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Platform is wired for light and power

June 29th, 2010 Comments off

The final stages of the construction of the platform adjacent to the Log Cabin are almost complete. Paul has been extremely busy over the last couple of days planting and putting the finishing touches to the platform. Dennis has popped in today and has spent the morning wiring up some gorgeous coach lanterns in each corner of the frame.

The time and effort Paul has spent on this project in the last few days is incredible, as with everything he has done around the lake. He is certainly not a man to do anything by half.




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Rip Zuess

June 28th, 2010 Comments off

I am afraid I have some very bad news to report. One of our longest serving Grenville members Andy Moriatey, aka Bigdog has lost  his old Rottweiller Zuess overnight. He found that he had passed away from natural causes upon returning from work in the morning. In the early years of the syndicate Zuess and Andy were both very reguular visitors to the lake, and despite his stature and size we all  found him to be one of the softest and loveliest of dogs, he became a friend to us all

Zuess was actually the reason that Andy got the moniker of Bigdog. Unfortunately his advanced years and lack of mobility meant that Andy couldnt bring him at all for the last couple of years.



Our thoughts go out to Andy, I know only too well how much he thought of the old fella, and how much it must have distressed him to find him. He will be fondly remembered up here mate by all those that knew him.

Our very best wishes go out to you and all the family.

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Latest on Cabin Platform

June 27th, 2010 Comments off

Paul has not let this last few days of extremely warm weather slow him down, and the work on the platform has progressed unabated. This last day or two has seen the roof go on, and Paul is now tidying up, and finishing off the job.



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Update for Island work and stockpond

June 27th, 2010 Comments off

Work has continued through the week and into the weekend. The stockpond is taking shape nicely, with a depth of approx 5ft attained. Work is now commencing on using the spoil to bank up and build up the surround to the pond. Once levelled out the liner will be fitted, and the fence erected around the perimeter.





The work to build up the defences of the island has continued at a pace this week. With most of the digging and planting complete on the island, the heavy machinery was removed on a large raft. There remains some finishing off to be completed and a little tidying up after that.


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New platform for Cabin

June 26th, 2010 Comments off

Paul, with a little help from Ron and Viney has been constructing a platform similar to those in each swim next to the cabin. It will evenually have a roof and table and chairs on, with bbq area alongside for those staying in the cabin. The rear of the platform has a bed of rasperries, and gooseberries. Mmmm Pie anybody 🙂


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Busy, Busy, Busy

June 25th, 2010 Comments off

Phew, it has been a warm week at the lake, with temps upto 28-29 c. It has also been an incredibly busy week at the lake. There has been a team of contractors working on the island to shore up the defences last done by the EA. As we all know the weather and winds especially up here soon made short work of the last feeble attempt. I am sure by the efforts the current team have been putting in this attempt will both improve the look of the island but more importantly ensure that no more erosion occurs.

The work has involved building a stout lattice fence around the island itself to help break impact of waves, digging out a trench around the inside of the fence and plant metal cages weighted down with stones, and filled with new plants, reeds etc. This will help knit the earth together as the roots grow further down.


IMG_3303 IMG_3304





Whilst his colleagues have been extremely busy on and around the island, on of the guys has been getting on with the new stock pond. This is situated on the land behind the cabin and swim 33.





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Extra 48hr session for Members

June 4th, 2010 Comments off

Paul  has decided to open the lake between the 4th June and 20th June so that any members continuing  their membership next year can fish one 48hr session between those dates.

All sessions must be prebooked with Paul, so please call him and arrange your session.

Today is the first day of this two week period, if you wish to take advantage and fish the lake during this time ….. Please Call Paul and arrange your session as soon as possible.

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End of another Grenville Season

June 1st, 2010 Comments off


Once again the year on Grenville has come and gone so quickly. It seems only a short while ago that the fireworks were blasting into the air to herald the start of another Grenville Season. I can only hope that everyone’s hopes and dreams (angling related of course) have been realised, and if not, then dont worry we will be starting all over again in a few weeks time.

Our thanks as always must go out to Paul, who has been incredibly busy once again this year. During the winter months trees and bushes were chopped and cleared from around the lake. He has also continued the planting regime with many small shrubs  being added to the lakeside. New platforms have been built for each and every swim to help with casting and to give everyone just that little more room. These are in the process of being painted green to help them blend in.  The road has also been virtually re-laid, especially around pegs 38 to 33 where it takes quite a bit of stick. The fence has also been repaired in this area, but thats another story 🙂


Fishwise……We have had yet another record year at Grenville with the fish continuing to pack on the pounds.

This year we had a total of  four forties caught during the season, 3 of which are new forties. We also had a grand total of 206 thirties caught.  Ironically the 37lb fish caught on the final night of the season was the  37th capture of a fish over 35lbs.

The fully scaled fish are coming on a treat too with twenty pound plus fish a almost commonplace now. The largest caught to date being a 27’4 oz’s  fish landed by Thomo during May. Some of these beauties really are gorgeous looking fish, and the way they are growing it wont be much longer before the thirty pound barrier is broken.

We have also had 3 commons of over twenty pounds from the lake this year. These will no doubt be from the original stocking of seven commons made by Paul when he first took the lake over.

With plans for a stock pond to be dug in the next few weeks the growth and development work is sure to continue around the lake, maintaining Grenville as one of the top Carp Fisheries in the country.

It therefore only remains for me to wish all those that are leaving Goodbye and Good luck, it is always sad to see good friends leave, and I wish you all well wherever you dangle a line. I am sure that Angling being the small world that it is our paths will cross again one day.

To those anglers that will be back in August, enjoy your summer, and I look forward to seeing you all again soon.

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Extra 48hr session for members

June 1st, 2010 Comments off

Paul  has decided to open the lake between the 4th June and 20th June so that any members continuing  their membership next year can fish one 48hr session between those dates.

All sessions must be prebooked with Paul, so please call him and arrange your session.

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