards out, it felt like a big fish, it wasn’t head shaking or zig zagging like the smaller

residents, I use MCF dumper lead clips which drop the lead every time without fail, now on every water I fish if I use them the fish tend to fight in mid water or near the surface, not in Grenville!! These fish really hug the bottom when your fighting with them, anyway I got it within 20 yards from the bank then the line started plinking on the shelf, that’s always a bit heart in mouth when that starts happening, anyway I got it near the surface and slipped the net under it, what I thought was a big fish turned out to be a lovely fish at 23-2, recast the rod out again pretty much in the same area then spent 10 minutes waiting for the bow in the line to settle and the lead.

20 minutes later the same rod was ripping off again, this also felt a big fish and it was it just kited up to peg 4 plodding along, after about 10 minutes I got it close to that dreaded shelf again, once again the line started plinking then slack, gutted it was a hook pull!! I haven’t lost a fish in here since my first session back in Aug, I lost 2 that session in peg 8, I was using Nash Twisters, but now use Korda Kaptors curve shank in 6’s and 8’s, this was the first fish I have lost on them.

Recast again which was hard work with the wind; about 30 minutes later guess what?? Yep the same rod was screaming off again and the Delks were playing there tune, another similar fight yet again hugging the bottom, slipped the net under which looked a “30” very short but like a football, thank you very much, it went 28-8 so not a bad guess, recast and that was a few hours ago so nothing since.

All in all a very good session for me in such awful conditions, I think the key at the moment is not too over bait it at this time of year, I bought 1Kg of boilies with me. Enough said.



23-2  27-11-11 peg 2  pic 223-2  27-11-11 peg 3









23lb 2oz




28-8  27-11-11 peg 3 pic 228-8  27-11-11 peg 3










28lb 8oz



Mark Hutchinson



grens 27-11-11 002grens 27-11-11 007









25lb 8oz



Shaun Harrison



Unfortunatley Shaun lost a really big fish this week, but was compensated with 5 perch






The biggest of the bunch, weighing 3lb 4oz






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November 20th, 2011 Comments off


Ron was down this weekend and CAUGHT this beauty!











31lb 14oz



Well done Ron from everyone at Grenville’s












Mark Hutchinson



gren 14-11-11   28lb80z 017gren 14-11-11   28lb80z 024








28lb 8oz

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weekday catches

November 17th, 2011 Comments off

Dave Gowing on the last day of his session caught this beauty












37lb 9oz



Ian turned up this morning and whilst walking round bumped into Paul photographing Dave Gowings 37lb 9oz and decided on swim 17 as he had seen fish close in. ian put a half oz lead and cast out 30 yards, 10 mins later ……..












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November 14th, 2011 Comments off

In respect of rememberance day Shaun Harrison decided it would be appropriate to fish in swim 11, he was rewarded with this beauty












35lb 11oz



Karl Pitcher











31lb 8oz



Karl said it just proves you dont have to fish at range in swim 18

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Yet another PB!

November 13th, 2011 Comments off

Yet another Personal Best achieved this morning at 3.30 am





grenville 39-6  13-11-11 002grenville 39-6  13-11-11 004









39lb 6oz


Congratulations Andy!

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Another PB!

November 11th, 2011 Comments off

Yet another Personal Best has been broken this season! The lucky guy this time was…


Craig Randle












39lb 5oz



Well Done Craig!

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November 9th, 2011 Comments off

The cabin is being  let on a daily basis please contact paul for info.

Thank you.

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Max’s 72 hour session

November 7th, 2011 Comments off 










I arrived on Sunday and followed Spencer into Peg 6 as the forecast for the next few days showed the wind switching from SW to S/SE……….knowing this would put the wind off my back allowing me to get the distance to put my baits where I wanted them. Setting up at midday, this 22.12 Mirror came within 30 minutes of casting out.








The evening passed without any further action so I turned in around 9pm. At twenty past midnight, my sleep was broken when my middle rod in 17’ water screamed off………resulting in this two tone Mirror of 28.11.








First light – my first Thirty of the session in the shape of this 35.07 fell for a 12mm fluoro Pineapple pop-up.








Mid morning – this time my right hand rod produced the goods………..8 feet of water, this 34.05 took a liking to a little white Scopex pop-up. The rest of the day remained quite.








Once again, 2am and my sleep is disturbed again, this time by this 28.04 Mirror which fought like a demon!








Action at first light, this stocky 23.06  took a liking for my MK1 bottom bait……….proof that they were mopping up the six kilos of boilies that I had put in!








Six minutes after returning the 23, the same rod that had been recast back to the baited area was away again which produced my third ‘Thirty’ of the session in the shape of this cracking 32.08 Mirror. Judging by the frame of this fish, this will go on to be one of the ‘big kippers’ in the future!








First Scaley of the trip, whilst they aren’t as big as the others yet they are absolutely stunners! I can’tt wait till these little beauties start pushing the 30 pound barrier! This one was a little way short at 17.08 but still a welcome visitor!








Early evening action next, my first take just into dark! It made a change not getting woken up in the middle of the night to land this 28.03………..surely destined to be another of next years ‘new’ thirties!


26.03 Common26.03.Common












Final morning, the early morning sunshine on what I was later informed by Paul as being the new Lake Record Common at 26.03, again a MK1 bottom bait was the downfall of this cracking fish








Shortly after returning the Common, this 31.09 Mirror took a liking for a bottom bait. My eleventh fish and fifth 30 of the session!








The Scaleys had been conspicious by there absence…………then this one turned up, again not the biggest carp in Grenville but when they look like this who cares!








Just like buses, you wait for ages for one of these stunning Grenville Common’s then two come along together, the first weighs in at 22.01.


22.03 Common.

22.03 Common








Then, the second, literally caught within thirty minutes of the first, this time a couple of ounces bigger at 22.03!

Just as I was packing up, I managed another take which resulted in one of Paul new babies which weighed 10.12 which brought my session to an end……….sixteen fish in 72 hours I went home a very happy chappie!

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First week of november

November 7th, 2011 Comments off

The first week of November, and its extremely mild compared to this time last year.

Andy Wilson












37lb 12oz



Chris Oakley






31lb 14oz



Im loving all the perch pics









had a great weekend full of catches




































this beauty  was 22lb
















Viney and Jamie also caught a chub at 5lb 8oz, I am still hoping for the  big Chub to come out this year.

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