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St Valentines Day Massacre

February 15th, 2010 No comments

Well it looks like the carp are shaking off the cloak of winter and starting to move around the lake once more.
Oz and Anton (bigvan) returned to the lake this weekend on their way home from their week long pilgrimage to Redmire. The cold weather had meant that their chances had been very poor whilst there. Although they both did well enough to tempt one of the lakes scamps, and thoroughly enjoyed their trip.

They returned to Grenville on the Friday afternoon, Oz chose to fish from peg 14 and Anton plumped for peg 15. Within minutes of casting out and firing out a number of baits around the area, Oz was suprised by a screaming run. He was happy to lift into a fish, the first to grace the banks of Grenville this year.
It weighed in at a respectable 29lbs. It was photographed and returned, and it wasnt long before yet another screamer had Oz dashing out of his bivvy door. This fish was a lot smaller that the first but was just as gratefully received, It weighed in at 11lb’s. Whilst doing the piccie’s Oz was startled to recieve yet another take. His third within three hours of setting up. This fish led him a merry dance and finally when the fish had been landed and the formalities completed it was confirmed at another 29lber.

Not a bad start to their 48hr session.

The night passed peacefully enough, with both of them getting a full nights kip. Anton moved from his first choice peg into 12 during the following morning. Oz carried on as he had the  day before when in mid afternoon his rod roared off and he landed another twenty in the shape of a 28lb fish. A couple of hours later he was in again, and after a short tussle brought the largest fish of his trip to the net. It weighed in at 33lbs and was a very nice looking dark coloured fish.
Despite his best efforts, and fishing as close,  Anton didn’t get a touch for his troubles, though Oz was very grateful to have such an accomplished Ghillie and Photographer on hand

Well done Oz, good angling mate, first fish, and first thirty of the new year.

Oz 33lb

oz 29lb oz 11lb

oz 28lb - 2oz 2nd 29lb

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For those of you that cant keep it up !!!

February 1st, 2010 No comments

As those of you that have recently visited the lake, you will have notice that Paul has been exceptionally busy this winter around the lake. As well as loads of pruning and planting he has been building platforms for almost every swim. This work is still in progress, but his aim is to try to ensure that each swim is easier to fish from without the need to don the waders every time that a fish is caught. (Obviously Ron this doesnt concern you) 🙂

It might therefore be a good idea for you lads that dont use a pod to rest your rods on to have a look for a couple of “stage stands” The ones shown are made by “Matrix” although other companies do make them.


They are designed so that your bankstick slides in and is locked via a locking screw. There are holes which also enable you to screw the stands themselves onto the platform. This obviously prevents them and your rods etc disappearing off  into the lake when you get that take that you have been waiting for 🙂

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