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Eskimos Required for Camb’s Syndicate

January 5th, 2010 No comments

She who must be obeyed and I arrived back at the lake today after a few days away visiting inlaws and outlaws. We left Northamptonshire in 3″ of snow and more falling. We felt if we were to get snowed in anywhere we would prefer it to be here. Upon arriving at the lake we were very suprised to see no snow but very very cold temperatures. This has caused the smaller lake on the way in to completely freeze over.




Upon reaching the main lake we were greeted with an awesome sight. The lake is over half frozen, basically from swim 6 right round to swim 26 are unfishable due to the ice and also the corner between 9 and 10. Although not ideal for the purpose of angling I am sure you will agree it is a sight to behold.

IMG_3028 IMG_3029



Thoughtful as ever Paul has pre-empted a rush from Eskimo’s wishing to fish the lake and as you will see from the photos has made some holes in the ice ready for some January Ice Fishing. Some holes are much larger than others  and we would suggest that these are left available for those that have difficulty with their casting accuracy…….. You know who you are 🙂





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