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Week ending 25/9/11

September 26th, 2011 Comments off

Aswell as Tom Craven’s catches there was also these from the past week.



Paul Miller




28-6 00128-6 002










28lb 6oz




How beautiful the sky is at Grenville’s.








Shaun Harrison




Grenville 29.04 leftGrenville 29.04 right










29lb 4oz













Shaun had a go at trying to find some Perch






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Another 40!

September 22nd, 2011 Comments off

Tom Craven

First fish out of Grenville’s and he kicks it off with a 36lb 10oz

and then adds another 40 to the list!




003 - Copy




40lb 4oz




36.10 00136.10 003











36lb 10oz



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weekend catches 18/9/11

September 19th, 2011 Comments off

After the brilliant performance from the guys in the cabin, here are the rest of the catches from the weekend.



This weekend Jake has gone and smashed his Personal Best.



beths cam 19 sep 459

beths cam 19 sep 457














Ben Tuck



scaley 006

scaley 004










28lb 4oz 



Nick Quilter




10.05 19th Sept 2011 (2)10.05 19th Sept 2011










10lb 5oz




11.8 18th Sept 2011 (2)11.8 18th Sept 2011










11lb 8oz




38.02 17th sept 2011 (2)38.02 17th Sept 2011










A new Personal Best for Nick

38lb 2oz

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quick update on the cabin

September 13th, 2011 Comments off

Mark has been in the cabin for two nights and has already caught 20 or more fish! Cant wait to receive the pictures!

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September 13th, 2011 Comments off

Everybody must walk round their sling, mat or bucket first. You must not drive round whilst choosing your swim. Anyone found doing this will be asked to leave.

Thank you.

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Happy Birthday Jamie

September 13th, 2011 Comments off

Wishing Jamie a very Happy Birthday! Have a fantastic day from Paul Lisa Yaz and all the members at Grenville’s.





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weekend catches 11/9/11

September 11th, 2011 Comments off

Along with Teacher’s and Mark’s catches there was also these beautys caught.




Paul Allgood














30lb 8oz

Just to add a big Congratulations to Paul Allgood on becoming a Grandad too!




Andy Smith

Had a 24hour session this weekend, started off in swim 20 but got itchy feet and decided to move to swim 17 and was blessed with this catch




20-8   11-9-11  Peg 17  pic 220-8   11-9-11  Peg 17 Pic 1











20lb 8oz




Karl Pitcher














31lb 10oz




068 - Copy073













055 - Copy057 - Copy










19lb 8oz 





Mark Riley




Scaley 18.6 Sept 2011 aScaley 18.6 Sept 2011 b










18lb 6oz 














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Mark and Jason’s week in the cabin

September 11th, 2011 Comments off

I havent seen Mark yet but by the pictures i have been sent, he is obviously having a great time




Mark brisbley




015016 - Copy









40lb 9oz




What an amazing week these guys have had with a total of 28 fish!

The guys fished fantastically, adding loads of baits (pellets and boilies) each day and juggling between their rods as the alarms kept informing them of the next fish wanting to play.  Unfortunatly loosing 2 but I think Mark and Jason can be very proud of themselves!













29lb 4oz



























16lb 10oz



























34lb 1oz













27lb 6oz














25lb 2oz














36lb 14oz














36lb 10oz




























23lb 8oz














29lb 4oz




Jason Moore




24lb 11oz




24lb 11oz




24lb 07oz.24lb 07oz









24lb 7oz




17lb 12oz.17lb 12oz










17lb 12oz




31lb 02oz.31lb 02oz










31lb 2oz




32lb 0732lb 07oz.










32lb 7oz




25lb 13oz.25lb 13oz









25lb 130z




32lb 03oz.32lb 03oz










32lb 3oz


















grenville cabin 003grenville cabin 22lb














grenville cabin 011grenville cabin 19lb 4oz










19lb 4oz



grenville cabin 20lb







grenville cabin 31lbgrenville cabin 033













grenville cabin 038

grenville cabin 036










35lb 14oz




grenville cabin 041grenville cabin 044










35lb 10oz




grenville cabin 25lb 08ozgrenville cabin 048










25lb 8oz

This is the new record for Grenville’s biggest common





















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11oz in a week!!!!!

September 11th, 2011 Comments off

Teacher has managed to catch a 40 + this weekend, but not just any carp the same one that Jamie caught this week and it has managed to put on 11oz in a week!!!!


















44lb 9oz

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This weeks catches so far….

September 7th, 2011 Comments off

Last time Jamie Collins came down Grenvilles he managed to catch his first carp at 35+. This trip was even better with him catching one of the younger fish to hit the 40+ mark




grenville september 2011 007grenville september 2011 024










43lb 14oz




Mark Riley




Scaley 18.10 Aug 2011 aScaley 18.10 Aug 2011 b











18lb 10oz




Mirror 33.0 Sept 2011 aMirror 33.0 Sept 2011 b















Nick Quilter




15.13 Scaley Grenville 5th Sept 11 (2)15.13 Scaley Grenville 5th Sept 11










15lb 13oz




23.09 Grenville 4th Sept 11 (2)23.09 Grenville 4th Sept 11










23lb 9oz




27.11 Grenville 5th Sept 11 (2)27.11 Grenville 5th Sept 11










27lb 11oz




27.11 Grenville 6th Sept 11 (2)27.11 Grenville 6th Sept 11










27lb 11oz




28.10 Grenville 4th Sept 11 (2)28.10 Grenville 4th Sept 11










28lb 10oz




28.15 Grenville 6th Sept 11 (2)28.15 Grenville 6th Sept 11










28lb 15oz




32.09 Grenville 6th Sept 11 (2)32.09 Grenville 6th Sept 11










32lb 9oz




36.01 Grenville 3rd Sept 11 (2)36.01 Grenville 3rd sept 11










36lb 1oz




Nick Dodge




28.2 7.9.11 00628.2 7.9.11 012










28lb 2oz












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September 7th, 2011 Comments off

Due to someone using leaders and TWO rigs being pulled out which are BANNED here is another reminder that anyone found using banned rigs, leads above 3oz, leaders and artificial baits

Please  remember these rules are in place for the benefit of the fish

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carp log

September 7th, 2011 Comments off

Anyone fishing at Grenville’s (members and guests) must always fill in the carp log even if you blank

thank you

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September 6th, 2011 Comments off

From now on Paul would like only 30 + pics sent to him, and every picture to me.

Thank you

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Opening times

September 6th, 2011 Comments off

The farmers have had a word with Paul, that one or two people are turning up after dark.

The opeing times are that no one before 7 am or after 7.30pm

These times will change as the nights pull in.

Thank you.


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The first week of September

September 5th, 2011 Comments off

The first month of the new season is over already! Again Grenville’s didnt disappoint, throwing out a handful of 30’s and 20’s. A few new members catching their first Grenville catch.




Andy Smith




03-09-2011 18-13 Linear Pic 103-09-2011 18-13 Linear Pic 2










18lb 13oz




03-09-2011 26-05 pic 103-09-2011 26-05 pic 2










26lb 5oz




Shaun Harrison














16lb 4oz




Chris Oakley














37lb 4oz














27lb 4oz




Ian Carter




Grenvill 2.9.2011 010Grenvill 2.9.2011 020









32lb 5oz




Grenvill 2.9.2011 030Grenvill 2.9.2011 045









15lb 4oz




Mark Hutchinson

On Saturday as i was walking round Mark’s alarms bleeped, “come on Yaz your going to catch your first carp” Unfortunately i lost the carp sorry Mark. So relieved you caught this beauty otherwise i would of felt so guilty.




grenville common 23-15  03-09-11 pic 2grenville coomon 23-15 03-09-11 pic 1










23lb 15oz




Lee Bowyer








38lb 3oz





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