The current stock is estimated at around 1000 fish. This may sound a lot but with 72 acres and depths down to 35 feet, this remarkably rich gravel pit could sustain twice that many fish and still retain good growth rates. The Lake only opened to members in august 2005 and prior to this time received a series of 4 main stockings. Since then we have endeavoured to find the best fish possible to supplement these.

The first stocking in November 2003 consisted of 100 Fishers pond 4 summer old(C4) fish weighing an average of 10 pound. The largest of these fish have now pushed through the 40 pound barrier.The second stocking in December 2003 consisted of 324 of the prettiest scaley carp we've ever seen from renowned fish farmer Andy Parker. These averaged just 5 pound but to this day we have to our knowledge only lost 1 of these fish to mortality. They are currently reaching 25lb+ pound but this is only half the story. These fish are well proportioned and scaley, from perfect zip linears to dazzling fully scaled mirrors. These fish are sought after for their appearance and are starting to make big weights too!

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In November 2004 we added another 149 first class Fishers pond C4's averaging 9 pound. The Largest of this stocking have gone 39lb+.

January 2005 saw another stocking of 400 first class Fishers pond C3's averaging just 3 pound. The growth rate of these fish have surprised us all with the largest having been caught at 37lb in 2009. Since opening grenville to our members we have added to the existing stocks with the finest fish we can find. This has consisted of 3 separate stockings of either freak growers or fish with looks we cant resist.November 2005 saw us again stocking a few of Fishers ponds' finest. We added 50 C3 fish.In November 2006 we added another 50 of Andy Parkers prettiest fish. Many of these fish were hand picked zip linears along with a number of commons. November 2006. We added 50 more Fishers pond C3's virtually hand picked. we expect big things from these fish in the future.

January 2008 saw the addition of 50 commons from Andy Parker of Handy Carp. Having seen the hardy development of his scaley fish we have we are looking forward to seeing these prosper. March 2009 saw 50 more Fisher pond scaleys and 1 common added.

The Big Girls

There are over 150 30lb+ carp in Grenvilles and the 35lbs+ have a page of their own here.

Stunning Scaleys

The Grenville stock includes 375 of the prettiest heavily scaled and zip linear fish around. See here.

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