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Slowly, Slowly, Catch the cypry

March 30th, 2010 No comments

The last week or two have been frustrating to say the least. We no sooner get a day or two of warmer weather and occasionally even a little sunshine. Unfortunately for the anglers steadfastly trying to weedle out an early fish we seem to be getting as many chilly and miserable day’s. This means that although the water temperature is rising it is rising very slowly.

This weekend saw it rise over the 8c mark which has resulted in sporadic signs of movement and fish topping.

This brought a few more anglers down to the lake for the weekend and we enjoyed our busiest weekend of this year so far. Unfortunately for most there were no fish to be caught over the two days, and everyone packed away dry nets and slings.

The exceptions to the rule seemed to be from those anglers that turned up either on the Saturday or Sunday and fished through to Monday or Tuesday.

Roy Jackson got the ball rolling with a nice 18lb mirror from peg 17 early on the Monday morning.

Mick Walton, also arriving after the weekenders had left fished from peg 8 and after struggling for most of his 48hr stay finally landed a nice mirror of 26lb’ 8oz’s.


Another angler to wet his net was Bigvan, arriving late on the Sunday afternoon he set up in swim 10. With no action to his rods during the first night he moved into swim 12 for the second night.

A good move as it turned out and he restarted his prolific season with a lovely linear mirror of 29lb’s in the early hours of a very wet and cold Tuesday morning. This fish was strangely enough one of the last to be caught before the winter kicked in properly when Viney caught it during last November

Bigdog, and the Little dog are back.

March 30th, 2010 No comments

Bigdog aka Andy returned this weekend to the scene of his recent heartbreak. His confidence was high and his socks were washed in Persil and gleaming white. He brought Zina the carp hound with him, and had rabbits feet, four leaf clovers and alsorts of good luck charms hanging off every corner of his bivvy.

He set up in swim 26 and spent a fruitless night. Had the recent blank affected his judgment ? was he ever going to enjoy the thrill of a warbling delkim again ?

It was going to be touch and go. In the morning in sheer desperation he moved down to peg 9 and was encouraged to see one or two fish within range. This was all the bigdog needed and he threw everything he had at the effort to catch the elusive carp. Later that evening at approx 9.30pm his prayers were answered, and he was rewarded with a 21lb mirror

He was back !!!!

He was back !!!!


Nothing else occurred during the night, and in the morning Andy thought his chance had passed as the only fish he saw seemed to be further up the lake and well out of the range of even his rods. It wasnt until early afternoon that he had his final chance. He lifted into a fish and after a short but tough battle brought another to the waiting net. This fish was slightly longer and weighed in at 24lb’s 5 oz’s.

A very happy Bigdog it was that knocked on the van door to let me have the pics later that day. Even the gorgeous carp hound Zina seemed to be smiling, probably quite thankful that she wouldnt have to share the van home with a blanker again.

Proof indeed if it were needed that whilst form is temporary, pure luck seems to almost permanent for some jammy buggers ๐Ÿ™‚

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Grenville is Waking Up

March 21st, 2010 No comments


Well it finally seems as if the weather has turned for the better, this last week or so. The main difference has been the air temps, with milder weather for a few days the lake has responded kindly. The water temp has also climbed considerably this last week, and was reading 7c this morning. It has increased from below 6c which it was mid week.
The better weather brought a few more anglers out this weekend, and the lake has been it’s busiest yet this year.
Stuart (Pike Angler) was the firgst to get the ball rolling at around lunchtime on Saturday, catching a 16lb mirror from peg 3. The rain started in the evening and fell heavily along with a bit of a blow, causing most anglers to tuck themselves away early doors. At approx 2am on the Sunday morning the weather changed significantly once again, with the wind dropping completely, and the rain abating.

Just after 3am, a guest called Chris, fishing from peg 33 was awoken by the sound of his alarm. He lifted into a decent fish which led him a merry dance for a few minutes before he could net it.
He was chuffed to bits to open the net to see a new British pb in the shape of a 38’10 mirror. A lovely looking fish with no leeches and in very clean and good condition. Chris had introduced a little bait on the Saturday night, after initially using very little and fishing for bites. Whether it was the introduction of this bait, or the change in the weather, or possibly a combination of the two is anybody’s guess, but it certainly made the trip worthwhile for a very happy Chris.

Congratulations Mate, lovely fish


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Paul – as busy as ever

March 16th, 2010 No comments

During the early part of the year Paul has been incredibly busy improving the lake. He has thinned out many of the smaller trees and bushes around the lake. This will allow for much better viewing and casting from swims.

He has also been busy building platforms in each of the 37 swims. These are similar to the one first put in swim 3 and will make life so much easier, when actually fishing from some of the smaller pegs. As stated in another post it might serve people who normally use banksticks well to think about the platform stands as sold by Matrix and others. For those using pods to rest their rods on they should find the platforms just the job.

See how many swims you recognise

IMG_8002 IMG_8003






Obviously this was a mammoth task, especially if you consider the weather conditions whilst it was being done. Paul was up to his nether regionsย  in Freezing water for days on end setting the support stakes, and fixing the decks onto them. Lets hope that the cold water has caused no long term damage to the Crown jewels mate ๐Ÿ˜‰

His two helpers didnt seem to keen on entering the water and so sat back watching. Wise move if you ask me ๐Ÿ™‚

Big boy Bison

Big boy Bison

The Gorgeous Ellie

The Gorgeous Ellie

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All good things come to an end !!

March 12th, 2010 No comments

During the eight years between 1947 and 1955 the great Rocky Marciano went on an unbeaten run of 49 wins and 0 losses.

Liverpool maintained an incredible European record during the 70’s.

In the season 2003/04 Arsenal went on an unbeaten run of 49 games.

In the 2004 Formula One season Michael Schumaker had a winning streak of seven race wins

In 1984 Martina Navratilova had an incredible run of 84 matches unbeaten.

Our very own sporting superstar Bigdog has in the last couple of years had his own incredible record of never blanking at Grenville. This as I am sure you will all agree ranks as highly as those of the pantheons of sports listed above.

His incredible streak of consecutive catches was almost broken a few weeks ago when he visited the lake, saved only by the technicality of a frozen lake, although to be fair to him, he camped by the side of the lake in the hope of a morning thaw which unfortunately never came.tail between legs

He has finally succumbed and proved himself to be a mere mortal with a long overdue blank at the weekend, despite trying every trick in his limited repertoir he could not get a bite. The white socks that have stood him in great stead for so long, finally letting him down miserably. He left the lake a broken man, head bowed, in tears, and tail well and truly between his legs.

Is this the end for Bigdog ? Has the bait blown ? Will he consign his rods to the cupboard under the stairs next to the line dancing outfit ?

Will this bring out the fighter in him, or will he in the tradition of the former greats turn to drink and drugs in his dotage?

His angling future hangs in the balance. We wait with baited breath to see what will become of him. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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