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Before you fish

April 29th, 2011 Comments off

All new and old members need to have these three products before fishing. These products are as follows

  •  ultra swab
  • wound seal
  • propolis

You can NOT fish without these products, they are to protect the fish. Thank you.


IMG_9366 - Copy



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Lucky streak for Max!

April 26th, 2011 Comments off

Max came down for an extended session over the Easter break in Peg 6 as the forecast was for hot weather with high pressure (although we think it was so he could have the social with Andy & Sharron)…….either way, it proved to be a very wise choice! Over the session, he caught 15 carp which included 6 x doubles, 6 x twenties and 3 x thirties which weighed, 31.10, 34.10 and a stunning 39.08 which hadn’t been out for over 12 months. All his fish came to white Mainline Milky Toffee pop-ups fished over a sack of pellets and 10kg of New Grange boilies.



Grenville Easter 2011 001 - 17lbGrenville Easter 2011 003 - 17lb












Grenville Easter 2011 008 - 19lb 05ozGrenville Easter 2011 010 - 19lb 05oz









19lb 5oz



Grenville Easter 2011 016 - 34lb 10ozGrenville Easter 2011 020 - 34lb 10oz









34lb 10oz



Grenville Easter 2011 029 - 24lb 10ozGrenville Easter 2011 039 - 24lb 10oz









24lb 10oz



Grenville Easter 2011 041 - 31lb 10ozGrenville Easter 2011 044 - 31lb 10oz









31lb 10oz




Grenville Easter 2011 048 - 16lb 10ozGrenville Easter 2011 049 - 16lb 10oz









16lb 10oz




Grenville Easter 2011 055 - 39lb 08ozGrenville Easter 2011 057 - 39lb 08oz









39lb 8oz




Grenville Easter 2011 061 - 22lb 12ozGrenville Easter 2011 064 - 22lb 12oz









22lb 12oz



Grenville Easter 2011 065 - 17lb 08ozGrenville Easter 2011 067 - 17lb 08oz










17lb 8oz



 Grenville Easter 2011 071 - 29lb 08ozGrenville Easter 2011 073 - 29lb 08oz









 29lb 8oz




Grenville Easter 2011 079 - 29lb 12ozGrenville Easter 2011 082 - 29lb 12oz










29lb 12oz




Grenville Easter 2011 084 - 16lb 10ozGrenville Easter 2011 087 - 16lb 10oz










16lb 10oz



Grenville Easter 2011 089 - 26lb 13ozGrenville Easter 2011 090 - 26lb 13oz










26lb 13oz



Grenville Easter 2011 092 - 19lb 03ozGrenville Easter 2011 093 - 19lb 03oz









19lb 3oz




Grenville Easter 2011 095 - 25lb 08ozGrenville Easter 2011 097 - 25lb 08oz









25lb 8oz

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week ending 24/4/2011

April 26th, 2011 Comments off

Happy Easter Everyone!

What a gorgeous easter weekend we have had, a few members down taking advantage of the time off and the glorious sunshine we have been having. Three members striked it lucky

Chris Oakley











35lb 10oz




justin 31 leftjustin 31 right












Nick Dodge


19.4 19.4.11 00519.4 19.4.11 001










19lb 4oz



31.5 22.4.11 00131.5 22.4.11 004










31lb 5oz

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Tims week in the cabin

April 25th, 2011 Comments off

Seeing that its April Tim decided it wouldnt be to nicer weather at Grenvilles so after  packing blankets, wellies, big warm jackets for himself and his family. Tim headed to Grenvilles

Where the sun is shining the breeze is little and the temperature is high!I dont think anyone was expecting this gorgeous weather.As i was walking round the lake watering the plants and stopped and spoke to Tim and his family, he told me had caught a few but was doubtful of catching any 30+ because it was too hot. Tim spoke to soon the next day he caught one!










35lb 7oz




22lb22lb other side













24lb24lb other side













25.02lb25.02lb other side










25lb 2oz




31.12lb31.12lb other side










31lb 120z




38.15lb38.15lb other side










38lb 15oz



A few pics taken in the cabin






Tim and Emily and 35.07lb



35lb 7oz




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The best lil angler at Grenville’s

April 24th, 2011 Comments off

IMG_0206 - Copy

j 33 - Copy










33lb 15oz




IMG_0210 - Copy

29 -8 - Copy








Jamie had a good catch on the week ending on the 18th of april definately the best little angler on Grenvilles.













34lb 12oz


Michael Walton caught this beauty midday on Saturday.

Andy deserves a medal!

April 14th, 2011 Comments off

Andy has hired the log cabin for the week, and he and Sharon are having a fantastic time. BBQ’s with other members and top it off Andy is the first member ever to catch two 40 + in one session!!

IMG_9338 - Copy

IMG_9334 - Copy








42lb 12oz



IMG_9354 - CopyIMG_9349 - Copy








43lb 5oz


Well done Andy and here is a medal for your achievements




Andy is not the only member to have a good cathch this week. On the 11th of April Paul Allgood caught this beauty.


IMG_1379[1] - CopyIMG_1381[1] - Copy









31lb 8oz

Reminder for Members

April 12th, 2011 Comments off

Just a quick reminder to all members, that membership fees are due by the end of April. ( unless you have discussed with Paul later payment) Thank you.

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Nick Martin’s Session

April 11th, 2011 Comments off

Nick Martin had a session of a lifetime at Grenville’s with four 30+ !


This stunning 30lb 4oz linear


DSC_0245 - CopyDSC_0247 - Copy








34lb 12oz


IMG_9330 - CopyIMG_9329 - Copy










IMG_9327 - Copy31 - Copy








Breaking news Andy and Sharon has caught a 42lb 12oz in the log cabin!

Dad says its all down hill from here!!

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Happy Birthday Shaun!

April 11th, 2011 Comments off

Shaun spent his Birthday at Grenvilles in the log cabin and as a lovely Birthday present he caught some fish!!


29lb 12oz

29lb 120z - Copy



26lb 12oz


IMG_6649IMG_6652 - Copy








33lb 12oz



IMG_6658 - Copy33lb 12oz - Copy








27lb 12oz


27lb 12oz - CopyIMG_6681 - Copy








23lb 4oz


IMG_6665 - Copy23lb 4oz - Copy







Congratulations and Happy Birthday Shaun. Hope you liked the cake.

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week ending 10/4/11

April 11th, 2011 Comments off

Im loving the sunny days and it seems the fish do too!

On the 4th of April Dave Gowing had a 19lb Carp


19lb a David Gowing - Copy19lb David Gowing - Copy










Lee caught this 17lb 10 oz Carp at 6.00 am on the 4th April after moving from swim 6  to 12


IMG_0685 - CopyIMG_0703 - Copy








Chris Oakley had a good catch this weekend. With a catch of 6!


This carp was added to the stock pond.

15 left-80015 right-800










18 left-80018 right-800











23 left-800 - Copy23 right-800 - Copy











27 right-800 - Copy

27 left-800 - Copy











36.0 left-800 - Copy36.0 rght-800 - Copy









37lb 2oz


37.2 left-800 - Copy37.2 right-800 - Copy

Frank Warwick’s trip

April 8th, 2011 Comments off

Frank Warwick had a guest session at Grenville’s with Jim Foster and caught 3 beautiful carp.

The picture below is the pick of the bunch.


IMG_9316 - CopyIMG_9318 - Copy

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Week ending 3/4/11

April 4th, 2011 Comments off

Max set up in swim 12, it was lovely fishing weather again beautiful sunshine but with a bit of wind. On the Wednesday came the first carp at 30lb 07 oz, which was last out at 24lb blue 110


Grenville 30lb 07oz - CopyGrenville 30.07 March 11 - Copy









As the wind picked up after 2 nights in swim 12  Max decided to have the cabin off my dad for the weekend.

Max had 5 carp out of the cabin the largest at 35lb 3oz which was last out at 31lb 4oz on the 14/8/09


IMG_9323 - CopyIMG_9322 - Copy









Guy Stubbings had a 27lb out of swim 21. Apart from these a really quiet weekend with only 5 anglers down


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