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More dates for the cabin

May 30th, 2011 Comments off

Due to unfortunate circumstances Max has had to canecl the coorporate acadamy week, so Paul will be letting some guest tickets and the cabin until the end of June.

This is available to members and anyone on the waiting list.

If you are interested please contact Paul.

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Breaking News!

May 29th, 2011 Comments off

Lez Bolland hired the cabin for the last week off the season and his first few hours went off with a bang!

The first fish to hit the bank was a new personal best for lez at 39lb 2oz, the second a few minutes later was 33lb 8oz, that was followed by a 34lb 8oz and to top these few crazy hours off was with a 35lb 10oz!

Lez is a new member for next season, (what away to be introduced to Grenville’s!) Lez also arranged a Bbq and invited the other members who were down to say hello.

Then to top it off while the Bbq was in full swing with his new friends he caught a 33lb 8oz




002 003









005                         008


































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week ending 29th May 2011

May 29th, 2011 Comments off

It’s come to the last weekend of the seaon and what a fantastic way to end with Gary catching the record breaker!

Below is the other members catches from this week




Dave Gowing




14lb 1oz14lb 1oz b










14lb 1oz



14lb 9oz14lb 9oz b 








14lb 9oz




14lb 10oz14lb 10oz a










14lb 10oz




19lb 14oz19lb 14oz b










19lb 4oz




42lb 2oz b e42lb 2oz d











Caught a few weeks ago by Ben, still the same weight this time

42lb 2oz




Mick Walter














30lb 2oz

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Breaking News!

May 28th, 2011 Comments off

The record for Grenvilles has been smashed at a massive 46lb 5oz !

This record breaker was last out on 15/8/09 weighing 40lb 4oz.

Well Done Gary Mills!





















46lb 5oz





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week ending 22nd May

May 22nd, 2011 Comments off

It’s coming to the end of the seaon and i bet your all desperate to try and catch some big carp before the new seaon gets under way! These are a few of the lucky ones that have managed to do just that.



Martin Jeremy













33lb 8oz













23lb 15oz







027030 (2)









29lb 2oz




Vince and his familly had a few nights in the cabin.














26lb 10oz














19lb 12oz














32lb 10oz



























32lb 2oz




And a new picture for the 40 wall and a new personal best for Vince!

















Paul Allgood




























31lb 9oz




























35lb 3oz














27lb 14oz

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The best fishing session of the week!

May 17th, 2011 Comments off

Paul was really impressed this week with Michael Walton’s fishing session with several fish caught.



35lb 12oz 135lb 12oz (2)









35lb 12oz




2011 05 14_6115_edited-12011 05 14_6120_edited-1










43lb 9oz




2011 05 08 31-8 #4-8002011 05 08 31-8 #3-800










31lb 8oz 


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Week ending 15th May 2011

May 17th, 2011 Comments off

At the beginning of the week Paul Allgood done some extra time at Grenville’s and it paid off and caught a few fish.













17lb 12oz



























30lb 1oz















Mark Brisley











27lb 4oz 















31lb 3oz










21lb 7oz

















Shaun Harrison caught a gorgeous carp shame to put a weight on such a beauty.
















Nick didnt disappoint again




25.2 14.5.11 00225.2 14.5.11 004









25lb 2oz




29.12 14.5.11 00329.12 14.5.11 009











29lb 12oz




Vince King














15lb 4oz



























30lb 3oz













19lb 2oz













22lb 10oz common




Karl Pitcher














weight to follow

































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Quick reminder

May 9th, 2011 Comments off

Grenvilles membership is now complete. A quick reminder to all who are leaving us, please could you have your pegs emptied by the 29th may. Good luck for the future and Grenville’s wish you all well.

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Some of the best angling

May 9th, 2011 Comments off

Ben and Tom had a great week of catches at Grenvilles and i was lucky enough to see both of them catch one. The weather was beautuiful however Jodie, Tom’s partner did inform me it was a tad cold overnight. Paul baited at range for them. Tom was in swim 11 and saw some carp in the margines feeding in a weed bed so baited it himself and managed to catch 8 carp upto a 38 lb. Well done Tom some of the best angling Paul has seen.




fishing pics 020fishing pics 024










31lb 8oz




fishing pics 026fishing pics 028










24lb 12oz




fishing pics 031fishing pics 034










20lb 13oz



fishing pics 070fishing pics 071 (2)










19lb common



fishing pics 077fishing pics 078 (2)










16lb 8oz



fishing pics 079fishing pics 083










38lb 4oz




fishing pics 084fishing pics 090









25lb 12oz





fishing pics 094fishing pics 096










29lb 10oz




fishing pics 103fishing pics 107









17lb 4oz



fishing pics 109

fishing pics 111










24lb 14oz




fishing pics 113fishing pics 114











27lb 12oz




fishing pics 116

fishing pics 119















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Week ending 8th May

May 7th, 2011 Comments off

Wow! The fish seem to be non stop this week! 

I was lucky enough to be working when two 20+ were caught. To me they looked huge! I really cant imagine what 30+ 40+ looks like. So next time im working can someone catch a 40+ so i can be really amazed please?

To start us off is Brian on the 2nd May





other side 27.0827.08










27lb 8oz




Shaun caught a handful of 20+












29lb 13 oz



























24lb 4oz




Nick’s on a lucky streak with his 3rd 30 in as many weeks




30.2 5.5.11 00130.2 5.5.11 005











30lb 2oz
















24lb 8oz



We are lucky enough to have a multi shot of Teacher catching his carp


The caption a member added to the multi shot was…..

“This is what Grenville does to people – puts a massive smile on their face!”
















38lb 12oz



Trevor had the log cabin for the week



gren fish 009gren fish 005










34lb – this is a new 30




gren fish 015gren fish 021










32lb 8oz – this is a new 30



gren fish 026gren fish 028[1]










17lb 8oz




gren fish 036gren fish 038










36lb 12oz – this was 33 last may so a new 35+ for Grenville




17.00other side 17.00















17.12other side 17.12











17lb 12oz




32.00other side 32.00






















28lb 4oz













30lb 9oz






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Prime time log cabin date still available!

May 7th, 2011 Comments off

We still have a prime date available for the log cabin!

The 15th- 20th May

This is available for members and the waiting list, if you are interested please contact Paul asap.

Dont let it get away!

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New personal best for Ben

May 3rd, 2011 Comments off

Ben Tuck has booked extra time at Gren’s and what a start with catching one of my dads favourite fish! which hasn’t been out for 379 days!! and a new personal best for Ben!













42lb 5oz

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Cliff Kemp’s 1st trip of the year!

May 3rd, 2011 Comments off

Cliff Kemp’s first trip to Grenvilles this year…..

was a pretty good session.


He was in peg 34, and managed to cath 4 that night/morning and then another on the second night. The first fish he caught was a 30 and was his 27th out of Grenvilles.

Cliff wants to thank Shaun for pointing him in the right direction.



34.04 1 - Copy34.04 2 - Copy









34lb 4oz




24.11 124.11 2










24lb 11oz




25.12 125.12 2









25lb 12oz



22.4 2 - Copy




22lb 4oz





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week ending 1st May!

May 3rd, 2011 Comments off

Still gorgeous weather with a few days of a brutal wind down the lake… but it seemed to help some of the members catch!


 IMG_6798 - Copy

IMG_6796 - Copy








26lb 15oz



Viney caught the only 40+ of the week












Nick caught another 30+



16.9 29.4.11 00316.9 29.4.11 007










16lb 9oz



31.10 29.4.11 00331.10 29.4.11 004










31lb 10oz



Dave had a mirror



Grenvilles April 30th 2011 010Grenvilles April 30th 2011 012









29lb 4oz

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