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weather update

December 30th, 2010 Comments off

Paul has walked round the lake and all the swims are still frozen will update as soon as they have started to thaw. Happy New Year to all the members.

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Weather update

December 21st, 2010 Comments off

This week the weather has managed to freeze the lake completely except a few holes in the middle i will update during the week. Fingers crossed the ice melts for all the brave fisherman wanting to fish over the Xmas period

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December 15th, 2010 Comments off

WallyPaul, Lisa, Yaz and all Grenville members would like to wish Wally and Helen good luck with their new adventure in France! You will be truly missed. All the best for the future and don’t forget to visit!!

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Merry Christmas

December 14th, 2010 Comments off

Would just like to wish all the members of Grenville’s a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


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Northerners head South for some warmth

December 8th, 2010 Comments off

Monday morning saw yet another very cold start to the day after yet another freezing night. The wind had not picked up which meant that even more of the lake was frozen than over the weekend. You can imagine my surprise when Paul said that two of our Northern members were on their way down for a couple of nights angling. I cannot post my response for fear of offending those of a sensitive nature. A couple of hours later and they pulled into the car park. By this time the sun had broken through and in truth it was a beautiful morning. It transpired that Oop North the temperatures had been even more severe than we had been suffering and on top of that  both Gerrard and Dean had between 2-3ft of snow in their gardens and surrounding area’s so Grenville seemed almost tropical to the poor buggers. They set up in swim 15 and 16 and proceeded to get their rods sorted and out on the spots. They had not been in the water for long when the temperatures plummeted again. This resulted in both of them having to reel in as their lines were rapidly becoming icebound.

Once again the temperatures dropped to -10 and beyond overnight. The boys consoled themselves with a bit of tv and a bottle of whisky (purely to keep them warm you understand)

The following morning the lake looked absolutely stunning where the frost had painted the trees and bushes around the lake a frosty silvery white. The lake had frozen even more and there was no more fishing to be done for the intrepid duo. They disappeared off up to the local hostelry for the afternoon and staggered back through the carp park much later that evening very much worse for wear.

They managed to take some stunning photos of the lake swathed in it’s winter cloak.

Good to see you guys and hope you both felt a wee bit better by the time you got home 🙂

IMG_3655 - CopyIMG_3656 - Copy

IMG_3658 - CopyIMG_3659 - Copy

IMG_3660 - CopyIMG_3661 - Copy

IMG_3663 - CopyIMG_3664 - Copy

IMG_3666 - CopyIMG_3671 - Copy

IMG_3672 - CopyIMG_3673 - Copy

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The big freeze

December 6th, 2010 Comments off

Bugger me it is cold !!!

Sunday night the temperatures dropped once again, although the difference this time is that there was no wind. The upshot of which was we woke up to a Winter wonderland and a partially frozen lake. All around the bay and along the car park bank there was ice, and thick ice at that. Although not much good to us in an angling sense it certainly looks pretty. Despite this we had the pleasure of the company of Dennis who visited the lake in his quest for a large pike. He fished peg 5 for most of the day in an area not affected by the ice.

IMG_3758 - CopyIMG_3760 - Copy

IMG_3761 - CopyIMG_3764 - Copy

IMG_3767 - CopyIMG_3764 - Copy

IMG_3770 - CopyIMG_3771 - Copy

IMG_3772 - CopyIMG_3777 - Copy

IMG_3779 - CopyIMG_3780 - Copy

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The cold weather continues

December 5th, 2010 Comments off

The big freeze continued with a vengeance this week. Following the snowfall of last weekend conditions took a turn for the worse with freezing conditions for the first few days of the week. Whilst others all around the country were still enduring falling snow, we found that the little we had was now frozen solid and was not shifting very fast at all. One of the lake’s regular carp anglers Dennis, who has long packed away his carp rods, although he has ventured down to the lake occasionally for a spot of piking. Thursday was the first of two days where the temperatures actually reached the balmy heights of 2c.  The snow finally started to thaw and disappear during these two days giving us at least a little relief and making journeys around the lake a much less treacherous prospect. Jim Kelly also took advantage of the slightly warmer temperatures and tried his luck on Friday night. Unfortunately he left without a bite.

As cold and isolated as i t is up here during the winter, it really is a pleasure walking around the place, the snow and ice certainly increase the undoubted beauty of the lake and it’s surroundings. We have had a few bonfires which are always good fun especially in these colder months.

IMG_3732 - CopyIMG_3738 - Copy

IMG_3733 - CopyIMG_3744 - Copy

IMG_3740 - CopyIMG_3749 - Copy

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